I’m Wyatt Earp And Progressivism Ends Now

By Mark Walters

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Hammer Smashing
This idea that we must “unify” to “reach across the aisle” and sing Kumbaya is both foolish and deadly. Instead we finish them off. We do exactly to them what they were trying to do to us. We end them. All of them.
Mark Walters
Mark Walters

USA -(Ammoland.com)- I’m convinced that years from now, historians will look back at this week’s election and see it for what it was, the people winning back their freedom from an out of control government.

A second American revolution that saved the nation from itself, without having to fire a shot.

The constitution and the people did their jobs in unison and it worked, thank God, but what happens now?

To answer that, we need to understand what occurred and how we got here in the first place.

We must respond to the question, “What did Americans actually say?” Then and only then, can America avert another disaster in her future.

In the space this column provides, I’ll keep the answer short. Simply put, we said #%@& you to the ruling elites of both parties.

Michael Moore, of all people, was right when he said that Donald Trump’s election “would be the biggest %$^& you the world has ever seen.”

But what exactly, does that mean? What, in fact, did we say?

If we understand the answer, and we govern accordingly, we will never again put ourselves in the position that one election could deal a fatal blow to the America we grew up loving.

Let’s start here. This was not an Obama thing. In fact, Obama was merely the manifestation of the nearly 250 years it took to get here. His election and his attempted takedown of our nation were visible in hindsight going back over 100 years to the election of Woodrow Wilson and the advent of what became the modern progressive movement. Since the election of the 28th president in 1913, that progressive cancer has metastasized to infect everything from our entertainment industries and our schools, colleges, and universities, to newsrooms, etc. It has completely taken over what used to be the Democrat party, and in large measure, we’ve allowed it to happen.

We placed our trust in Republicans believing their rhetoric that they would stop the liberal madness when in fact, once elected they fed off the same trough. We waited dangerously long to fix it. The result, of course, was the election of Barack Obama. He was the Holy Grail of progressivism designed to be the final nail in the coffin of conservatism, the end of the Republican party which would have cemented progressive rule, permanently. He was to have placed the progressive flag over the White House and had the wrong thing happened earlier this week, he would have won.

We can never let that happen again, but how do we stop it? It’s easy. We finish them off. We do exactly to them what they were trying to do to us. We end them. All of them.

This idea that we must “unify” to “reach across the aisle” and sing Kumbaya is both foolish and deadly. Like a wounded but very much alive poisonous snake, it will remain defiant and regenerate to strike again until we do what we say we were going to do through the election of Donald Trump. We remove the destructive policies of the left that have given rise to decades of welfare, hopelessness, and poverty. We allow freedom to flourish; we eliminate the restrictions on our freedom, and we unleash great American ingenuity by getting this cancerous government off our backs and out of our wallets, schools, universities, etc.

In essence, we do what we say we were going to do and let freedom itself fix the problem. In so doing, we kill off progressive liberalism forever.

In speaking of gun control in the same context, Jim Irvine of Buckeye Firearms was a guest on my daily show this week when he reminded us we are now in a position to end that phony “debate.”

To do so, we enact national reciprocity; we remove the burdens placed on law-abiding citizens and we destroy the false notion of “gun free zones.” As in the economic examples above, a free people will flourish, crime will reduce even further than it has, and the desire for a government to enact more “gun control’s” will perish in the face of freedom thereby relinquishing the enemies of our rights to the ashbin of history with the rest of progressive America.

Yes, we can destroy the demonic progressive disease that has infected this nation and it should be simple. We remove the restrictions and regulations that such an ideology depends on and we unleash a free people to be free again. We invite our enemies to join us, and if they refuse, we leave them where they belong, in that ashbin of history.

Yes sir, there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Donald Trump. If he does what the people elected him to do, he’ll kick in the doors to the White House on January 20th and utter the famous lines from Kevin Costner’s Wyatt Earp character from the movie of the same name, “I’m Wyatt Earp and it all ends NOW!”

Mark Walters


About Mark Walters:

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

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This fight is not over yet. Soros and the DNC are offering money to electors who switch their votes to Hillary on Dec 19th. of course this solicitation is being completely ignored by the Department of Injustice and the libtard media.


337 88 7734

. PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP will be the STRONG and BOLD LEADER that America MUST have to lead LOYAL AMERICAN CHRISTIAN PATRIOTS in the confrontation with , and annihilation of , the dark , malevolent and insidious forces of Liberalism , Neoliberalism , Progressivism . Collectivism , Communism , Atheism , Secularism , Islamism , the New World Order , Environmentalism and Political Correctness that threaten to DESTROY all that is Godly in America by slowly rotting away the Christian foundation of our once great Republic ! . WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE Of OUR PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR… Read more »


I like the info on this site but wow lol.

Robert Hartwig

WHO the Hell was that guy ?? He sure wasn’t the Michael Moore I have known. The Anti Gun, anti Republican, Anti Conservative.
Have I lost my mind?? I actually agreed with almost everything he said. He hit the nail on the head then hammered it home. Thank God Hilary and the DemocRATS did not listen to his warning.


If California is the bellwether for the country then we can only hope it is successful with its desire to secede from the Union. Hopefully it takes Washington state’s King and Pierce counties with it. Unfortunately, it won’t come to pass and we will be stuck with the terrible reality that California is here to stay and other population centers are likely to follow suit. Back on subject, Obama was transparent, even prior to his election, that he was here to tear the fabric of American society into pieces and burn it at the alter of progressivism. He despises the… Read more »


As we have already seen since election day. Trump is softening his stances on many things that he was an absolute about. If he follows the process once he is shown the current inner workings of how the govt is actually run and how the secrets are kept he will jump aboard their bandwagon and continue the march that way and as this article is saying shall stop at his door will be forgotten. Sadly as we all know once you get to the finish line in most things of any importance you follow what is already in place. I… Read more »


Wilson was not the beginning of the end, as you intimate. No, for that we must look back a further sixty years or so. There was a President who was elected with a mandate…. to DO something about secession and those nasty Sutheners. Da noive a dem boyz, not wantin ta keep payin our illegal tariffs and all. Early on, “honest” (please don’t make me upchuck) Abe staged a false flag attack to “justify” the start of the war… HE had declared an illegal blockade of southern ports and OUR (including their) Navy was busy enforcing that blockade.. destroying and… Read more »


I agree with all you said Mark, but don’t buy into the Hollywood myth of Wyatt Earp. He was definitely not an honest, stalwart lawman. I live not too many miles from Tombstone and have a pretty good knowledge of him.

Clark Kent

Wow; you must be pretty old! Say hello to him for me.


In addition, if they committed a crime, prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. No more free passes. If this is to remain a country of laws it is necessary to follow those laws. Now is the time to act. Congress,you have no excuse now get to work!

Mr Evilwrench

There will be debate, we can’t start taking them out and shooting them as yet. We must define the terms and vocabulary of the debate. This has been a powerful tool of theirs. Words mean things, and they need to be ours. We must be relentless in taking down their illogic. We must show them for the fools they are, every time they venture outside their lairs. Facts must matter. Logic must rule. We know we have facts and logic. We must calmly and patiently make sense, so that making sense becomes the normal thing Then there’s the workings of… Read more »


dismantle, overnight, the entire Federal Department of Education. Then let each state deal with education on THEIR terms. FedGov have NO business meddling in education at any level. THAT is how its reformed… As control gets closer to the parents whose children are in each local school, those issues will be resolved as if by magic. It would also return close to half a trillion dollars annually to the citizens who earned that money in the first place. The bloated US Department of Education is a money hole, and corrupt as a barrel of maggots. More so, because the maggots… Read more »

Clark Kent

Classics like Romeo and Juliet where someone dies?


You’re extremely obtuse, sir. Lest you forget, the “Bard” also penned another classic among many entitled “The Merchant of Venice.” Some beleive it to be anti semetic, I, on the other hand consider it to be a true rendition of Zionist Jews, and their conniving trickery.


Sorry I missed this article. If we can eliminate whole Fedzilla departments, agencies while firing hundreds of thousands of civil servants and other feeders at the public test maybe be can take back our country. Maybe; I fear elections may NOT have consequences.

Clark Kent

What, exactly, is the public ‘test’? Is that some sort of general exam?

Douglas Sharp

I like the direction of the article and agree with it. I think we should tone down take out, kill comments because I understand them but we need to reach everyone with the conservatism that we’re wanting to spread. Making people understand why progressives are bad for everyone is our goal and reaching everyone is the only way hit an even higher mark than we just hit. We can’t get 100% but we definitely can spread liberty and get more people deeply involved especially when we’re making clear and positive changes in front of them.

Chris Mallory

Earp was a gun control loving, big government progressive. The Earps were known as “The Fighting Pimps”. They sound a lot like the Clinton machine.

William M Butler, MSG USA ret

Tell me you didn’t pull “the fighting pimps” out of your rectal cavity. Where did you imagine such a silly thought? I think I have read many of the same books, on the old west as you, I imagine, and never have I been entertained by that phrase. Please show your reference. Thanks


Don’t buy into the Hollywood myth of Wyatt Earp. He was indeed a pimp, horsethief and part of a frontier mafia run by Hyman “Hoodoo” Brow.n. If you can get a copy of the two volume set Wyatt Earp, the Man and the Myth by Ed Bartholomew, by all means read it. He was an opportunistic thug working on both sides of the law. If you want to admire a frontier lawman try Bill Tilghman, John Slaughter or Jeff Milton.


99.9% agree. I would edit only to substitute “injured rabid skunk” for “snake”.



Clark Kent

Except the author forgets 47% of voters voted for Trump and 47% for HiLIARy. So who gets to control the popular agenda? The media won’t be changing; nor will the popular culture. Lots of wishful thinking going on; it won’t be ending ‘NOW’ by any means.


We need to hold Donald’s feet to the fire or this opportunity will pass us forever.


The author reinforces the weird way both parties switched side a century or so ago when Republicans were the progressives and the Democrats were cranky, old Conservatives.

John Kittrell

Mark you are spot on. Mr Trump and those who put him in power, must complete the work begun this past Tuesday. It is imperative that this ” new birth of freedom” (as Lincoln wrote) is not fumbled away because of supposed “fairness” but rather is pressed home to insure that Americanism is our motto rather than globalism…which stands for subjugation not liberty. Keep the pressure on because the enemy of liberty is not just Chuck Schumer but Karl Rove and his ilk as well.

Roy Payne

Absolutely. It sickened me to see Rove on Fox News election night. He’s a louse!