Armed Boyfriend Stops Mental Patient Stabbing Spree

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Knife Attack
Armed Boyfriend Stops Mental Patient Stabbing Spree
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The Courier reports 10-17-16 in Cedar Falls, Iowa, a couple were both headed home in separate vehicles. The boyfriend was caught at a red light, so his girlfriend arrived first.

The boyfriend pulled in a minute or two after his girlfriend and discovered his girlfriend had been stabbed.

According to police, a mentally ill subject had stabbed a fellow tenant 24 times and the apartment manager 8 times at University Avenue Studios apartments, as well as his girlfriend. “He (the boyfriend) pulled his gun and ordered the mentally ill subject to lie on the ground,” said Chief Jeff Olson with the Cedar Falls Police Department.

The mental subject complied with the order and remained there until police arrived. The boyfriend had already re-holstered his gun by the time officers got to the scene. Chief Olson said he didn’t know if the mental patient would have continued his attack without the boyfriends’ intervention. (Gee, I wonder?)

Court records show that after the stabbing, the suspect talked to investigators about requests from God. He said demons were everywhere killing people and had him cornered, and God wanted him to kill the demons, court records state. He told police he killed a demon and accidentally killed a “good person.”

Update: Charged with two counts of attempted murder, the subject was moved to Unity Point Health-Allen Hospital for a medical and psychiatric treatment on Oct. 20 after he began showing signs of psychiatric stress.

On Tuesday, the Chief Public Defender asked the court to put the case on hold because of serious concerns about his client’s competency. An involuntary commitment action was started around the same time as the criminal charges.


A citizen carrying his firearm saves lives again! You need not go to dangerous parts of town for trouble to find you. Another incident wherein an armed citizen was in the right place at the right time.

There is no way to ever predict when you might need to defend yourself or others.


Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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This is how we treat the mentally ill. We used to institutionalize them and release them when they were better, but that became too expensive. So we hand them some pills and walk away, then let the legal system take over when they run amok. Which is all well and good, unless they run amok on you.

Dawn Dannis

My sons carry and my oldest son has taught all his kids how to shoot a gun in case of emergency. His youngest is 6 and they go to the shooting range to practice. It’s rough out there nowadays you have to be ready and able to protect your own.