Sweeping Attack on New Jersey Ranges, Gun Clubs, & Everyone Who Uses Them

Legislation Imposes Impossible Conditions on Most Ranges, Many Could Be Forced to Close, Shooting Activities Shut Down On Ranges Unable to Comply, Bills Impact Training, Target Practice, Competition, Hunters, Domestic Violence Victims, Military, Law Enforcement, Every Range & Range User, and More

Battle New Jersey Gun Rights
Sweeping Attack on New Jersey Ranges, Gun Clubs, & Everyone Who Uses Them
Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs
Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs

New Jersey – -(Ammoland.com)- Please Contact Legislative Committee Members Immediately, And Attend Monday’s Hearing


On Monday, December 5 2016, at 2:00 p.m., the New Jersey Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee is scheduled to hear A4179 and A4180 “suicide prevention” bills which have little actual impact on suicide but represent a massive attack on every shooting range in the state and every person who uses them. Please attend this critical hearing at the New Jersey State House Annex, 125 West State Street, Trenton NJ 08608 (room to be announced).

There isn’t a single gun owner, shooting range, gun club, instructor, hunter education student, or person trying the shooting sports for the first time who would not be impacted by these bills as presently written.

The legislation as written also impacts rangework by active and retired law enforcement, military members, and various agency professionals.

The bills as presently written would require the owner or operator of every range and gun club to verify that every range user has an FID card, [the never issued] NJ carry permit, or pistol purchase permit, along with government-issued photo ID, every time that person uses the range. That is an impossible burden for most ranges to meet – most ranges are unstaffed or staffed sporadically by volunteers. Few ranges have staff during all operating hours.


The bills as presently written would also prevent you from using your own firearms on a range unless the range first verifies your credentials, every time you use the range, and bans all temporary transfers on a range unless the range verifies the credentials of both the transferor and transferee. THIS IMPACTS A HUGE SWATH OF SECOND AMENDMENT ACTIVITY, INCLUDING TRAINING, COMPETITION, TARGET PRACTICE, OPEN HOUSES, RANGE GUESTS, HUNTER EDUCATION, WOMEN’S EVENTS, ETC. (see below for detailed examples).

New Jersey Firearms ID Card
The Back of New Jersey’s flimsy paper Firearms ID Card.

The bills, sponsored by Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D28), are extremely over-broad and wide-ranging in their effect. Instead of narrowly addressing a specific limited problem, the bills cast an enormous net over every range in the state and every person that uses them, and would dramatically disrupt traditional Second Amendment activity that has occurred for decades without incident. Many ranges would be forced to close, and those able to stay open would be severely burdened and disrupted.

We have communicated our concerns to Assemblyman Caputo and have been told that bill amendments are forthcoming, but our request to postpone the December 5 hearing has not been accepted. As a result, based on past experience, there will likely be confusion at the hearing Monday, as it is declared that last-minute amendments (that have not been fully analyzed) address our concerns, when in fact they do not. We have seen this scenario many times in the past on firearms legislation and we have not seen one instance where last-minute amendments have adequately addressed gun owner concerns.

Please immediately contact all members of the Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee and Assemblyman Caputo, emails follow:

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Tell them to OPPOSE A4179 and A4180 or postpone the December 5 2016 hearing. No one will be made safer by this legislation, and they should focus on targeted solutions directed at the specific issue they are trying to address, rather than a broad-brush approach that harms every NJ range and every person who uses them.

Click here for Legislator contact information.

Ultimately, A4179 and A4180 are based on a deeply flawed premise.

Possession of a firearms ID card, pistol purchase permit, or carry permit is not an assurance that someone is not depressed or will not become depressed in the future. Nor would the legislation prevent those intent on committing suicide from doing so.

Possession of a firearms credential is merely an indication of prior history, not present mental state. Mental health professionals opine that the most effective way to reduce suicide risk is to recognize warning signs based on present mental state, yet the legislation does not in any way address present mental state, nor does it pose solutions targeted to the specific problem it seeks to address. As written, all the legislation does is harm ranges and gun clubs, and interfere with the exercise of Second Amendment rights in New Jersey.

Here are just a few examples of how this legislation, as currently written, would harm the entire Second Amendment community in New Jersey:

*“No papers, no target practice.” Every gun owner would be required to present NJ firearms credentials to the owner or operator of a range before being allowed to use their own firearms on that range, every time they use the range. What if you’re from out of state? Sorry. What if the club doesn’t have staff to check credentials? Too bad.

* No shooting activities on unstaffed ranges (most gun clubs and ranges are not staffed). Shooting activity could only occur where staff exists to check credentials. Unstaffed ranges would lose members (because members wouldn’t be allowed to shoot there), many clubs would be forced to close.

* Staffed ranges forced to become the “FID police.” Of the few ranges with staff, most are non-profit clubs with occasional volunteer staff who cannot be conscripted into becoming full-time agents of the state to verify credentials. The few ranges that do have paid staff would be burdened into hiring additional personnel to meet the state’s demands. Ranges that cannot afford to check credentials during all hours of operation would lose members and some would be forced to close.

* No more temporary transfer at ranges unless both parties have NJ credentials and display those credentials to the range owner / operator (regardless of whether the range is staffed or unstaffed – same concerns as above). New Jersey’s longstanding law regarding temporary transfer of firearms on ranges has allowed hundreds of thousands of people to try many different shooting sports, without incident, before deciding whether to become a firearms owner. The legislation would shut down all of these lawful activities, including the ones discussed below.

* “You have to become a gun owner before you decide whether you want to become a gun owner.” FIREARMS TRAINING, OPEN HOUSES, RANGE GUESTS, WOMEN’S EVENTS, SPECIAL PROGRAMS, etc. would be shut down and unavailable to anyone without a firearms credential. Most people considering firearms ownership try it first, before obtaining credentials to purchase firearms. All of this activity would be stopped, and would negatively impact many ranges and clubs in the legislation as currently written. “Sorry, you can’t even try target practice until the state has investigated you.”

* Domestic Violence victims would be prevented from training with firearms while awaiting issuance of their firearm credentials, so they are proficient enough to protect themselves when their credentials are finally issued (in some jurisdictions, applicants wait over a year, in violation of state law). A domestic violence victim who does not yet have their firearms credentials should not be prevented from becoming trained and proficient in the meanwhile.

* Hunter education impeded. NJ hunter education firearms safety classes require live fire range exercises, and the State makes firearms available to participants who don’t have their own firearms. The legislation would prevent this activity unless the student and teacher already have credentials, which is not always the case. Ironically, this legislation interferes with hunter safety training, and the revenue it generates for the state.

* Unsafe: Hunters prevented from sighting in or test-firing their firearms. Many out-of-state hunters sight-in their firearms or do test-firing at unstaffed wildlife management area ranges maintained by New Jersey. Those without NJ firearms credentials would be forbidden from doing so. But even hunters with NJ credentials (resident or not) would also be forbidden, since their credentials could not be displayed to the range owner / operator of an unstaffed wildlife management area range.

* Competitions impacted. Shooting is an Olympic sport, and NJ competitors have produced Olympic medals. Competitors coming into NJ would be forbidden from using their own firearms, or from using fellow competitors’ firearms, unless they have NJ credentials (most do not). Competitions would be severely impacted.

* Prevents non-residents from participating in popular, lawful NJ shooting sports and activities unless they have NJ credentials (most do not). Cuts off significant revenue and commerce coming into NJ, from which the state benefits. Dramatically harms ranges throughout the state.

* Military, Police & Agency range activities. As presently written, the legislation prevents anyone without an FID card, pistol purchase permit, or handgun carry permit from using their own firearms, or temporary transfer of others’ firearms, on ranges. Active law enforcement in New Jersey rarely have these credentials, and many retired members of law enforcement do not obtain these credentials. Additionally, a whole host of military, agency, and other personnel are specifically exempted under NJ law from needing firearms credentials in the first place, and those personnel would also be impacted.

* Overwhelms an already overburdened and dysfunctional permitting system. The legislation could result in a deluge of applications for FID cards or other credentials. ANJRPC’s Permitting StrikeForce has already painstakingly documented permitting abuses rampant throughout New Jersey’s 565 municipalities. Many applicants have waited more than a year to receive permits that are required by law to be granted or denied within 30 days. The legislation could stimulate tens of thousands of new applications, which would overwhelm the existing dysfunctional system and slow it even further, significantly burdening Second Amendment rights.

* Toy guns included. Believe it or not, the use of BB guns and airguns would also be prohibited at shooting ranges in the absence of firearms credentials. That’s because New Jersey law treats them as “firearms” even though they are considered toys everywhere else, and the legislation fails to exempt them from its overreach. Absurd!

* Youth exempted, but not adults??? Bizarrely, A4179 preserves specific exemptions for target practice, instruction and training by minors who don’t have credentials, yet provides no similar exemptions for adults. Do legislators actually believe that adults pose a suicide risk, yet minors do not?

Please immediately contact all members of the Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee and Assemblyman Caputo and tell them to OPPOSE A4179 and A4180. No one will be made safer by this legislation, and they should focus on targeted solutions directed at the specific issue they are trying to address, rather than a broad-brush approach that harms every NJ range and every person who uses them.


About Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs:

The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, Inc. is the official NRA State Association in New Jersey. Our mission is to implement all of the programs and activities at the state level that the NRA does at the national level. This mission includes the following: To support and defend the constitutional rights of the people to keep and bear arms. To take immediate action against any legislation at the local, state and federal level that would infringe upon these rights. Visit: www.anjrpc.org

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Change is good

Only the liberals fear the second amendment and create these gun laws and anything to do with firearms to infringe on the people’s civil rights. A bunch of jackasses with there tail between the legs. We have a chance to demolish the non sense by having the right leader in place. To be proactive is to do big movements as a whole to repeal, reform and veto that infringes on our second amendment rights.


OK, Fine.. They want “staff” on ranges at all times. Simple end run round their moving goalposts: Ever member of a range or gun club is now deputised as “staff”. Change the bylaws of the range/club to empower every member to act in that capacity. Let them scream. And sue the barstids. “selling” a portion of the ownership of the property to each member (everyone pays one dollar for their “share” of ownership in joint tenancy) thus making them all owners. Inncases where the land is leaased, make each member a shareholder in the lease, in joint tennancy. Again, let… Read more »


My understanding is that this commie state DOES NOT issue their illegal FOID card to any non-residents. This puts this bill squarely into a Fourteenth Article of Ammendment territory… as I, a non resident of New Jersey, can never use any firearms I’m brave enough to carry into that state anywhere in New Jersey. The Full Faith and Credit clause requres each state to recognise the rights I possess in another state.. and since the Second Article guards my right to arms, and is not specific about where, so that protected right also works in New Jersey…. in theory. A… Read more »

John Harriman

What hypocrisy is this all about now? Aren’t college campus’ safe heavens for the snow flakes to be safe in? Isn’t their libturd policy anti-gun? Aren’t these closet communists? After all if you embrace socialism then you have to accept communism at the same time! Can’t have one without the other as they are one in the same and are integral to each other. Can’t have one without the other… nope! Oh ya… anit-Constitution, anti-U.S. Flag, anti-their own country, anti-military!


I was glad to leave that anti-Constitution state decades ago for greener, Constitution-friendly pastures and have never looked back. But I feel for those Jerseyites who would like the stay to become free, and hope that they’ll be able to fight off the forces of oppression.


I was born and raised in the “Garden State”. My parent’s bought me my first firearm in a Department store when I was 14 years old (1954). It was a Lee-Enfield Mark-III, .303. Nothing was required except the $30 price. My dad took me to the local dump to sight it in. No problem.

I left that Socialist sewer years ago and moved to Greener, Southern, gun friendly pastures and I’ll never go back.


ah yes another brilliant move from our fearless leaders in the people republic of NJ. Total disgrace. Honestly it’ll never cease to amaze me how many people in this state are ok with voting away their rights. Wake up NJ.


About what you would expect from the Peoples Republic of New Jersey.

D. Murphy

Democrats, reason I left the north!


As a former NJ resident I am not surprised by these actions, but quite saddened by them. It is about time that the folks that run the gov’t at both the federal level and the state and local levels realize that they cannot continue to violate the 2nd Amendment rights of those in this country. If you chose not to use those rights then by all means do so, but don’t stop those of us that lawfully do so. I have sent email to all those listed in this article, I don’t live in NJ anymore but I use NJ… Read more »


So how many suicides do occur at NJ ranges? I suspect the number is tiny, if there are any at all. If so, that point needs to part of an effective rebuttal to this proposed legislation – after all, that is the excuse given by this Caputo jackass. In addition, the arguments re the negative effects on gun safety are understated, and far too narrow in scope. Also, ANJRPC needs to involve national rights organizations such as NRA and NAGR in this fight – I see no indication on their web site that this is happening. Finally, I belong to… Read more »


One possible way to win this battle is to make every member of all the gun ranges in New Jersey, stockholders of the company , therefore overruling the check system since you(the member and stockholder) are the owner.

John Tansky

if we do not stand up against these total socialist . Constitution hating pricks then we deserve to lose our rights. All gun owners must go to Trenton and stand up for our rights , if you don’t i do not want to hear you boo-hoo about it when it happens , because it will if we do not stop it


Move Chicago to NJ.
Then see what happens! !

Homer Gomer

Just another reason, why to leave this “Marxist run Cesspool”…….