SOTG Radio Reminds America’s Cops Who Has Their Backs

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U.S.A.-( The productive, responsible people of the United States sent a message to police officers nationwide on Tuesday November 8, 2016; “We have your back.” The defeat of the vicious harpy was also a repudiation of 8 years of Obama Administration attacks on local law enforcement. America has your back, will you have ours?

Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question about Force on Force Training. Where do you get it and how do you choose a school from which to get that training. Professor Paul has a good deal of experience in that department and will share it with you.

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Topics Covered During This Episode:

  • SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week: What to look for in Force on Force Training Class
  • Citizen saves Deputy from attack in Florida – Civilian Shoots, Kills Man Attacking Deputy in Florida
  • American Cops: the American Gun Culture has your backs. Remember that. You need to have ours.
  • The Good, Productive, Gun-owning people of America just said NO to the War on Police by defeating Obama’s heir apparent.
  • Stop the “US vs Them” mentality, put a stop to the systemic arrogance that says “only we should have guns”
  • Stop participating in Unconstitutional Actions
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The thin blue line is all that prevents us from slipping into the slope of anarchy. We must all respect law enforcement and render assistance if called for, especially those of us who are armed. God bless our police agencies and soldiers. They perform a very dangerous job these days and don’t get enough gratitude.


Happy Thanksgiving to all members of the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement Personnel, and all 1st Responder’s. We have your 6!


I for one will render assistance to any and all Law Enforcement Officers that need it. We as American’s need to get behind and stand behind our dedicated members of Law Enforcement.


As a cop in michigan I can tell you the overwhelming majority of officers support citizens having guns and using them if need be. All of us have seen that we simply are not going to be able to get there quick enough more often than not, so you need to be able to defend yourself. The number of officers I have talked to that think we are the only ones that should have guns is actually very very few. And when it comes to talk of seizing weapons I haven’t talked to anyone that is in favor of any… Read more »