Home Intruder Run Off By Shots Fired

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Home Intruder Run Off By Shots Fired
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- The Daily Herald reports 10-21-2016 in Long Grove, Illinois, Detective Christopher Covelli, a Lake County sheriff’s office spokesman, said deputies were called to a house on the 3000 block of Country Lane for a report of a burglary in progress about 4 a.m.

The male homeowner was sleeping on a couch in an office area in the basement when he heard someone trying to enter through a window. The 28 year old intruder also had tried to get in a side door and apparently burglarized two vehicles in the driveway.

That was before trying to break into the house and encountering the armed homeowner. The homeowner’s wife called 911 reporting that someone was trying to break into the house.

According to Detective Covelli, the resident fired four times. One of the rounds appears to have struck the intruder in the pants leg, one of the rounds hit the escape vehicle and the other two missed. The suspect got into his nearby vehicle but struck a large decorative rock while driving away.

Area police departments were alerted and a short time later Vernon Hills police found the suspect changing a flat tire. He was identified as their suspect in the Long Grove burglary and taken into custody. He remains in the Lake County jail Friday on $5,000 bail on charges of attempted residential burglary and two counts of burglary to motor vehicle.

Charges were not pending against the homeowner. “Ultimately, that’s a decision the state’s attorney makes in cases like this, the defense of property or life,” the detective said. “At this point, the homeowner is not being charged.”


The intruder did not actually get into the home according to the reports, but while trying too, the shooting is probably OK. No points for marksmanship and shooting at the fleeing vehicle doesn’t get an award either.

That being said the homeowner was able to protect himself and his wife from a rather hapless auto burglar and home invader. Hopefully the resident will not be charged with anything. Probably wouldn’t hurt for the victim to hire a lawyer…

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From the aritcle itself, I do not get the impression the homeowner fired “at the fleeing vehicle”. It seems the rounds aimed at the feeling perp missed him and happened to hit the car where it was parked. Not the best, but still OK… the car WAS hit, helping to tie it to the scene. Most states have laws specifically providing a self-defense defense against “someone having entered, or attempting to enter’ an occupied dwelling. Breaking in violently carries the same expressed intent as having succeeded and actually entered. There should be no charges coming toward the homeowner. Except for… Read more »

Gene Ralno

If the cretin had successfully entered the home, the victims probably would have needed more than ten shots to protect themselves. Since the robber fled from the noise, perhaps “pot-its” would have worked as well. I’d recommend this family keep a Taurus Judge .410/.45 revolver as protection. It makes more noise and requires less practice.

Roy D.

This happened to the first individuals tried and convicted under the Federal Carjacking law. In Texas; they followed an elderly couple home and when the couple drove into the garage the perps forced them out of the car and shot and killed the man. As they were driving the car out of the driveway they hit some concrete and damaged the tire. About a mile away the shooter wanted to change the tire on the Mercedes and his two friends said no way and they all left in their car leaving the stolen car there. They were found and went… Read more »


He should not need a lawyer. This should be a closed case. He should not need to wait until the perp gets into the house and may cause him and his family harm or death. Shooting at the perp is acceptable. Shooting at the car as it is leaving is very risky. He might hit an innocent person. We must understand under the fear and pressure of someone attacking you or your family you may react with a lot of thought. This also happens to trained law enforcement. I would add anyone that keeps weapons to protect their family should… Read more »