Iraqi Vet Shoots Stranger in the Dark as He Attacks

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Iraqi Vet Shoots Stranger in the Dark as He Attacks
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( KXLY News 4 reports in Spokane, Washington 10-24-2016, a fatal shooting between a resident and a 42 year old intruder around 8:30 p.m. in a neighborhood near the intersection of Flora Road and Montgomery Avenue.

The Iraq veteran told detectives somebody knocked on his front door and he armed himself prior to answering. Seeing no one, he went out his side door and then noticed a male subject in his yard.

The resident told police he confronted the stranger in the darkness. He ordered the male to leave several times. Instead, the stranger charged toward him. The resident fired a single shot.

The wounded man then ran back towards a trail behind the home and was hiding just off the home’s back porch when responding Officer’s found him. He had been hit in his femoral artery but still hid from police. The stranger refused medical help even though he was bleeding to death. He died at the scene.

The homeowner has been cooperating with detectives and has not been charged.

Detectives will be investigating the intruder’s history and the autopsy results to help determine if the use of deadly force was justified. The final decision will be up to Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell.


A possibly unarmed trespasser with some mental issues. In the darkness, it is clearly reasonable for the resident to shoot in self-defense. No weapons visible does not mean no weapons.

The investigators may discover a history of mental problems and the autopsy might show drug induced confusion.

The resident is likely OK in this case, just a lot of paperwork and maybe money spent to deflect a lawsuit if the dead guy was in fact unarmed. Avoiding the confrontation by just calling 911 and not going outside seems a valid consideration here.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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My property is a place I can legally be . A person charging at me is a threat to me. The homeowner did nothing wrong.
Old1811 your just as bad as a Democrat in office.

Old 1811

But the person wouldn’t have charged him if he hadn’t confronted him in the first place. There was no violence here until the confrontation took place. The guy just knocked on the door and left. There was no attempt to break and enter. If the guy had been a home invader, he would have waited till the homeowner answered the door, then rushed him. That’s the most common MO. The homeowner was not legally the aggressor, of course, since he was in a place he had a right to be and the trespasser wasn’t. But his actions turned a misdemeanor… Read more »

Old 1811

Why did the homeowner leave the house? After the “intruder” quit pounding on the door and left the vicinity of the dwelling, he was no longer a threat to anyone’s safety. He apparently wasn’t even a threat to anyone’s property. At that point the homeowner should have taken advantage of his tax dollars and called 911. A nonviolent offender on your property is something for the police to handle. They have the duty to pursue and apprehend, which you don’t, and qualified immunity if something goes bad, which you don’t. In this case, a properly equipped officer might have been… Read more »