Mec-Gar USA Announces Improved 10rd 9mm 1911 Magazine

MecGar 1911 9mm 10 High Cap Magazine
MecGar 1911 9mm 10 High Cap Magazine
Mec-Gar USA
Mec-Gar USA

MIDDLETOWN, CONN. (AmmoLand) – Mec-Gar USA is proud to announce the reintroduction of a ten-round 9mm 1911 magazine to its product line.

The follower and spring have been redesigned from the previous version to improve functionality and reduce malfunctions.

According to Mec-Gar USA national sales manager David Larson, the magazine has the high quality and attention to detail expected of Mec-Gar magazines, with the following attributes:

  • Body manufactured from carbon steel and heat treated for strength
  • Upgraded anti-tilt polymer follower and spring
  • Spring manufactured from Type D music wire
  • Removable High-impact polymer baseplate for ease of cleaning and tapered to fit standard and tapered magwells
  • Numbered witness holes for remaining-round calculation
  • Anti-Friction coating reduces the force needed for the slide to load a cartridge from the magazine into the chamber and has superior anti-corrosion properties.

The magazine has a retail price of $30.60 and is now available.

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