Police Chief Investgated After Shooting Break-In Suspect

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Jesue Diaz-Fonseca Shot
Jesue Diaz-Fonseca Shot
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- WITN-TV 7 reports 10-29-2016 in Wayne County, North Carolina, The SBI is investigating a shooting by a police chief after a break-in on his property Thursday afternoon. WITN reports Wayne County deputies say they were called to Sleepy Creek Road outside of Dudley around 5:45 p.m.

The resident, who is police chief at Wayne Community College, told responding deputies he encountered two men, one who was crawling out of a rear window of the residence.

He told deputies the first man ran away, but he managed to stop the second one who started walking toward him. The Chief was armed and said the second man had something in his hand. He relayed that he was physically assaulted by the man in an apparent attempt to get his gun. During the struggle over the gun, it fired.

The suspect then ran from the area. A short time later, a man arrived at Wayne Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wound. The two people came into the hospital with the man shot were questioned. One was arrested and charged with felony breaking and entering.


Break in to a cop’s house. What are the odds you will find an armed victim fighting back? I’m guessing about every time. DUH!

No details on the condition of the wounded suspect. This could become controversial given the circumstances. A wise Police Chief would give a brief report and then lawyer up.

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The Police Chief needs Martial Arts classes or more range time.


the fine print says he is a campus cop. Come on cut the guy some slack. He’s not a real copper, even if they are full on LE. I remember the campus cops from when I was a cawlidge stoont….. pretty funny guys. Easy to get the upper hand. Of course, back then they had no arrest powers. And they knew it. ANd they knew that WE knew it.


Sorry to pop your bubble but hundreds of Campus agencies are full blown Police Departments. Some are more advanced than others but are still respected by the other agencies.

Wayne Clark

If a UTK cop arrests you, you are in the caboose just as snuggly as if you were arrested by KPD or Knox County Sheriff’s Department. I promise.


Shame shame shame on you!


He was a good boy, great father, community pillar, had a great job and paid taxes…. Just ask his parents. NOT !


I can only be saddened that the perpetrator survived, but also alarmed that the cop let him get too close. The last thing I want when confronting a criminal is to give him a fair chance at winning the outcome.