State Ballot Measures Temper Trump Victory for Gun Owners

By David Codrea

The gun-grabbers will be looking for victories at the blue state level and making inroads into red ones that were close calls.

USA – -( Activist gun owners interested in keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House achieved that goal in Tuesday’s election. The candidate who disagreed with the Supreme Court on the Second Amendment will not get a chance to replace judges with those more to her liking. Nor will she be able to conduct executive order gun grabs, or use the bully pulpit of the presidency to lead the way on further bans.

Republican control of the House and Senate reduces the likelihood of new federal infringements. Just don’t be surprised to see some “moderate” GOP faintheart floating preemptive surrender on prior restraints or due process denials the next time some already-on-the-radar dirtbag decides exploiting a “gun-free zone” is a great way to get media attention.

The great object now is to make sure “the Donald” keeps his word. There are plenty of Democrats and #NeverTrumpers hoping he doesn’t, but also plenty of supporters who have his ear and who can keep the pressure on. Gun owners stand a much better chance than they did on Monday of putting more Scalias on SCOTUS, of blocking “new gun laws,” of rescinding executive infringements, and even of repealing existing Intolerable Acts.

That hardly means it’s time to go back to sleep. The Republicans need to know they’re being watched and that betrayals will not be forgotten.

The other thing we saw Tuesday is that Astroturf-funded state measures are the wave of the near future. The formula: Pick a “blue” state; throw in a ton of money from New York City and Silicon Valley; hire the best propagandists money can buy; rely on media allies to amplify the signal and demonize gun owners; spook the useful idiot herd; and steamroll over grassroots volunteers who enjoy neither the money, the media savvy, the contacts nor the reach.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

That’s what happened in California. Proposition 63 passed:

The initiative outlaws the possession of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, requires background checks for people buying bullets, makes it a crime not to report lost or stolen guns, and provides a process for taking guns from people upon their conviction for a felony.


Ditto for the Question 1 “background check” measure in Nevada. Narrowly.  But per Nevadans for State Gun Rights (which waged a heroic grassroots campaign against the Bloomberg machine):

Ballot Question One has passed early this morning by less than 1% of the vote. This entire campaign, Bloomberg, his supporters and the liberal media tried to pass this off as an easy victory with an 80% approval rating, and the people of Nevada showed their lies for what they were.

Unsurprisingly, Initiative 1491 on “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” passed easily in Washington State. Naturally, the gun-grabbers and their media cheerleaders billed it as a “safety measure.” Bearing Arms added some needed perspective:

The initiative also defines “family” and “household members” vaguely, allowing roommates from up to a year prior to seek an ERPO. (see crazy ex-girl/boyfriend) Essentially, a person’s gun rights would disappear merely on the say-so of someone else.

The gun-grabbers are crowing all over social media about their “victories,” painting them as something other than using oligarch money to scam the ignorant into believing the fewer rights they have, the safer they’ll be. Or something absurd like that…

What they’re not crowing about is the one contest denied them, in Maine of all places. Question 3 on expanded background checks went down to the surprise of many. And that’s after Bloomberg spent $6M on what the Bangor Daily News called “a blow to Everytown” and “a stunning victory for … a group of “ragtag volunteers.”

Now that these races are over, and noting the new realities at the federal level, expect Bloomberg to renew his efforts against the states using a formula he knows he can get to work more often than not. And now is the time – way past time, really – to anticipate and prepare for that.

We all pretty much know who the gun rights advocacy players are on the national scene, right?  What grassroots group(s) are there that are active in your state? Assuming you’re not already a member, why not take a few minutes right now to find out, including how you can get involved?

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Impressive that the nv initiate barely won. Could the gun rights groups there bring up a competing referendum in two years to repeal what passed this year? Big respect for maine defeating it, and for nv coming so close. I am willing to bet illegals made up the difference in it passing in nv, so yet more proof of immigration affecting gun rights.


Excellent points David. Duping the ill informed will be Bloomberg’s M.O. from now on. As long as he buys the right to choose the wording of his “initiatives” we can count on voters to make blind choice,s effectively shooting themselves in the foot. It’s probably cheaper for him in the long run too.

Wild Bill

Now is the time to push for repeal of the GCA and the repeal of the NFA.

Gene Ralno

Bloomberg’s ballot initiatives demonstrate perfectly the fallacy of democracy. We’ve all heard democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. Nevada just learned democracy is two lefties voting on how much to take from conservatives. Nevada lefties just said screw the Constitution and allowed one city to intimidate the whole state. Most of us who loved Las Vegas love it no more. I’ll never gamble or even visit there ever again. Never forget we number more than a hundred million. Time for all of us to take our tourist money and visit casinos in a hundred… Read more »

R Rocko

First the Electoral College was set up for just the reason it is doing this Election. It allows each state to have a vote and not just high population areas like NYC and California to run the country. If for some reason you think that it could be influenced in your state, then “YOU” should [and maybe all of us should] write our governors and tell them that the votes had better go the way that they were earned… No threats, just fact. I can’t see how petitions could change any outcome. All the cry babies and people wanting something… Read more »

Charles R Page

It is not that we are not in touch with god but we need to protect our families. There are terrorist and violent people out there also possibility of another country attack which could be here and we need to be with our military, I quote not to be visualanties but just be more prepared.

Paul Bonneau

SB491 in Oregon, Bloomberg’s abortion, is being roundly ignored in the state, with even Armslist advertizers and responders stating they will not get a background check. Most county sheriffs have come out saying they would not enforce it. Looking at the secretary of state’s records for political contributions, there is very little support for these bills outside of Bloomberg. People are not going to support a law that some asshole from New York bought by stuffing pockets of politicians. Always remember, every law depends 99% for enforcement on what happens in the citizens’ minds, not on cops and courts. If… Read more »


Guys, (and Gals of course!); I actually lost sleep over this and am up at 3 AM to write this to as many message boards and blogs as I can; as I said above, this battle is NOT won yet. If you go over to Oath Keeper’s blog you will see that the forces of George Soros minions are out in force rioting in cities all over the USA. Their STATED GOAL as some of us have suspected, is to push Hillary into office by influencing the Electoral College to vote for Hillary in December! If you google ; “Change.Org”… Read more »

Len Saunders

In Maine we won’t rest until the Anti-Gunners Movement are sent running home from whereever they came from. If our state government tries to sell us out there won’t be an incumbent left in the next election I guarantee you. We will run them out of office and politics in shame.

James B. Seitz, from Pennsylvania

Yes, I agree! The Battle is won, however the War is not over!!!


“What grassroots group(s) are there that are active in your state? Assuming you’re not already a member, why not take a few minutes right now to find out, including how you can get involved?”
Bloomberg is spending millions at the state legislative level, way too many Repubs will sell out their constituents and the constitution for “their pieces of silver.” Do Not Doubt this, for instance in the Repub dominant GA. legislature, a watered down campus carry bill that was almost gutted in practical usefulness, was vetoed by the Prog ChamberPot Governor “Make a Deal” as too extreme!


“Citizen pressure should be applied ceaselessly in order to support President Trump in carrying out these critical tasks…as behind-the-scenes efforts to thwart them will surely be attempted.”

Yes, but experience tells me that Trump’s “victory” ( remember; it isn’t official till the Electoral College “sings” in December) has probably given his supporters the okay to go back to watching the boob tube, drinking beer and generally return to complacency. The battle is won but the war is not over.


George, I think your notion of the character of those of us who voted for Trump is a bit skewed. I haven’t watched TV since 1987, and while I enjoy an occasional beer, I’m certainly not what I suspect you mean by “watching the boob tube, drinking beer and generally return to complacency.” I believe there are many millions of people who voted for Trump who don’t fit the description. And even the folks that _do_ fit it will not sit idly by if the Left/Soros/ etc. attempt to subvert the Electoral College and seat Hillary in the White House.… Read more »

FIght islam Now

F**k kalifornia – moved my state res 5 years ago.

But now, with both houses of congress it’s time for national reciprocity

We should not only be able to get the fed legislature to pass it but it will underline the no voters so we know who to aggressively expell from the bodies.

AND NOW – TOTAL WAR TO Expell mcconnell and all his fellow lieing traitors

Fight islam Now


Trump campaigned on an anti-establishment drain-the-swamp no-more-corruption platform. We should have a good idea what to expect from Trump in the choices he makes to staff his administration prior to Jan. 20, 2017. Prior presidents for decades have appointed the usual suspects that keep the corruption gravy-train on track. They have particularly appointed members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission (TC) to key important posts. I’m not advocating any conspiracy theories but merely pointing out the organizations from which administrations are usually staffed. These folks should not even be under consideration, unless we have been… Read more »


All excellent points, Smitty. Those are indeed the correct differences. Just as “thou shalt not kill” is a lie – it was “thou shalt not murder” until those in power in the various churches decided that allowing us to know that killing is acceptable under certain circumstances was encroaching on their prerogative (self-assumed) to kill non-believers, apostates, “witches”, those who refused to pay their tithes, etc. (started in the Middle Ages, I think). The Magna Carta was about the rule of law, as was our Constitution. Without it we are all serfs, suffered to live only at the whim of… Read more »


While I am very happy (ecstatic is more like it) that Trump won the election, it is NOT over yet, unfortunately. The Electoral College does not cast its vote until the Monday after the second Wednesday in December. That gives George Soros’s minions plenty of time to try to sway (through intimidation) the delegates into voting other than how they pledged to vote- and they are not bound by law to vote as they pledged. The rioting,, and plenty of other pressures are going to be brought to bear on the process. Even the Republican party didn’t support him and… Read more »


Your date helps to explain why the clintionites are acting like terrorists around the country.

Jonathan Brooks

The electoral jambone is a fantasy that neither Soros or Clinton can pull off. The win in Arizona and Michigan puts the total close to 300 in electoral numbers, and the electors are not wussies, and are unlikely to risk a civil war to get paid. Theses people are elected, and faithles electors are rare since it is political suicide to do that. Soros would have won it all with vote fraud if the Lord was not stepping on his snakey neck, anyway. I am convinced the DNC was beaten byprayer to the Most High, and not just a good… Read more »


The power of Prayer should never be underestimated by anyone, even the unfortunates that do not believe in God or our Savior, Jesus Christ! I believe, as you, Mr.Brooks, that the Prayers to save our country from the unholiness we endured for eight years, were indeed answered. President elect Trump’s selection of Mike Pence, IMHO, as VP ,enticed many Christians to overlook some of the shortcomings at the top of the ticket and vote their conscience. America has been Blessed with an opportunity to be great, in Gods eyes, again. Now we should Pray that We the People , all… Read more »

Billy Ray

Amen Billy B.
This is exactly what happened!
Too bad “they” are so out of touch with God; and, just cannot figure why Mr. Trump won.
It’s been so obvious thru their comments. It’s pitiful. We need to be praying for them to
understand that God DID INDEED step in because of all the nonsense the Democrats had
on their agenda.


I didn’t see any electoral college casters(is that a true definition of them?) say they wouldn’t cast their vote for Trump but i did read at least 1 who said that she would under no circumstances vote for Clinton, Inc. Just sayin’.


Bruce,I feel for the time that the small arms treaty nonsense is pretty well dead.That said,we all need to work at state level to keep up the pressure though perhaps a scotus appt. and a few good cases taken up might long term give us breathing room.

Lets work while we can to introduce more to firearms and a bit of history to folks,the more we have the better we are,from a hampster neighbor!

Bruce Abbott

We may be a ragtag bunch in Maine, but there’s a bunch of us. When I joined Gun Owners of Maine a little over a year ago, there were a little over a thousand on the GOME facebook page; we passed 22,000 this week, in a state of 1.4 million people. We are staying together, and will be setting our sights on Senator Angus King, who supported the UN Small Arms Treaty, in 2018.


I hope you can kick out all of the Second Amendment haters out of PUBLIC OFFICES all over your State.


Screw “hope.” What you suggest requires ACTION.

Gregory Romeu

Most state Constitutions have a mechanism for an individual citizen to begin the process of investigation by the peopl’s Grand Jury to remove a corrupt official from office. Many states are silently removing that power from the people because the people are in most cases too lazy or complacent to read their state constitution and make sure that THAT power is available as well as them USING that power. Most people do not realize that A VIOLATION OF “ANY” OFFICIAL, WHETHER. ELECTED OR APPOINTED IS A HIGH CRIME! USE THE FORCE PEOPLE! Nobody has more power than.g “WE, The People”!… Read more »

charles merritt

stay on point,never give in.get rid of the ones trying to silence you. you have ragtag support from people in illinois.