Inland Liberator .45 ACP Power Pack Pistol – A Custom Handful of Punch

Inland Liberator .45 ACP Power Pack Pistol
Inland Liberator .45 ACP Power Pack Pistol
Inland Manufacturing
Inland Manufacturing

USA -( MKS Supply, LLC from Inland Manufacturing, the maker of truly “real” M1 Carbines comes the modern Liberator .45 ACP Derringer pistol.

The Inland Derringer celebrates the original single shot Liberator pistol of WWII fame manufactured by the Inland Division of General Motors in Dayton Ohio for resistance forces in Europe.

In an agreement with Bond Arms this super-quality Derringer pistol is nothing like the Liberator of WWII fame.

This new Inland Liberator Derringer is stainless steel with a bead blasted anti-glare finish.

It has handsome wood grips featuring the Inland cartouche.

Built solid like a tank, this Inland Liberator is a fun and great looking pistol. In .45 ACP caliber,  it is a potent and very reliable concealed carry firearm.

Weight: 18oz
Barrel length: 3-inches
Caliber: .45ACP
Capacity: 2-rounds
Finish: Bead blasted stainless steel
MSRP: $495
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3 years ago

Derringers always cost more due to heavy-duty construction in such a small gun but that is one cool looking firearm.