Truck Nuts : The Fast Lane Trucks Guide to The Modern Pickup

Truck Nuts The Fast Lane Trucks Guide to Pickups
Truck Nuts The Fast Lane Trucks Guide to Pickups
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USA –  -( Trucks have taken over as the most popular vehicles in a trend that shows no signs of stopping.

Not just for farmers and construction workers anymore, trucks are beloved by everyone – soccer moms, college students, techies, executives and celebrities.

Your truck is your career, your office, and your passion. But which truck is the truck for you?

Truck Nuts The Fast Lane Trucks Guide to Pickups

In their debut book, Truck Nuts: The Fast Lane Truck’s Guide to Pick Ups (Mango Media; Nov 2016; $19.95; Paperback Original; ISBN: 978-1-63353-485-8), Kent “Mr. Truck” Sundling, with the help of Andre Smirnov from The Fast Lane Trucks, takes on the challenge of breaking down all the ins and outs of trucks while embarking the readers on a journey of four wheels, endless horsepower and a matching attitude while showing how to pick the perfect ride and rule the road!

Americans need pickups for feeling, and those feelings run deep. The pickup truck is a symbol for the American Dream, which is not the accumulation of riches.

The American Dream is merging work and play into one task and that is what you get with a truck. You are getting it all done and having fun in the process.

About the Authors:

Kent Sundling, (MrTruck), spent his first 30 years on the farm. In high school, Sundling sorted cattle after school for local farmers, ditch loading his Quarter Horse in the back of his pickup truck.

Over a million miles towing large trailers and wearing out trucks on the farm, led to his next career selling trucks in Denver for 10 years.

Auto buyer for AAA Auto Club selling all brands and Internet truck sales at a dealership involved MrTruck in his first website in 1999.

Ford Motor managers named Sundling, “MrTruck” when they picked him one of the top 4 truck salesman in the country. For Ford, MrTruck did live truck training on FordStar TV and some truck training videos.

Ten years later, on to automotive journalism, MrTruck built a couple dozen websites about towing trailers and started his truck and trailer review column in horse and farm magazines.

As part of the national press, MrTruck gets invited to new truck media launches and horse trailer factories for review.


Andre Smirnov is a life-long automotive enthusiast, video producer, writer, reporter, and software engineer. He has been writing and reporting at TFLcar since 2011.

When not working or spending time with the family – you can find him tinkering in the garage or scouring the internet and other media for various automotive, mechanical, and computer related information.



About Mango Media:

Mango Media is headquartered in Coral Gables, FL and partners with top-rated YouTubers, Instagrammers and bloggers to publish book titles of different genres. The company’s innovative business model is seeking to transform publishing into more of a level creative playing field where dynamic and new authors emerge from social media.