Arion Compact Ported Pistol Suppressor Introduced

Arion Compact Ported Pistol Suppressor
Arion Compact Ported Pistol Suppressor

Oregon – -( New for 2017, ARION LLC has introduced the Compact Ported Suppressor for pistols 22 to .45 caliber.

This innovative device is tiny: only 3.5” by 2.2, and weighs just 11.8 ounces.

It’s fully CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and utilizes an ingenious patent pending design to direct the gases exiting the barrel down into the internal baffles and out the front port. (see insides image below)

Not only does the ARION CPS quiet down any pistol, it also reduces recoil more than most muzzle brakes.

Arion Compact Ported Pistol Suppressor CPS

Arion Compact Ported Pistol Suppressor Introduced
Arion Compact Ported Pistol Suppressor Introduced

A booster piston is incorporated so all pistols will cycle properly. Not only that, but the whole suppressor threads directly onto the barrel and is then captured by a revolutionary quick release system. The final feature that sets it apart from most others is the extremely low profile that allows stock sights to be used.

You can have any color you want, so long as its Black. The black nickel coating is not just gorgeous, its extremely durable as well. Customers will be able to choose from a large palate of colors after a special run of 1000 black nickel coated units is produced and can have their suppressor engraved to make it more unique than anything else on the market. Arion is currently working with Blade-Tech on a fully formed holster that will work with all pistols.

Arion Compact Ported Pistol Suppressor Insides
Arion Compact Ported Pistol Suppressor Insides

In a world where the cylindrical can has been exhaustively explored, the ARION CPS is a breath of fresh engineering that promises to deliver outstanding performance.

Go to www, or contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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Full Disclosure: I work for Arion and present a biased opinion. This suppressor is very easy to clean. Remove the screws and it opens into two halves for simple brushing or to toss in an ultrasonic. The black nickel finish is extremely durable. Janeck, yes the idea came from a heat sink and it works great. DJ, we’re working on an upscaled version for the 300blk. Stay tuned!

NFA Review Channel

You can’t put AL in a USC. It will cavitate the metal to hell.


Yup. If this guy really works for Arion, I predict a lot of pissed off customers if the company recommends putting an aluminum can into an ultrasonic cleaner…


I like the designs from OSS,
like a jet engine in reverse.

Wonder if they can make some of the internals out of ceramics to save
machining steps and the expense.

Not sure how you clean this box suppressor, looks like it works, just send the gases down
the pipes so they shift 180 degrees out of phase and that cancels the noise.

Ron H

I have bought five tax stamps for suppressors this year. I have received one. With my luck, before the other tax stamps show up, suppressors will be removed from the NFA. Who is slower, BATFE or Congress?


A novel design but I would bet its a significant pain to clean……without the “dip” or a super hot ultra sound. A stainless, stretched out design would be the cats meow for my 300BLK. On my bucket list as soon as the Hearing Protection Act passes. So become a member of the American Suppressor Assoiciation and make it happen….


Looks like a ‘heat sink’ to cool a computer microprocessor? Is that where they got the idea for that shape?