Prankster Shot in Prank Gone Wrong

Bob Irwin highlights the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. Read them and see what went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from self defense with a gun.

Police Lights and Crime Tape
Prankster Shot in Prank Gone Wrong
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( South East Georgia reports 10-25-2016, Investigators believe the death of a 24-year-old Toombs County man Saturday night was accidental.

According to Captain Jordan Kight of the Toombs County Sheriff’s Office, his preliminary report is that the 29-year-old resident had no idea it was his cousin that he shot in his home on Johnson Corner Road.

“At this time it appears to be what we believe to be accidental. The best way to describe it is identification of an intruder versus a friend playing a prank.

“He thought he heard someone enter his home and had his pistol in his bedroom for protection. As he was coming down the hallway, it appears his cousin jumped out to scare him. The lights weren’t on in the hallway. You’re talking about a split-second decision when two people turn a corner, one has a gun and the other one is jumping out.”

“It’s a very tragic situation. It’s very sad for both sides of the family and we here at the Sheriff’s Office, Our hearts go out to these folks,” the Captain said.

Responding Deputies found the shooter providing medical attention to the victim. The wounded individual was transported to the Meadows Regional Medical Center, where he later succumbed to injuries from the gunshot wound.

The Sheriff’s Office, GBI, and the Middle Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding this incident.


This is a really rare case but they do happen. A social prank gone wrong.

Sneaking into someone’s house obviously carries risks and in this case has caused a tragedy all around. If you think an intruder is in your home, call 911 and hide. Better yet, leave if that’s possible and meet the cops outside.

If circumstances require that you search your home, use loud and clear verbal warnings! The bad guy will probably run and certainly the good guys will identify themselves.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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The writer is the owner of The Gun Store in Las Vegas and has a gun talk radio show “Fired Up with Bob Irwin” Firedup is now on KSHP 1400 am radio from 5 to 6 pm on Thursdays and at the same time also on YouTube “Fired Up with Bob Irwin.

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Red Fotog

This is a perfect example of what can happen when one does not have a light mounted to their weapon. If the shooter had a light that was on, the cousin would have seen it and quite possibly shouted out who he was…OR…if nothing was said and the shooter caught a glimpse of his cousin with the light – no trigger pull. There are no easy and totally 100% foolproof solutions; however, the shooter shouting out is not something I would do. Stealth is also your friend…keeping the lit light cupped with the non-shooting hand until around the corner in… Read more »


I would also recommend automatic exterior lights. Scares most away. And then, a black lab! 3rd, your gun!!


Gasp, how dare the article finish with a “duty to retreat” story. What happened to “when you break into someone else’s home you have forfeited your life?”


Some years back I was spending the night at a childhood friend’s home.. he lived alone, and had just returned from his third three year tour of Nam as a SEAL/UDT guy. He had earlier that evening showed me his handgun, a 1911, same one he’d carried for those years in the jungle. I knew he KNEW how to use it. I slept on a foam pad in the hallway. I woke up around first light, had to pee real badly… but was scared to death to get uo and walk to the head. I feared he’s hear me, forget… Read more »


I can’t blame you one bit! Wise decision! Most people wouldn’t think like that & may’ve wound up with a hole in their head!

Dr. Strangelove

I wonder if alcohol was involved.


Most states have clear laws making an uninvited intruder into an occupied dwelling fair game for any means available to eliminate the threat. And I di mean THREAT. If I did not invite the individual, and/or am not aware of his presence, I have no way of knowing WHO he is or his INTENT. The legal presumption is that he’s a threat. And I can deal with it appropriately. Not knowing who is there, and knowing NO ONE should be there, I have the right, no, the DUTY, to take action to eliminate that threat. Hang the TeeVee (I don’t… Read more »


Wow, the tactical ninjas are coming out of the woodwork. The objective is to keep you and your family safe not protect your big screen TV or to try to purge the miscreant from society (though that may be a side effect of self protection). You also want to not only avoid criminal charges from an over aggressive prosecutor but also avoid the civil law suit from the family who will cry that the was criminal was in the process of turning their life around and just trying to get some money for college and didn’t “deserve” to be shot.… Read more »


Gee dale;
Thanks for your stupidity; I’m NOT shooting the Perp to “protect my big screen tv”; I AM shooting him for violating my privacy and my residence and to protect MY LIFE from an unknown moron who may be armed and may intend to do great bodily harm.
Yeah STUPID people who failed to raise their child right cry a lot and spew loads of bullshyte hoping for a big pay off, valuing MONEY more than they ever did the life of their child.


Nice, civil response.

Bad Cyborg

I was taught that residential burglars/home invaders are some of the most dangerous criminals around. If someone is in your home uninvited and after you’ve gone to bed, it’s a safe bet that they aren’t there to pay a social call. Any home invasion is potentially an existential threat. Anyone who threatens me or mine instantly converts to a target. Targets are only good for one thing. If they do not want to get shot then they should get into a different line of work. Period. If it is after dark and they are in my home uninvited, under Texas… Read more »


When did this un-American, lily-livered, “shelter in place” victim mentality become prevalent? Let’s go hide in the closet and the kids are on their own! NOT ME! I will creep around as silently as I can, trying to identify the perp’s position without giving up my own. Then I will unload a mag into the perp and scream “Halt” afterwards, as the last thing I want to do is get into a fair gunfight.

Wild Bill

@SuperG, “fair gunfight” ? What theory of the Law of Self Defense are you referring to?

Bad Cyborg

Damned straight! A gunfight is definitely one of those occasions where “If you aren’t cheating you aren’t trying.” Who ever heard of a “fair gunfight”? For that matter, outside of a ring (or octagon) what the hell is the use of a “fair fight”? There are only 2 ways to fight – to win or to lose. Winning a fight – ANY fight – is lots better than losing. It’s always better to take a gun to a knife fight than a knife to a gun fight. I’d rather take at least a semi-auto and a big mag to a… Read more »

Wild Bill

“I will creep around as quietly as I can…” That is a good policy. “… trying to identify the perp’s (ed. any opfors really) position without giving up my own. Oh yeah, I would not have it any other way. “I will unload a mag into the perp…” Yep, stitch em again, funewgy! Shoot that bast___ until he stops twitching, and lets di di mau out of here! Now about that closet, I never had a closet to hide in but I have hid unashamedly in many muddy holes and depressions.


Except, if he’s shot in the back, the law considers it murder! And, don’t forget the long, legal trial disrupting your life & expenses for years to come. Best, I guess, to get out if you can & call for help. Whatever happens, the outcome will be way less!

Dave Biggers

I’m not leaving my house.

Roy Payne

One of those rare times I disagree with Bob. I do not have multiple firearms in my home so that I can play the coward and hide. I do not train with my weapons regularly so that I can just call 911. I do not wait for the cops knowing that the incident will be over before they arrive and the intruder long gone … possibly leaving behind my quivering corpse. I will take the fight to anyone who enters my home without my permission and (thankfully), living in Missouri with good, solid Castle Doctrine & Stand Your Ground laws,… Read more »


Hmmm… What if I yelled out… “Hey, we’re here in the Master Closet, cowering. Don’t mind us. Police say they’re running a little bit behind.”

Good. I’ll cover this new plan with my wife.
Hell, I’m going to leave my door unlocked too. Wouldn’t want the intruder to get hurt trying to break in. They could sue me you know.


I don’t think “I” would be giving my position away by yelling “I have a gun” or ” get out of my house”… The perp is probably armed and looking for a target to pop up or make a noise. He is thinking about getting what he came for at all costs, shooting some loudmouth giving away his position is a plus. I would go for the look for the perp QUIETLY while someone dials 911 for the police. The police will undoubtedly be too late to help either victyim or perp in 95% of the cases. Just sayin…….

HMLA-167 Warrior

“If circumstances require that you search your home, use loud and clear verbal warnings! The bad guy will probably run and certainly the good guys will identify themselves.”


Bob, you really need to just stick to relaying a story written by others and keep your ignorant, and dangerous, self defense advice out of your articles. Just my opinion mind you.

Pro-gun Lobbyist

Absolutely correct. Surprise is your partner. Never give away your position (and draw fire).
No reputable self-defense course teaches what Bob wrote.


WHAT is your FOURTH RULE of Firearm Safety?!?