556Files.com: The Best New Firearms Forum in Town

556.com Website
556.com Website

USA -(Ammoland.com)- 556files.com is unlike any other gun forum on the web. Like the big forums, it’s national and covers a wide range of platforms and topics, but it strives for the clean, familyman-oriented feel of the local and platform-specific forums.

Summed up in one line, we believe that people should behave the same way behind a keyboard as they would at their local gun club, with common decency and mutual respect.

Furthermore, we think there are millions of other shooters out there who feel the same way, and that’s why we built 556files.com. When it comes to other national forums, so much of the target demographic is left out in the cold by the Gen-X culture that dominates such places.

They tend to be either complete free-for-alls or, perhaps worse, take themselves way too seriously, as if everyone with a gun should be a self-styled “operator” like themselves.

Either way, letting these extremes take over the site leads to a lord of the flies mentality, which is no fun for anyone who isn’t part of the ruling minority.

Just imagine if your local gun club board promoted such behavior! On the one extreme you would have a guy cussing a blue streak and bump firing in all directions. And on the other end of that extreme is a guy decked out in tactical gear lecturing you on the many ways in which your black rifle isn’t operating operationally enough.

Would you really go back to that gun club anytime soon if either one of those characters was allowed to run the show?

Truthfully, the average shooter doesn’t feel comfortable in either extreme, leaving them with lots of smaller forums that are platform or location specific, which limits their scope and appeal.

556.com Website
556.com Website

Our goal is to provide a place for the average person to feel at home, with a strict code of conduct combined with an otherwise easy-going attitude based on old fashioned good manners.

Better yet, 556files.com isn’t an industry run site, meaning our moderators don’t have a dog in the fight when it comes to products and brands. We’re not tied to the gun industry in any way, and we will always see to it that the site doesn’t promote the fanboy attitudes and groupthink that has become so pervasive on many other forums.

The moderators are there to ensure the rules are followed, not to impose site sanctioned philosophy on the discussion.

But 556files.com isn’t just about guns! We realize that American gun owners have a wide range of interests and hobbies, and the General Discussion has subforums to cover just about everything. And naturally that includes politics, news, and current events, making 556files.com a vertiable refuge for conservatives nationwide.

And 556files.com isn’t a boys only club either. The forum “Girls With Guns,” named after the popular Twitter hashtag, is a ladies area for women to chat about issues specific to female shooters, such as concealed carry fashion, female-specific firearms, and where to go to shoot, train, and compete with other like-minded women.

We realize that shooting is quickly becoming a coed sport, and we think it’s awesome that more and more women are taking up arms.

The site is also extremely user friendly, with an easy to navigate interface and intuitive post controls, including easy posting of photos, videos, Tweets, and more.

This is all in an easy to read, high contrast theme that’s designed to save power on mobile devices, for those who like to use smartphones and tablets to surf the forums while they’re on the go. Add to that our generous avatars, large selection of smileys, and integrated social media features; and you couldn’t ask for anything else in a modern gun forum!

Also rest assured that we won’t try to sell you standard features, such as avatars or access to “special forums.” You will have immediate access to the entire site, for free. And while we plan to cultivate a limited number of quality sponsors, we will never allow advertising to compromise the forum experience.

This means we’ll never trick you into clicking on ads, let ads slow down the site, force you to watch ads to access site features, or allow clickbait ads for anti-aging miracles, get rich quick schemes, or celebrity gossip.

But the most exciting thing about 556files.com is that it’s brand new! In fact, it just came out of beta testing a few weeks ago. This means you have the chance to get in on the ground floor of a totally new forum and help shape its character and development, not to mention have your choice of screen names.

We’re very excited to see where the users take the site, and we hope you’ll share that journey with us.


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If you don’t hate freedom, join m4ar15.com. They won’t call you at work.


M4ar15.com is the place to be. Its the freedom forum!


Ammoland sounds like a fan boy. Ok who there started this sight? I like heated debates on forums we are adults and should be treated as such. I personally cannot stand a mod that picks favorites and stops thought because they think it is
unnecessary. I wonder if this is aimed at the “other” wonderful AR forum?


Appears to be in a Mobius Loop. HAL9000


The “best new firearms forum…”? Is that right? Well, let me explain to the moderators, who appear to all be computers, exactly why you’re off to being far from the best. I had a routine question on avatars, so I fired off a question. Got an immediate reply “You are not authorised to view the member list or profiles”. Really? That’s not what I asked! So I figured I’d try a different tact and sent another email “hey, you guys are off to a bad start when you can’t answer members questions directly. My answer back from them? Ah, yeah,… Read more »

Gene Ralno

I agree. I won’t be looking in very often. Too many moderators always results in too many rejections. I prefer the wild and woolly format. Obscenities and profanity may be moderated but in (ahem) moderation, striking only the worst. The color scheme is hard on my old eyes too. Simple black on white works better for me.


As a PS: Shortly after my original post I received another reply from “Jack” actually addressing my problems. As for liking the “wild and wooly…”, I don’t. I get very tired of those who, when you want to have a reasoned discussion and they can’t reply with fact, resort to profanity, name calling and slurs. Then there are those who, because they have absolutely nothing of value to add, start with racial epithets. I welcome forums that exclude them and I avoid those that don’t.