iOS Tech Alert: Virtual Halo is the Ultimate Professional Safety App

Virtual Halo logo
Virtual Halo logo

USA -( Virtual Halo is a new personal safety app for the Apple Watch and iPhone that alerts your ICE (in case of emergency) contacts to your whereabouts and circumstances at the press of a button.

Designed for travelers, parents and children, hikers, thrill-seekers, expecting mothers, seniors and more, the app provides a variety of modules and features that improve the safety for its users — for example, if you’re about to do a three-day backpacking trip in Big Bear, but don’t check in by day four, Virtual Halo automatically broadcasts a distress call from your position.
Taking a vacation to a foreign country?

Let your loved ones know you’ve arrived safely with the press of a button. If things go sideways, a double tap on your iWatch will send an SOS call to your designated contact and let them know where you are.

A module for elderly care is also available, so the app will check in with a loved one at regular intervals and ask them to confirm that they’re okay.
With Virtual Halo, privacy and peace of mind don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
The app simplifies personal security without being intrusive. It only monitors your location when things go sideways, so you’re not constantly being monitored.
Virtual Halo can be downloaded for free (up to four SOS alerts and one emergency contact).
The premium Virtual Halo Plus is $3.99 per month and includes unlimited actions and emergency contacts.

With Virtual Halo, any dangerous situation becomes safer, knowing that help is just a click away.

Virtual Halo was designed for the Apple Watch and iPhone.

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Trevor Garrett