Phony Outrage over Eddie Eagle Shows Hoplophobes Don’t Care about Gun Safety

By David Codrea

Leave it to Opposite Day “progressives” to believe the best way to teach kids “gun safety” is to keep them ignorant. [NRA Eddie Eagle Kid’s Activity Booklet]
USA – -( “A Jacksonville mom is upset that her child was taught about guns without her permission,” CBS 47 Action News JAX reported Thursday. “The lesson was part of a program called Eddie Eagle, which focuses on gun safety. It was created by the National Rifle Association.”

The child wasn’t “taught about guns.” NRA’s Eddie Eagle program teaches children to avoid guns, emphasizing the message that if they come across one, they should:


Run away.

Don’t Touch.

Tell a grown-up.

“They’ve just undone seven years of parenting in one hour,” the unidentified-by-request mother sniveleled to Action News. That precondition is understandable. Anyone who can have seven years of parenting derailed by an eight-minute cartoon and a booklet has to be a really crappy parent. As her further revelation of ignorance — the universal precondition for prejudice — reveals:

She said she teaches her 7-year-old that all guns are bad.

The mother then proved herself to be a liar, again unsurprising for an anti-gun alarmist:

She said her son came home with a pamphlet that said otherwise. “’Mommy, you’re wrong. Toy guns are OK. See, guns are OK, mom. See? It says so right here,” the mother said her son told her.

It doesn’t “say so right here.”

Per NRA:

Neither Eddie nor any members of his Wing Team are ever shown touching a firearm, and there is no promotion of firearm ownership or use.

But don’t just take their word for it. You can see for yourself.

Here’s the “pamphlet” kids that age receive. And here’s the video they watch.

So we have a prejudiced, lying, cowardly hoplophobe snitch demonstrating that her primary parenting skill of choice is ensuring ignorance. Who wants to bet she’s not a sourpuss Bloomberg MILM in real life?

And she’s not done with the stupid:

The mother also doesn’t like that the gun lesson was designed by the NRA. She called it propaganda.

So the truth of something is determined by who presents it? How very “progressive.” Hey lady, you’re walking toward a cliff! And by the way, I’m an NRA member, so proceed accordingly.

Admittedly, it could be argued the school should have sought parental permission first, as per policy, hardly NRA’s fault. Then again, they indoctrinate kids with all kinds of “progressive” claptrap these days that parents have little or no say in – at least the ones who opt for public schools. But that would lead to a whole ’nother discussion on compulsory education and routine rights violations, and it should be no secret that the agenda is not to produce young adults inclined to “guard with jealous attention the public liberty.”

Back to Eddie Eagle, the gun-haters have been tearing it down since the program was first introduced. They’re disparaging a message they’d embrace if they were consistent, but instead dismiss the cartoon mascot as “Joe Camel with feathers.” That’s because their real agenda is not “gun safety,” as they falsely claim these days.

That field is dominated by NRA; the gun-grabbers don’t even attempt to compete on it. They just adopted that term to mask their original agenda of banning guns so that they can posture their incremental steps toward that goal as “reasonable” and “common sense.”

I introduced my own sons to the original Edie Eagle program when they were little. Candidly, by itself it’s better than nothing, but it’s hardly “enough.” The thing is, no one but eye-closing, ear-plugging, “Lalala!” chanting and tantrum-throwing gun-grabbers would assume anyone thinks otherwise. It’s up to parents to first educate themselves, and then educate their children with development-appropriate (notice I didn’t say “age-appropriate”) training.

My own guys accompanied me to the range from an early age, so they understood what guns do and the importance of safety. They watched me clean my guns, and were able to sit down, talk about what I was doing and why, and even help. They learned the rules, and could demonstrate and discuss them. They learned about and how to use safety equipment to protect eyes and ears. They got BB guns and training when they were interested and ready. Ditto, they got to shoot actual firearms under careful and, when appropriate, assisted supervision. Each step along the way, they proved to me they were ready for the next one through careful observations of safety adherence, maturity levels, motor skills, and attitudes. They knew if they were ever curious, all they needed to do was ask. And all of that was done with an additional goal of anticipating what they’d do if a friend had access to a gun and they saw any rules being broken.

We managed to get them both to adulthood with zero “accidents” and incidents of misplaced trust regarding firearms. It’s something those of us who practice real “common sense gun safety” do all the time.

And we didn’t learn how by sticking our heads in the sand and trying to suppress information.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Mother said “she teaches her 7-year-old that all guns are bad.” What a freaking imbecile. I suppose with that logic gun that police her community are bad too.


My 5 year-old grand-daughter played the Eddie Eagle video DVD so many times that she wore it out!. In addition to “child-proofing” the guns we (my family) also “gun-proof” the children by explaining to them the truth about guns, showing them the awesome power of a gun and teaching the rules for safety at a very early age. When they are deemed mature enough we then teach them to shoot. Guns are tools and do not kill or injure by themselves unless it is the intent of the person holding it in the same way that cars do not kill… Read more »


One of the problems, which we’re contributing to, is not naming these people. If they were on the news and contacted the media they have no right or expectation of privacy. Name them, expose them.


used to be when an individual was demonstrating such emotional and irrational responses to a non-threatening incident they wouild be taken in for an evaluation of their mental stability. Are there monsters in her shed out in the yard? Or are there monsters in the shed playing with Howitzers and threatening their use on her and hers? I’ve got some SERIOUS issues with the Eddie Eagle programme, but as David said, its far better than the worse than nothing (all guns are nasty and evil and dangerous) meme whining busybodies like this espouse. I suppose she’s just fine with the… Read more »

Rickey Cook

This is sad ignorance on the mothers part!!! she is oblivious to the facts and knows nothing about firearms , with that being said What kind of parent lies to their kid?? Then tries to blame everyone she can for herlies being proven WRONG!!!!!


This mother will find 2 things will happen that she is not expecting. ..

1 her attitude gives firearms the “forbidden fruit” status that makes it infinitely more attractive to kids of any age:

2 when her ignorant kids DO come across a discarded loaded handgun, the tv/movie education kicks in. He picks it up, not realizing what it is capable of, and kills his companion because he treats it like a TOY gun.

Responsible parenting indeed…


All guns are bad. Ok lady, next time your house is being broke into don’t bother calling the cops, they’ll show up with guns and that gun may just decide it wants to murder you

Paul Ackermann

i saw the video once 2 years ago- still cannot get the silly song out my head when i see those words… thanks eddie eagle……….

it is effective though- anyone seeing it will always remember the message- children will probably be seen running away from a firearm singing the song…


She doesn’t like “propaganda” but has her son in the public school system, and gives interviews to the mainstream media?!?!?!?


Clearly “Stop. Run away. Don’t Touch. Tell a grown-up.” applies to a segment of the adult population as well. The PSH is strong with this one.