Home Intruder Shot After Firing Multiple Rounds At Homeowner

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Home Intruder Shot After Firing Multiple Rounds At Homeowner
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- East Idaho News.com reports 10-28-2016 Rigby, Idaho, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a gunshot wound call in the 4300 block of East 300 North at 8:30 in the morning.

The investigation revealed that the home owner had discovered a suspect inside his residence. The intruder reportedly fired multiple rounds from a handgun at the homeowner.

The resident was not hit by any of the shots.

The homeowner’s 17 year old son retrieved a shotgun and shot the intruder in the lower abdomen. The suspect was found in the front yard of the residence on the deputies’ arrival.

The suspect had sustained a significant gunshot wound to his lower abdomen and was transported by Idaho Falls Ambulance. He is in “fair” condition and expected to survive.

The homeowner and his family’s name will be withheld from this news release for privacy. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Idaho State Police. Charges are pending against the wounded intruder.

Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson said the investigation continues. Detectives have been unable to speak with the suspect due to his injuries. He said it is unknown why he was inside the home.


An intruder enters and starts shooting people! Nothing indicates any motive so far in the reports. This type of situation clearly begets a deadly response in any event. The attempted murderer’s motives are of little interest to the intended victims.

In the similar cases, many were later determined to be someone attacking the wrong house. A personal revenge shooting or a gang retaliation that the perp just got the address wrong. 4300 East 300 North?

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That is why we have a gun close by in every room. Our preference is revolvers & wad cutters… Feeling secure , and TKS to Donald Trump for his support of the second amendment and gun rights. Ooohhhrraaa… HAPPY that our government is getting support from a real Man…
Semper Fi , all y’all.

BillyBob Texas

Yep. No excuse for shooting someone who was trying to kill you by shooting at you several times……..Yep, no excuse. Should have asked him to sing Kumbaya with you…..and help him load YOUR TV into HIS truck….

Really? Are you for real, SuperG….or being sarcastic…..(I hope)….


Intent was clear, he wanted to kill the guy. What strikes me is that this should never have been allowed to happen. Home security devices have never been cheaper or easier. I have one pointed at my front door, if something moves it sends an alert to my cell phone and I can see a video right then of what moved, all for less than $130.00 too. There is no excuse for this to ever happen.

Matt in Oklahoma

superg you are an arrogant self entitled little troll aren’t you all presumptuous to know the financial status of these people and deny them the right to defend themselves in their own home.

Wild Bill

@Superfly, Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Stop you are making my stomach hurt! I hope that that is what you do.


Quit trying to sell your crap on here. And the 17 year old had every right to shoot the perp. Too bad he was only wounded.


intent is NOT clear… he may have just wanted the homeowner’s stuff, and when the Taker was “made” in his quest to leach off of one of the Makers, Taker decided to make sure no one could identify him, and began firing. Het’s off to the Son who not only knew WHAT to do, but DID it. Too bad it wasn’t double ought….. or that he didn’t fire again, centreing maybe a foot higher up. But, the threat was ended, wasn’t it? At least temporarily. Yes, it never should have been allowed to happen. I’ll wager the Taker got his… Read more »


Your little techie plan has at least a couple of flaws… one, it is dependent upon sophisticated electronic gadgets… many of which do not work in many rural areas, with which Idaho is rather well filled. Most Idahoans living in more rural areas DO “have one pointed at my door”, but dont need to wait for a gadget to send an alert to a cell phone that may well be somewhere besides on my person. So, you can see a video of what moved….. is your Smart Phone smart enough to DO something about it before the coppers get there?… Read more »

Pistol Pete

Police said they didn’t know why he was in the home because he is a thief and scum bag!

David B. Renaud

If he is in my house, I will shoot him………………………….


Wonder if the shotgun was only loaded with birdshot . . .

Matt in Oklahoma

huh the joe biden plan didn’t work
weird lol
Glad they are ok and the thug isn’t