Warning Shots Warrants Felony Stupid Charge

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Warning Shots
Warning Shots Warrants Felony Stupid Charge
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- WWL-TV 4 reports 10-29-2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Police arrested a man Friday evening after he allegedly shot his stepson in the foot while firing warning shots into the floor during an argument.

According to a preliminary report from New Orleans Police Department, the man was arguing with his stepson, armed himself with a gun and started firing warning shots into the floor.

Apparently that was to put emphasis on some point in the argument.

Police say one of those shots struck his stepson in the foot.

Officers arrested the stepfather at the scene, in the 6700 block of Dorian Street, and his stepson was taken to the hospital by EMS.


Perhaps the left wing theory of requiring safety training to own a gun applies to this absolute idiot.

We all recognize that such requirements violate the Constitutional Rights of firearms owners. Idiots like this cause the laws that then restrict the 99.9% of us who are calmer, more rational citizens.

The solution is to put fools like this guy in jail so the word gets out not introduce a firearm to a verbal argument. When I was a cop, we often used the term ”Felony Stupid” to describe some situations.

Perhaps felony stupid should be an actual crime? Vote now!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Yepp, like you said, “a poorly intimidation warning shot”. We don’t know the complete story but never withdraw a gun when arguing unless the second part cover that gap invading your castle with the intention to harm in any way. Always keep your distance and try to evade. And if you do a warning shot, be aware of the bystanders. God bless you all and keep calm and carry.


laws can’t fix stupid, only reward the “brilliant” actions of the stupid. This was not a warning shot it was brandishing and reckeless endangerment. The FACT that the son’s foot “got in the way” of the round is proof it was fired in wilful disregard for safety. This was clearly NOT a lethal force situation…… and thus the introduction of a lethal force tool, even with no ‘intent” to apply it, was unjustified. Stupid hotheads like this one NEED to get their heels cooled behind them grey bars. That’s what they’re for. Seems likely he’ll lose his gun rights…. arguably… Read more »


Since when do 2A folks care about “lethal force” with regards to a trespasser?


If “felony stupid” was an actual crime, I think a lot more libs would be taking a ride in the paddy wagon. Not a bad idea at that.


This was not a warning shot, but rather a poorly aimed “intimidation shot”. Now the consequences and justly so.


Well shucks how do you know what the argument was about? If the stepson was on the shooter’s private property then he has no legal recourse against being shot.