Pizza Hut Employee Shoots & Kills Robber

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Pizza Hut Shooting
Pizza Hut Shooting
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( WSOC-TV 9 in Charlotte, North Carolina reports 10-30-2016, a West Charlotte Pizza Hut employee shot and killed a man trying to rob the restaurant early Sunday morning, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said.

Three people tried just before 1:40 a.m. to break into the Pizza Hut at 3215 Freedom Drive, officials said.

Police said the initial investigation shows that an employee fired his personal handgun at one of the armed intruders.

The man died at the scene and has not been identified. Officers found the gun the would-be robber was carrying at the scene.

The two other assistant robbers ran away on foot and have not yet been found.

No customers were at the restaurant at the time. No arrests have been made.


So the pizza guy saves his own life and presumably another employee or two by having his personal firearm on him. The report states that the robbers broke in, so we’ll assume this took place after closing.

One wonders what the firm’s policy is about employees carrying guns on property, even if the store is closed. Hopefully he can keep his job if he still wants it.

Given the number of intruders, he may become a revenge target for saving his own life. Hopefully he will be able keep his life together after this incident.

Unfortunately this is incident probably a totally life changing event.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Lou Kocon Jr

I remember the incident referred to above when the Pizza Hut driver was forced to use his licensed handgun to protect his life and I saw what Pizza Hut’s reaction was at that time when they fired the driver. Up until that time, my wife and I had been pretty regular customers of Pizza Huts all over the country. From the day that they fired the driver, we have not patronized another Pizza Hut. At about that time or pretty close to that time, we were living in NJ. Two teenagers in either Franklin or Sparta, NJ decided to see… Read more »


sounds like you’ve made it a habit to back up your convictions with decisive action. Good on you sir!


Some years back, a Pizza Hut delivery driver – licensed to carry a handgun – used his to defend himself against a robber. Upon investigating the incident, police determined it was a lawful, justified shooting, and no charges were filed.

Nonetheless, Pizza Hut fired him for breaking company rules – their position at the time was that company rules are more important than their employee’s lives. I haven’t patronized Pizza Hut since.

We’ll see if Pizza Hut has reconsidered their policy when we see how they deal with this incident.


I continue to tried to read the latest articles on this incident for that exact reason


Dead scumbag, that is a huge PLUS ! He was just out “shopping” for his loving families Christmas gifts. Funny how they were always “great kids” or “good sons or fathers”…. He was a frigging lowlife, POS CRIMINAL mom, nothing more ! Got exactly what he deserved, too bad his accomplices didn’t catch a slug in their heads. The shooter (HERO) has EVERY right to shoot him anywhere he pleased, head being a great place, AND showing better marksmanship ! Did her son have a right to have his gun and possibly use his ? I DOUBT IT VERY MUCH… Read more »


Sad how his mom is so ignorant about self defense , Should taught him right and wrong .




I watched this on the Charlotte news. The robbers family wanted the employee investigated claiming he had no right to shoot the robber in the head, It was not reported where the shooter was aiming. They were questioning also weather or not the employee had the right to have a gun and use it. Anytime life is lost it is tragic. However, actions come with a price, Sounds like the employee was fearful for his life. It was also reported that the robber was a former employee at the Pizza Hut.


Of COURSE the employee has the right to be armed. READ YOUR CONSTITUTION, woman!!! Doesn’t matter WHAT state, city, or Pizza Hut ruls say.. his right to defend his own life comes from the dame God who gave him that life. Your problem, mama, is that YOU failed to teach him how to respect other people and their stuff. Now your darlin baby boy is having a little face time with Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and a few more like them. They are all where they are now for the same reason your son is. Wise up. If you have… Read more »