Shoot In Stable Comfort with The New Creedmoor QuadMat

Creedmoor QuadMat
Creedmoor QuadMat
Creedmoor Sports
Creedmoor Sports

USA -( The Quadmat is the newest addition to Creedmoor Sports’ line of shooting mats, offering the most comfortable and advanced features.

The QuadMat style of mat has been used by smallbore and 3-position air rifle competitors all over the world.

It is an excellent choice for High Power, Smallbore or Air Rifle competitive shooting, as well as just-for-fun plinking with friends and family.

The QuadMat’s core is two layers of 1/2″ polyethylene foam that provide a very comfortable and stable base for elbows, and one layer of foam for knees and hips.
This padding is encased in a waterproof vinyl bottom and a durable top. The combination of these materials makes for an extremely functional, durable mat with dimensions 29″ X 79″ X 1/2″ as well as 1″ on front panels.

Need to add or subtract a cushion on the front panel for your elbows? The QuadMat comes with a zipper which allows you to modify this most crucial panel of the mat.

Plus, the high-quality rubber on the front panel and a portion of the second panel extends completely across the mat.
This securely locks your position in place, and is easy on the elbows, especially for shooters not wearing coats.

The QuadMat’s rigid design prevents curling, bunching up, and allows it to be easily stored when folded.  And when it is folded?

The QuadMat becomes a handy  2 1/2″ X 19″ X 29″ cushion. It fits right on top of your gear, in your suitcase, or lies flat along the bottom of a car’s trunk.


The QuadMat is made by hand at the Creedmoor Sports facility in Anniston, Alabama, and sells for just $110.95.

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