The Slacker Mandate and the Safety Pin Generation

By Michelle Malkin

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The Slacker Mandate and the Safety Pin Generation
Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin

USA –   -( News flash, kids: Things aren't free. Things cost money. And “free” things provided to you by the government cost other people's money.

Donald Trump gets it — somewhat. He vows to repeal Obamacare's most burdensome federal mandates that are jacking up the price of private health insurance. But he also plans to preserve the most politically popular provisions of the Orwellian-titled Affordable Care Act, including the so-called “slacker mandate.”

It's the requirement that employer-based health plans cover employees' children until they turn 26 years old.

That's right: Twenty-freaking-six.

Is it any wonder why we have a nation of dependent drool-stained crybabies on college campuses who are still bawling about the election results one week later?

Trump briefly mentioned during a “60 Minutes” interview on CBS this weekend that the slacker mandate “adds cost, but it's very much something we're going to try and keep.” That's because most establishment Republicans in Washington, D.C., are resigned to keeping it. Once the feds hand out a sugary piece of cradle-to-grave entitlement candy, it's almost impossible to snatch it back.

Who pays for this unfunded government mandate? As usual, it's responsible working people who bear the burden.

Earlier this year, the National Bureau of Economic Research found that the No Slacker Left Behind provision resulted in wage reductions of about $1,200 a year for workers with employer-based insurance coverage — whether or not they had adult children on their plans. In effect, childless working people are subsidizing workers with adult children who would rather stay on their parents than get their own.

Moreover, according to company surveys and other economic analysis, the slacker mandate has resulted in overall increased health care costs of between 1 and 3 percent. The nonpartisan American Health Policy Institute reported one firm's estimate of millennial coverage mandate costs at a whopping $69 million over 10 years.

At the time the federal slacker mandate was adopted in 2010, some 20 states had already adopted legislation requiring insurers to cover Big Kids — some up to age 31!

Yes, thirty-freaking-one.

Angry White Liberals
Angry White Liberals

In Wisconsin, the slacker mandate covered not only adult children, but also the children of those “children” if they lived in single-parent homes.

In New Jersey, champions of the provision claimed it would help cover 100,000 uninsured young adults. But health policy researcher Nathan Benefield of the Commonwealth Foundation reported that “only 6 percent of that estimate has been realized” in its first two years. “The primary reason — health insurance is still too expensive.”

That has only gotten worse, of course, as Obamacare's other expensive mandates — especially guaranteed issue for those with pre-existing conditions — sabotage the private individual market for health insurance, leaving young and healthy people with fewer choices, higher premiums and crappier plans. The solution is not more mandates, but fewer; more competition, not less.

The Obama White House will brag that the slacker mandate has resulted in increased coverage for an estimated 3 million people.
As usual with Obamacare numbers, it's Common Core, book-cooked math. Health care analyst Avik Roy took a closer look and found that the inflated figure came from counting “(1) young adults on Medicaid and other government programs, for whom the under-26 mandate doesn't apply; and (2) people who gained coverage due to the quasi-recovery from the Great Recession.”

To add insult to injury, another NBER study found that roughly 5 percent of people younger than 26 dropped out of the workforce after the provision was implemented. They used their spare time to increase their socialization, sleeping, physical fitness and personal pursuit of “meaningfulness.”

Then there are the hidden costs of the millennial mandate: the cultural consequences. All this “free” stuff, detached from those actually paying the bills, reduces the incentives for 20-somethings to grow up and seek independent lives and livelihoods. Why bother? The societal sanctions have been eroded.

Now, the nation is suffering the consequences of decades of that collective coddling. Precious snowflakes can't handle rejection at the ballot box or responsibilities in the marketplace. Appropriately enough, the new virtue signals of tantrum-throwing young leftists stirring up trouble are safety pins — to show “solidarity” with groups supposedly endangered by Donald Trump.

Safety pins are also handy — for holding up the government-manufactured diapers in which too many overgrown dependents are swaddled.

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  • 8 thoughts on “The Slacker Mandate and the Safety Pin Generation

    1. How many of you have kids in college? Apparently none of you. I have 3. They are busting their backsides to keep up with class projects, homework, grades, and, YES, A JOB!! They get support from us in the way of encouragement and the occasional car repair loan, but not in the way of tuition. They work a hard job that pays next to nothing, and offers less than standard healthcare for a much higher price – thus forcing them onto O’bamacare.

      That’s right!! Matching funds or an offer of minimal insurance was available prior to Obamacare. But after Obamacare?

      The huge corporate EMPLOYER rigged it so that the employees would be charged three times as much for far less coverage. So OUR tax dollars subsidizes the corporation’s responsibility to their employees. They exploit their employees and then turn up their noses at following through on the employer/employee relationship. And WE pay for that. Corporate Health Insurance is literally 3 times higher and does NOT meet basic standards. It was void of key aspects of those things for which insurance is purchased. So why pay 3 times as much for FAR LESS coverage? And what happened next? Obamacare on our dime. Corporate America loved it. So did the insurance corporations. Employers don’t pay toward employee healthcare and insurance is guaranteed customers. Win-win…. for them!

      One of my grown kids works with elderly and disabled (adults and kids), and stood up to a CEO and a city councilman who were illegally slum lording their disabled clients in a group home. At 23. Alone. Scared to death because they were established business owners and municipal authority figures. The CEO put her through misery. She is an amazing young woman I am proud to call my daughter. She took REAL care of those clients, and after a judge saw her photographs, the judge sided with my daughter that the situation WAS unsafe and standards were not being met. Laws were actually broken. Eventually, the CEO and city councilman had to move those clients because the house was, in fact, condemned. That’s integrity from a college student!!

      The state keeps talking about contracts and protections and benefits. Really? Where? All while the CEO and city councilman jet around in their planes at the airport club. I am SICK to death of people calling MY kids lazy and selfish when the REAL spoiled people who think themselves “entitled” are those coming from the most money. As if they got rich all on their own instead of by the sweat of those who did the work for them or their parents. It’s supposed to be a “team effort”. And of course there are “starting salaries” and the idea you work your way up. But that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about those who take all and do not give a darn for their employees. Then wonder why there is no employee loyalty. What about company loyalty?

      And I’m a Republican!! Stop judging by the media by-lines and quips. Really go look and see. Perceptions and reality are frequently two different things! Nobody feels and acts more “entitled” than a smug rich guy and his kids!! Most kids in college are there because of loans, jobs, and family determination, so stop calling all college kids spoiled and lazy! While I am generally against Obamacare, it did, in fact create a safety net for hard working college kids who NEEDED it. So they could KEEP WORKING!!! I know. My kids are out here in the trenches!!

    2. I had a full time job at 16, bought my first house at 21, first kid at 22, bought 2nd house at 23, and had my 2nd and last kid at 26. Worked 60 hours a week so my wife could stay home and raise my children. I’m 62 and have 2 great kids and 3 grandchildren who are being raised to value hard work and personal responsibility just like their parents were. I have no patience with these ‘special snowflakes’. The path to success requires sweat, hard work, and sacrifice to walk it and whining gets you nowhere. Get up off your lazy asses and work!

    3. just DO whar he threatened/promised to do back when he was stumping for votes…

      REPEAL OH BUMMER TAX and replace it with NOTHING.

      Let the truly free, unfettered market set things right. It will.

    4. In my day , All the have got youth,
      did their best to avoid the Draft .
      That was their biggest fear, Having
      to grow up and give back to the ,
      country they took for granted .
      The haven’t got youth had no
      choice but go to jail or leave the
      country . Either way no living in
      mom’s basement getting a free ride.
      Talk of bringing back the Draft ! That will
      Scare the Crap out of them. Mommy can’t
      save them from getting of Draft age.
      Just to be fair! All youth ! regardless of
      gender or orientation should be implied
      able to be Drafted. I hear them crying already

    5. 18, had a job, living at home paying rent and own insurance. If the Feds want me to pay for slackers then have them out cleaning the roadsides, cemeteries, parks etc.

      1. On my eighteenth birthday, I was on KP from 0430 to 2130. I guess that my drill sergeants wanted me to have a birthday that I would always remember.

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