Good Morning America, It’s A Brand New World… TRUMP WINS!

By Fredy Riehl

Donald Trump Wins
Good Morning America, It’s A Brand New World… TRUMP WINS!
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( Donald Trump has won the 2016 election.

Early this morning, a complete political novice has beat the corrupt Clinton machine, the Republican establishment, the liberal media and the globalist elites.

Not to mention the bully pulpit President, a corrupted Department of Justice and State Department, and a compromised FBI.

Lets say that again, Donald Trump has won the 2016 Presidential election!

On top of this historic win, Republicans have retained control of Congress and the U. S. Senate.  The opportunities before us are “HUUGE“.  The chance to close our boarders and drive back the hordes of illegal aliens is within our grasp.

And most importantly for supporters of the Second Amendment, the fate of the Supreme Court is in good hands.

Make no mistake about the challenges ahead, the lame duck President and the forces aligned against the opportunities above are still great, but today we take time to celebrate a great victory.

Mr Trump is fond of saying “We’re going to win so much. You’re going to get tired of winning.” I for one can’t wait to get tired of winning. (Please enjoy the Trump victory song/video below.)

Fredy Riehl, Editor AmmoLand News


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Violent uprising has been cancelled? I bet a lot of self-styled militia groups were itching for a bloodbath.


Oh, don’t worry – if the leftists want to riot again because they didn’t get their way, they will.

Lorraine Ciambrone

I use to watch your show faithfully, however, I stopped because I couldn’t believe that your anchors. etc. were so one sided. Don’t most of them have Children or Grandchildren? I am 72 years old, very coherent, and have raised 4 wonderful children. Two are Police Officers who are now in management positions, so I don’t worry as much. Yes, there are Police officers that have done the unthinkable and they should be punished. President Obama had a right to address the Nation for calm when there were riots recently and he stayed silent. I have always voted for the… Read more »


Looking forward to the mass exodus of Liberals and criminals from MD, Northern VA and DC.


Looks like the anti gun states vs firearm friendly states. Way too many sheep.


If Trump does half of what he claims he would do, that would be a good start.