New Product Update: 308 Controlled Fracturing 176gr Subsonic Bullet

308 Controlled Fracturing 176gr Subsonic Bullet
308 Controlled Fracturing 176gr Subsonic Bullet
Lehigh Defense
Lehigh Defense

U.S.A.-( Are you looking for a Subsonic 308 Winchester Bullet that offers Maximum Terminal Performance?

Why would you choose a 308 Subsonic bullet from Lehigh Defense?

  1. Excellent bullet for a 308 Winchester with a 1:10 or faster twist.
  2. Single shot and bolt action applications only
  3. Constructed using a Copper Body and a Brass Insert making the bullet an environmentally friendly design.
  4. Utilizes Controlled Fracturing Technology, the hydrostatic fracturing of the bullet in a Controlled, Repeatable and
  5. Predictable action that creates multiple wound channels.
  6. The base will penetrate a minimum of 18 inches and the Petals will penetrate a minimum of 10 inches with radial expansion out to 12 inches in diameter.
  7. Velocity Range (fps) – 750 to 1,200
  8. Suppressor Safe

For additional information on our 308 Controlled Fracturing Bullet:
.308 Controlled Fracturing 176gr Subsonic Bullet for the 300 Blackout/Whisper and the 308 Winchester

For Loaded Ammunition, Contact our Partner Beck Defense:

For more information about Lehigh Defense:

“We will Never Stop Innovating”

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Mitch Prodani

Twist rates restrict the use of some grain weights in certain rifles not all 30 calibers are created equally


If it shoots in a 308 then it will Go thru any .30
Caliber barrel? Seems a 30-06 as well as others
Could use this bullet? Oh yea AK’s and SKS’s use .30 caliber
So Why Restrict this new bullet to just 2 types of guns.???


Interesting !