3GN’s New All-Digital Plan Brings More Content, Benefits to Members

3-Gun Nation Live
3-Gun Nation Live
3-Gun Nation
3-Gun Nation

USA -(Ammoland.com)- 3-Gun Nation, in an exciting effort to refocus and better deliver content and benefits to 3GN Members, will be consolidating all 3GN Media into a consistent, 100-percent digital format in 2017.

All print, broadcast, news, information, sponsor partnerships and member benefits will be channeled through three main digital mediums, delivering more continuity throughout 3GN Media, while drastically increasing member benefits in the process.

Two major changes will be most immediately noticeable for the 3GN Members: 3GN Magazine will return to its original, digital-only format; 3GN Television will become 100-percent available to all via LiveStream.

While on the surface these two changes may seem unrelated, they are actually part of a larger media plan that will bring more content to 3GN Members.

Moving 3GN Magazine back to the digital format is exciting in several ways: the cost savings in eliminating print and shipping will enable more editorial content to be produced, whether in-house or from external content providers and freelance writers or producers.

Not just limited to written stories, content can again include imbedded videos on products, training or competition coverage.

3 Gun Nation
3 Gun Nation

Member benefits will include special discount codes and exclusive giveaways only available to 3GN Members. In short, 3GN Magazine will be able to offer more than ever before to the 3GN Member!

All future issues will be available to 3GN Members within the membership site instantly, with no long shipping periods or inconsistent postal service.

3-Gun Nation on-air host and Vice President Chad Adams will serve as host for each 3GN LIVE event in 2017. Adams, along side a wide variety of special guests, will guide Livestream viewers through each event, just as it has been done for the 3-Gun Nation television show for the past 3 seasons. However, with the ability to stream each event, 3GN will now also include expanded guns and gear coverage from sponsors.

After experimenting and quantifying what we thought about streaming live events, 3GN is going big with LiveStream in 2017.

As such, 3GN Live!, presented by NRA Sports, will bring the 3GN Pro Series, 3GN Regional Series, special 3GN Events, 3GN Training and more to all 3GN fans – instantly with no broadcast network required.

Regardless of what channel 3GN TV may or may not broadcast, all major 3GN events will now be broadcast live, giving the shooting sports world the first live broadcast event series in history! And this won’t be one of the 3GN crew holding an iphone either—professional cameras, multi-camera switching, increased technology; a full, professional television production effort will go into each broadcast of 3GN Live! This will also include exciting opportunities for expanded guns and gear content to be distributed by sponsors and supporters.

Ultimately, 3GN will streamline all information into a unique delivery vehicle that will enable 3GN and industry partners to reach more 3GN Members and fans. Add in the forthcoming 3GN web store, and 3GN now has a full compliment of programs and services for its members.

Learn the game, play the game, get the gear you need, watch it all happen live — all from 3-Gun Nation!

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About 3-Gun Nation:

The National 3-Gun Association is an organization dedicated to the promotion of 3-Gun competition. “3-Gun Nation” is the title of our tournament series, website and television show airing on the Sportsman Channel and the Pursuit Channel.

For more information, visit: www.3gunnation.com.