LGBTQ Woman Arrested, Denied Lawyer & Feminine Hygine Products Over Legal Firearms

A Pennsylvania woman was arrested, denied legal counsel and denied feminine hygiene products due to legal firearms locked securely in the trunk of her car after stopping to text her girlfriend.
A Pennsylvania woman was arrested, denied legal counsel and denied feminine hygiene products due to legal firearms locked securely in the trunk of her car after stopping to text her girlfriend.
New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey-( The state of New Jersey is at it again.

A Pennsylvania woman was arrested, denied legal counsel and denied feminine hygiene products due to legal firearms locked securely in the trunk of her car after stopping to text her girlfriend.

The following story is another nightmare caused by New Jersey’s draconian, unconstitutional gun control regime.

Our story all begins when Meg Fellenbaum stopped on the side of the road in Warren County, NJ, to text her girlfriend while on her way to their second residence in Hackettstown, NJ. Meg, who is gay, acquired and starting training with firearms following a series of attacks perpetrated against her because she was gay. At the time she had legally owned firearms in the trunk of her car, locked up and unloaded.

Suddenly a NJ State Policeman was tapping at her window to see if she’s okay and why she is stopped on the side of the road. Meg assured him that she was okay and had just stopped to text her girlfriend (because texting and driving is against the law). The officer returned to his patrol vehicle. Unfortunately though, this is where her nightmare began.

Not even a minute later, as she was about to pull back onto the road, the officer was back at her window. The officer said he noticed a single bullet laying on her back seat floor and asked if she was carrying a firearm at the time. She replied “No.” Since she was not carrying a firearm on her at the time, and added that she does have a permit to carry in PA. The officer then asked to see her PA carry permit, which she produced immediately. The officer informed her that permit had expired in February, which is odd since NJ does not recognize PA carry permits anyway as many other incidents have highlighted. At this point she is asked to step out of the car and when she does is immediately handcuffed and read her Miranda rights.

Confused why this is happening to her, she asks what is going on. The officer replied that she was not under arrest but that she was being handcuffed for her safety. Meg never actually saw the bullet in question that the officers had mentioned or that it was, as the police claimed, a hollow point.

The patrol car door is opened up and clipboard is handed to Meg, with the officers advising her to sign this to consent to a search of her vehicle.

After refusing to consent, an officer on scene exclaimed, “Great! Looks like we’re doing this the hard way! Let’s get it towed to the station!”

Meg was then driven to the police station, still unaware of what she was being detained for.

After arriving at the station, she was handcuffed to a bench, where she remained for over ten hours being intimidated and interrogated by the police demanding she consent to a search of her vehicle. During this 10 hours Meg suffered multiple panic attacks and during the stress of the event her menstrual cycle began. She requested a tampon from the officers, and just like her requests for her lawyer and phone call, it was denied and told they do not have any at the station. After many threats, being denied legal counsel and a phone call, the officers then told her that she had screwed up and pissed off the judge and that they were going to get into her car one way or another. She was told that she could “forget [the officers] telling the judge she cooperated with them” and charging her with only the alleged bullet they found in her car.

Meg Fellenbaum
Meg Fellenbaum

After fighting through her tears, she asked once again for her phone call home to let her family know what is happening. The officers told her, if she wanted her family to know, they would call them for her.

At that point she once again asked for her constitutionally guaranteed right to a lawyer, and was laughed at.

To make matters worse Meg was in jail for a week (where she was finally provided maxi pads), lost income due to not being able to work, and her grandmother, who Meg is her primary caretaker, fell twice since nobody was able to assist her. All of this because she had her legally owned firearms, locked in the trunk of her car per federal transport laws, and allegedly a single round on the back floor of her vehicle.

Please help Meg fight this injustice. She will need tens of thousands of dollars to cover her legal fees, please donate to her legal defense fund by clicking this link.

UPDATE: 10/31/2016 @ 2:30PM

We received a copy of the police report and Meg was charge with the following:

  • (2C:39-5) – Unlawful Possession of Weapons
  • (2C:39-3.F) Possession of Hollow Tip Ammunition

AND for the final slap in her face they also charged her with criminal trespassing because when she pulled over to text her girlfriend she was on a private property. Only in New Jersey!

  • (2C:18-3) Criminal Trespass

About New Jersey Second Amendment Society:

Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit:

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Mike A.

Hmmmmm, where is this hollow point bullet that was allegedly found? Could it be that it does not exist? Even if it does, could it have been planted by that power-hungry cop? Even though a pardon was issued by the Governor, I still think we need to take a closer look at this situation in order to determine whether or not that cop should keep his job.


Seems like each and every aspect of this case should b closely examined, especially the ridiculous laws in N.J., and those who enact them. Of course, the role played by voters could stand examination also, and the victim doesn’t come off blameless, though she was, in my opinion, greatly abused, pardonedor not.


The PA Governor should send a company of state police to NJ to break Ms. Fellenbaum out of her illegal captivity, and to arrest the Governor of NJ and the head of the NJ State Police (Stazi) on kidnaping and Civil Rights violations charges, and bring them all back to PA.


Respecting your suggestion, with some governors what you suggestmight actually take place. With the present governor, there are 4 changes. Fat, Slim, Little and No.

Old man metal

That is such bulls***! Another Incidence of bad cops with nothing better to do than to harass Law abiding citizens.
And feel so sorry for her. I hope everything works out!

Tom C.

You know; ” shall not be infringed ” means exactly the same thing today, as it did in 1776. I think our forefathers would have been confused by today’s America.

Paul S

Nah. Not confused. Up in arms.

Wild Bill

@hotshottertom C, our forefathers would burned Washington to the ground, and hang the Congress, bureaucracy, and S. Ct. Then reinstitute the Constitution of the United States. The heads of Shummer and McConnel would be on pikes. Soros, Bloombert, and the Clintons would be on the lamb in Canada.


What’s with this case currently? Any additional developments or is it lost in The Holidays?

Catherine Klimenkov

I have not heard any further information on the case, these cases take time to resolve in the NJ’s so called “Justice System”. Let this be a lesson before driveing to any State do your homework, look up the Gun Laws or change your route and by pass the State who’s Gun Laws are nasty and save yourself the aggravation and get arrested on a felony crime and ruin your trip, because ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Catherine Klimenkov

Alan You are so correct my Dad came from a Communist governed country and NJ is just like a Communist Country. Anyone who lives in the area of NJ and the other aformentioned States should know better and that woman should have known better and now she has to pay the price for being stupid by pulling over to answer a text message and yes that got the attention of a Trooper. Parking on the Emergency lane of the Highway is illegal unless your car has broken down. No text message is an EMERGENCY. She will pay the price for… Read more »

Catherine Klimenkovr

I know there is a owners database and I know of some states nasty gun laws like NJ’s and California’s and Conneticut’s nasty gunlaws and New York’s and NYC’s and this woman should have known and it harkens to what lawyers learn ignorance of the law is no excuse. You don’t pull over to the side of the road unless you are experienceing a car emergency. As I said it is safer to get off the freeway and park your car at a resaraunt and get a cup of coffee and then you can answer a text or make a… Read more »


Catherine: Re your comments, I left NYC in 1967, legislation enacted that year was, to me, beyond the pale, way beyond the pale. That said, N.J. is a Police State, and has been for some time now, no small part of the blame lying in the laps of the voters. Re N.J., the following might be interesting to you and others. It goes back quite a while now, but kind of sticks in my memory. It was a Colonel or person of similar rank from the N.J. State Police who during his testimony before the state legislature that was then… Read more »


she apparently pulled onto “private property” not the emergency lane. She was charged with Criminal Tresspass for this.


You know the owners database that doesn’t exist ? It does and is used regularly.


Can I just say what a relief to discover somebody that truly knows what they are discussing on the web. You certainly understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people must look at this and understand this side of the story. It’s surprising you’re not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

Catherine Klimenkov

Thanks Dorris I live in a state where aswering a cell phone call is illegal as is NJ this is done for safety reasons. At the risk of being redundant the woman pulled over to answer a text message and being pulled over on the side of the freeway is dangerous unless you are experienceing a car emergency and thus the Highway Trooper merly asked if she was in trouble and needed help, so all of the aggravation is on her. Moral of the story do not stop in NJ even to answer a text message it is not worth… Read more »



I suspect that there are more than a few people who understand and know what is going on in places such as N.J. I also expect or suspect that a lot of them do not get involved in internet discussions for a number of reasons, one of which being the sometimes hostile, rude comments that appear in the course of discussions, the type of comment that serves, in my opinion, no valid purpose. Must my 2 cents worth.

Catherine Klimenkov

The woman made the dumb mistake to pull over to get this answer a text message and that is NOT a ROADSIDE EMERGENCY. No wonder the NJ State Trooper stopped, he thought she was in trouble and needed help. I do not answer text messages from anyone mutchless a phone call before I got Bluetooth now I can but the point is no text message is an Emergency. She should have continued untill she pulled into a Restaraunt parking lot gone inside and answerd her text message and still avoided the aggravation and legal fees she has to pay for… Read more »



Re the above, by the way, inerestimg comments, I tried to respond. Don’t know where my response ended up, it hasn’t appeared here as yet, perhaps there is a time lag. In the event it does somehow come to your attention, I would be interested in any additional thoughts you might have.


Vom Brunhaus

The NRA and lack there of has alot to do with New Jersey and its ENTRAPMENT LAWS


I find your comment interesting. Please explain, clarify. Thank you.


In reply to Vom Braunhaus’s 31 Cec, 11:52 AM post:

Interesting comment. Please provide details, supporting data. Thank you.



Is it true that all applicants trying to be a NJ police officer must demonstrate a level of intelligence lower than that of a 1st grader?


Perhaps someone could enlighten me as to the worth, merit or value of circle8’s comment. If there be any of the above mentioned, they escape my attention.

The Ghost of Vince Foster

I run Texas plates wouldn’t go within 500 miles of New Jersey.


Belay my last: that’s 85%, not 855%.


No wonder cops are hated and shot. This is one example and there will be more to come if Hitlary wins.


I have been in the military nd in law-enforcement. Believe me: when TSHTF (and it WILL, probably later this week) over 855% of uniformed personnel will be on the side of Us, the People, and will disregard orders to take reprisals against the civilian population. The remaining 15% will either fade away or be taken down by the Patriots. Jut don’t judge all American LEOs based on what you have observed in the People’s Republic of New Jersey.


gil – you are just a DUMBASS liberal, admit it!

George E Spanish

The first thing people should be aware of is that when the police read you your rights without your lawyer present, and they ask if you understand those rights, the answer is always NO!!!! Tell them you need your lawyer to explain them to you. No matter what act stupid and insist that only your lawyer can explain your Miranda rights to you!!! this puts a stop to a lot of BS games the police like to play.


Sounds like the smartest of however many possible responses there might be. What was it that Abe Lincoln offered. Better to stand mute, and have people think you a fool than to speak, thereby removing any possible doubt.


Either change the frickin’ draconian laws or tourist and travel money will be well spent somewhere else… I tell all of my CCH students to avoid NJ, if at all possible!


And cops wonder why some people out there want to kill them. Hmmm…


Blade, nothing they have done would deserve that comment!! Shows what a low life you are!

Jacob M. Opperman

If I could I would gladly donate but being on a fixed income I can not. With that being said any Smart Lawyer would and should come to her aid for either free or for a piece of the fees for sueiing the state, the police department, and any one else for denying her of her right to a lawyer, toileting, and her right for a phone call. It seems NJ is becoming a Nazi state and I think it is time for the DOJ to come down on them hard and fast. I hope to hell see gets what… Read more »


Ain’t our Legal Justice System a beautiful thing? From the arresting officers, through the court system, to the verdict, a thing of beauty. And yet, NOBODY complains! All that is said is: “We support The System”. (AS long as it favors us).


I will drive 200 miles out of the way to avoid driving through New Jersey. Those folks are insane.

Alice Beard

Using the contact form at New Jersey Second Amendment Society’s web site, I just sent the following, complete with my name, postal address, and email address: I would like additional information about the Meg Fellenbaum story, please. On what date did this happen? What police agency has information about the charges filed against Ms. Fellenbaum? What court has jurisdiction? Specifically, I am interested in police reports and court filings. I am an attorney licensed in Washington, D.C. I have written three published law review articles dealing with the 2nd Amendment. I do pro-2nd Amendment work. I look forward to hearing… Read more »


The nature of response you get, if any,might prove more than a little interesting.


Ms. Beard, Thank you for your offer of help to victim of being a citizen in a state that forgets citizens rights. I hope you can assist in her defense against these charges. I am a retired LEO in another state and I can not believe how badly officer’s have been brainwashed, controlled by political hacks running departments under the guise of being a police chief. Most officers I know and worked with were very pro 2nd A, all these anti gun cops these days have come in departments after having gone thru some weird training that pits them against… Read more »


Mr. Beard:

Have your inquiries brought forth anything in the way of responses?



Confusion might reign supreme, or perhaps not. Seems that there are two commenters named Alan one describing himself as a retired LEO. Given that I’m also retired, though having been an engineering type, there might be some confusion. The foregoing provided FYI.


Alan D

Sorry Alice for the confusion, I’ll sign Alan D from now on, I’m the retired LEO, hunter, sporting clays instructor, former range master and firearms instructor, competitive shooter.


Alan D

In so far as you are aware, have there been any additional,developments in this case?


Jason Miller

Update: de accepted a plea deal. She was facing 15 to 26 years if convicted by jury. She will be sentenced at the end of January for 9 months to 1 year. She is a high school friend of mine and a all around beautiful person. It’s so upsetting to me that this happened to her. She’s asking friends and family members to write the governor office to ask for a possible pardon. I really hope she gets it. She is just a wonderful person and respected in the community. She is an awesome tattoo artist in berks county P.A.… Read more »


In the last day or two NJ cops snagged an NFL football player under similar circumstances. Waiting to see if he gets ‘Special Treatment’?


A lot of people here in the comments speak as if New Jersey is part of the United States. They are ignorant to New Jersey law. In New Jersey ALL FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION IS ILLEGAL. Full stop. In order to possess any bullet or firearm you need to be in possession of a Firearms ID card. The only way to possess ammunition or a firearm legally is to fall within a stated exemption such as hunting or traveling to and from a target range. The police are not at fault. They are doing their jobs. Our boys in blue stand… Read more »

Tom cox

The police are at fault. We swear an oath to up hold the constitution and protect life and property. If an officer enforces an uncontitutional law , than in fact I blame him/her. The police academy teaches only small amount of our constitution. It is the officers responsablilty to read,lean and know the constitution. This includes the writings of our nations founders. Those will tell you exactly what they were thinking at the time. I drive my bosses crazy with my love for the constitution which in turn is a love for my countrymen. A loss of freedom is one… Read more »


What I do not understand is why any firearm associated company remains in states like California, NY, NJ, Mass., etc. ALSO, why are national shooting events (where shooters from all over the US attend) held in those states!




They can pull that crap with John Q. PUblic, Privare Citizen and get away with it. One day though, they
I k on the wrong person, stopping someone with “drag” spelled MONEY and or CONNECTIONS, and these Gestapo types end up begging for forgiveness, trying to hang on to their jobs, theit pensions and so forth. In the meant time John Q. Gets walked over. Keep electing the same bums, and this cer will never end.


Oops, technical problem or lousy typing. In any case, the thing should read “they pick on the wrong person”!


The police and troopers will notice car or truck is not a NJ tag vehicle and will stop you, better not have any weapons in the car. Even worse in DC, they consider any part of a bullet, live round or spent casing, primer, shot shell, slug, etc. to be ammo and they will charge you unless you have a valid FOID card, in order to have possession of ammo. Imagine you rent a car or truck at the airport and the previous renter left a spend shotgun hull on the floor and when you get stopped at a DUI… Read more »

Not One to Whine

Maybe the good old boys of NJ, citizens, militia, whoever, should introduce these scumbag cops to the business side of a Louisville Slugger. Maybe they would wake up in our America, not their Nazi land.
They are real tough guys pushing around this girl. Bunch of pussies!

Wayne Clark

I’m 61 years old & never set foot in NJ. I think I can go the next 61 years in the same fashion.

Tom cox

I am a lawman in the south. The reason for removing this woman from her car was wrong form the get go. It is not illegal to posses a bullet. Under Michigan V Long, an officer can search all unlocked compartments with in passenger area on a traffic stop. You must be able to articulate the reasonable suspicion . Two problems with this. This was not a traffic stop. It was a safety check. Second, the officer walked away giving no impression of a threat. There is no law aginst having bullets in your possession if your not a convicted… Read more »


There is a NJ law that prohibits hollow point ammunition except in your home, at the range or at the store, or transporting it between these locations. A previous court decision says there is no exception for moving ammo between residences. So by their convoluted laws, she was breaking the law, if there even was a hollow point cartridge in the car.

VT Patriot

I was born and brought up in NJ. At that time, we all owned ‘genuine Daisy Red Ryder BB guns’ and I had a beat up 22 bolt action that we’d walk thru the neighborhood up to the ‘woods’ 1/4 mile away to plink and/or take out a few squirrels. Nobody thought twice about it. Now, I go thru NJ to get to my family’s in Del. where we have a family ‘shoot in’. I do not carry any weapon in the car, and I check it for empty shells before I go. I legally carry in VT, and my… Read more »


Hey, don’t forget the role played by state governors in the legislative process. As I recall, governors have veto power, and while the legislature can and sometimes does override, overriding is yet another hill for the legislature to climb in their sometimes illadvised efforts to legislate. When was the last time a New Jersey governor vetoed a piece of firearms legislation, aka gun control legislation?


If this is true and legitimate, every freedom loving patriot and organization should file amicus briefs, class action lawsuits, and boycott everything connected to or with New Jersey.

There are many major corporations headquartered in New Jersey and I urge everyone to contact all of them.

Where the hell is Hollywood and the media mob?
Also, tell Bruce Springsteen to get off his hypocrite ass.


“Do AC” – Is that a slogan for Atlantic City tourism or a warning that you can ‘Do A Crime’ just by setting foot in NJ?


Given a recent episode of a false story being distributed via a pro gun web site, I find myself curious as to the veracity of the horrific events depicted in this article. Have the facts of this article been verified? The above question having been posed, I find myself curious as to the following. Where is the NRA in this. Where is, I laughingly ask, The ACLU? Also, where are any number of other civil rights defense mobs, groups that one would expect to be all over this matter, or might it be that the stewards of civil rights have… Read more »


Put on your investigative journalist hat and run an in depth search of other resources, and get back to us. This fits a well known and long observed pattern of similar gun rights abuses perpetrated by Da Boiz In Blue in Joisey. The state are legendary for such abusive and irrational behaviour. (not to mentioin unconstitutional). I’ve read, and followed as they have unfolded, at least a dozen such Kafkaesque incidents in that hellhole.. one into which I plan never to set foot again. I especially will not DRIVE into or through that state, particularly in my own vehicle, as… Read more »


Re your comment, and N.J’s seeming ongoing violation of existing federal law, this citizen wonders as to where in blazes the mavens of federal law are hiding these days? It seems to me that their job is two fold, including situations where the individual is shown to be violating existing federal law, as well as defending the individual in situations were local authority is violating existing federal law, as here seems to be the case. If it turns out that I expect to much of The Feds, perhaps it turns out that the wrong people have wormed their way into… Read more »


Under Obama only his preferred people will have the benefit of Federal intervention. Under Obama gun owners will have none of his administrations protections.

Sgt. Saxxon

I agree with you Alan. While New Jersey has some truly egregious gun laws that are clearly in opposition to the plainly worded 2nd Amendment, this particular story strikes me as deliberately provocative. If the facts are indeed as depicted, it will eventually find its way to the 3rd Circuit (if it even needs to get that far) and this woman will be richer than all of us many times over.


You might be right, but the following problem remains. Judgements awarded to the offended party come out of the hides of the taxpayers, not the cops, not the governor and not the members of the legislature, all of the above having taken oaths to support, uphold and defend the constitution, or was that just congress critters and the feds?

Sgt. Saxxon

I agree whole heartedly with your sentiment. However, unless the officers are granted qualified immunity (which they would not be if we are to believe the facts of this case as this story report), they could be held liable.


Sgt. Saxxon: With the possible exception of the State Cop, who at first simply inquired as to the condition of the lady, none of the police personnnel who later on were involved deserve anything beyond a large boot in the tail, with spiked boots. CRiminal charges being more appropriate as I see the thing, based n available information. Seems like even the original officer went way over permissible inquiry, matter of fact, the original officer seems to have initiated all the problems that came to be down the line. It was possibly my mistaken impression that we didn’t live in… Read more »


Absolutely pisses me off! This is why I’ll never go anywhere near that cesspool they call New Jersey.

Bob Kerr

I support the blue 100%, BUT, I don’t care who you are, what ever your race or sexual preference is your constitutional rights should never ever be violated. It appears that this unfortunate person’s constitutional rights were violated big time and her lawyer should be laughing his head off…NO, wait it is New Jersey. Only in, uncle Christie’s New Jersey! In just about any other state or city in this country pro gun or not this would not have happen without probable cause and her rights would not have been violated so cruelly regardless. Sounds like it was staged because… Read more »

Eddie Van Halen

If Christie (Governor of “Pew”Jersey) was smart, he’d pardon her quickly. That would put a nice shine on his future political endeavors and make him more tolerable to the rest of normal America!


assumning he is smart is a stretch. When he was running for Pres, he proved he is not smart by refusing.failing to pardon a few hundred innocents jailed and charged in NJ for violation of such illegal laws. Christie swore to uphold the FEDERAL Constitituon as well as NJ’s. Fed Cosntitution declares our right to arms SHALL NOT BE infringed….. that is a negative imperative, and puts the burden on ALL levels of government to see to it that right is not infringed. By refusing/failing to take proper action he is guilty of a continuing constructive perjury in failing to… Read more »

Eddie Van Halen

You’re right. I assumed he had some brainwaves. New Jersey. Like a whole nother country. No offense to Texas.

Pistol Pete

I believe that women with women and men with men is wrong and God will be there judge not the police.
This was wrong!! She has a right to own a gun and being locked in her trunk they could not hurt anybody.
She should not have been denied legal counsel and denied feminine hygiene products, they treat terrorist better than that.


I wouldn’t stop in New Jersey to take a sh!t.

Thom Paine

Not even a part of the USA anymore . And I refuse to recognize it as such .


That is odd because unless the law was changed in the last few years hollow points were only illegal if you were committing another crime, i.e. an add on charge. Granted you have to be insane to go into the Peoples Republic of New Jersey in the first place where even b-b guns are considered firearms and slingshots are illegal weapons.


whaaat, ya speck da Joisey Blues is gonna uphold da law er sumpin? Day wanna put ‘er in da pokey, dey gonna put ‘er in da pokey.


Getting into a car puts you at risk of running into police trouble more than anything else in America. I always tell my son to make sure all the lights are working and to keep a clean car. No debris laying around that may be mistaken for an illegal item by a LEO. And follow all traffic laws.

Bill Chastain

Put a link in article so that each person that reads this can forward to gov Christie’s office. All future articles like this should also have links to whomever can change this BS.


I thought Chris Christie was a REPUBLICAN and said he was PRO 2nd Amendment ? Or is he like the others (soon to be replaced) who just place the word Republican after their names for votes. It’s time Mr. Christie fixes his broken state, a state that doesn’t adhere to the Constitution.
Hopefully Mr. Trump will rectify this non 2nd Amendment obeying state and A-L-L other states IMMEDIATELY. End the liberal backed anti gun harassment.

jack robert g

His hands are tied, he made Executive orders to help our 2a plight but the democrat legislature has blocked them. They way our state govt is set up he doesn’t have the power. He has vetoed almost all anti gun bills put on his desk. Pardoned a bunch of non resident people caught up with firearms in our state. Our legislature is 4-1 democrats. We try every election to remove them but there’s just to many democrats here.


not so… Christie only commuted sentences.. sprang the illegally arrested from their cells, but never did a thing on the charges.. Those folks are still felons back in their home states. Had CHristie REALLY come down on the correct side, he would PARDON everyone arrested like this woman was… and all the others. LIke the lawyer on a flight to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania whose plane was diverted to Newark, then the outbound flight cancelled. He was FORCED, by federal regs, to take possession of his checked luggage for the overnight hotel stay. Which suitcase had a checked handgun, fully legal per… Read more »


Re the business traveler, a lawyer yet, a trial court should boot this ridiculous case and the State Police, maybe especially The State Police into the middle of the next century. After taking such appropriate action, the trial judge could and should find a way to significantly sanction the state fuzz, in such manner as the judicial sanction will remain ringing in their ears for the next century or two. BY the way, one wonders as to whether the airline, whose operational problems led to the above problems should feel the heat of judicial ire too.


Quite likely, Christie is simply another Bloated Political Type, and you can define Bloated any way you like.


He still has the lawful option of full pardon for every such stupid and unconstitutional set of charges. He fails/refuses to use it. He SHOULD quickly issue full pardon to this woman, essentially erasing the legal aspects of it all. If he’d start doing this, the legislature would eventually wake up. More importanly, justice might return, in some smal measure, to New Jersey.


In my opinion, Christie is a wind bag. The governor does not, by himself make law, however he or she, he here, is not without relevant powers and authority re the antics of the state legislature, should the governor wish to exercise such powers. Looks that Christie doesn’t. BY the way, given that Federal Law and Interstate Travel both were here involved, where the hell are “the Feds”? Indeed, where are they?


Christie’s alleged support is akin to some rivers, to deep to walk in, not nearly deep enough to swim in. Put in other terms, 0.25″ deep x 1 mile wide. Unfortunately, it is the depth not the width that counts.


Christie is a Fascist Republi-CANT. Sadly, there are many like him.


You better avoid N.J. if you are carrying a weapon. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the same pile of dodo as she is without your maxipad.
N.J. is a filthy place anyway and full of hoodlums with guns.

Randy the fixer

Born and raised in New Jersey and there is great beauty and there are incredible people there. I’ve also lived in California and Massachusetts and the same goes for them. Don’t hate the land or the people, man, focus on the real problem! It’s just those few people that NEED to control others that make it all look bad. Focus on them and not on the rest of us!


Randy the fixer – Problem is the people keep voting in the POS that do this. Says something about them doesn’t it?

Sgt. Saxxon

By that logic, because Pres. Obama was elected TWICE, and HRC may be elected next, then that says something about all Americans. I agree the people get the leaders they deserve, but you cant discount millions of good, God fearing patriots that still reside in those leftist states.


Sgt. Saxxon:

The elections of Obama to the presidency, what about his election to the Illinois legislature, and to the U.S. senate, does say something about a majority of involved voters, and it is likely nothing good. A lot of people voted against him, it wasn’t a sufficient margin though. As for Clinton, one of them should have been enough, though we will have to wait a bit to see and or hear the effects of the electorates on that.


Are the voters of N.J. so bemused that they cannot see the potential for serious problems, spelled general loss of rights, a result of the legislative antics of the things they elect? Have they no interest in such considerations, guns aside, or will they awake when all is lost, wondering how did that ever happen? By the way, the comments/questions above raised are applicable to a number of posts that have appeared here. Also,it is not my intent to criticize any individual,rather I merely pose a question that comes to mind.


NJ is just a ‘TEST BED’ for what both CANADA and AUSTRALIA are now.
ONLY 49 more state to CONTROL.


What else can you say about New Jersey but Sieg Heil? Disgusting that an American would be treated this way by other Americans. Those cops truly are a disappoint to the country and our ideals as a people, by performing as flunkies of a state regime run amok. They are an insult to good police officers everywhere.

Patricia Jedwabny

Indiana is worse and the Gov Pence is running as VP ? Here they don’t lock you up but as JCS in NW Indiana has proven will kill you


Indiana is not worse, in any way, shape, or form. We are a very pro gun state. What happened to her would never have happened here. In fact, Indiana recognizes ALL State’s licenses to carry.

Ron Smith

I agree Indiana is very gun friendly I have lived here all my life

Ernest Abel

Where the heck do you get that bs? I am resident of Indiana, carry my P90 Ruger in Fobus tactical holster every where. ZERO issues. Now maybe you meant ILLINOIS as they gave draconian observance of 2A rights. Get your facts right. Heck my grandfather used to carry 3 or 4 shotguns, hundreds if reloaded shells etc all with zero issues.


Looks like it’s time for legal gun owners to boycott NJ!!! Another liberal POS state!


Agreed !!


Agreed! And I grew up there, so I’m very familiar with the place. I think we should serve NJ an eviction notice. The powers that be there might feel more at home in, say, Russia or China.


I do not agree. We should not have to run and hide in bastions of civil liberty. It is time that we start getting out and voting, write our elected officials, lobbying at all levels of government, and supporting people who have had their rights trampled. If it was one of you guys in this article, would you want people to say it’s time to boycott a state or would you like them to rally around you and support you and your natural rights of self-protection? As a community, we need to get over the urge to flee from tyranny.


I would not even pi$$ in NJ, in order to deny my nitrogen to their soil! Same goes for MA, MD, NY, CA and DC. I just refuse to spend a single penny in any state that does not recognize the Bill of Rights in its totality.