LaserLyte Blows Away Old Targets, Introduces New Targets

Laserlyte Compact Trainer Pistol
Laserlyte Compact Trainer Pistol

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USA -( The next generation of laser training is here.

Watch LaserLyte’s going away party for old targets and see their three new targets on their website right now.

LaserLyte, innovators in firearms laser technologies, proudly offering a laser reaction time kit that includes everything needed to get started with fun and rewarding laser training.

The All-Inclusive kit includes LaserLyte’s Trainer trigger time laser compact pistol and a reaction time target.

This Interactive target system provides visual and audible notification to alert shooters when the Trainer trigger time pistol’s integrated laser hits the target. Two target modes challenge the shooter’s skills in multiple scenarios: the reaction mode features random LED signals in intervals of 3 to 7 seconds that can be shot by the trigger time compact pistol or any other LaserLyte Trainer.

The training mode allows users to practice trigger control and accuracy with an always-on and ready-to-be-shot mode. When a hit is made, the target Sounds 2 beeps and a LED flash.

Approximately the same size as a block 42/43 pistol, the Trainer trigger time compact pistol helps build confidence with sight pictures, trigger control, accuracy, drawing and holstering from traditional and concealed carry holsters. LaserLyte continues to get sport shooters and professionals on the target faster, increasing accuracy and overall hits with affordable and fun laser training tools.

For more information on the new targets, go to LaserLyte’s website.

About LaserLyte:

LaserLyte, the leader in laser technology for over 26 years. Our mission is to heighten the experience of shooting. Now LaserLyte offers a 3-year warranty for all products sold new, including products sold new up to three years ago. For additional information about LaserLyte, visit Keep up to date with LaserLyte on Facebook, Instagram and visit our YouTube page for all the LaserLyte action.

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How does the laser trainer teach one not to flinch when firing a real pistol?


A “block” 42/43 pistol?Is this perhaps a 80% build?

OK,now I had me fun, a good article saw it over at Lew Rockwell.I can see this being a good tool for new folks/folks trapped in areas where ranges/open spaces to shoot limited or non existent to help keep up skills till they can get live fire practice in.