Armed Robbery Team Run Off by Fast Shooting Clerk ~ VIDEO

Bob Irwin highlights the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. Read them and see what went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from self defense with a gun.

Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( reported 12-1-2016 in Fresno, California that a few days earlier, two robbery suspects entered a Fresno convenience store just before 2 the morning. Surveillance footage from the store video shows a man brandishing a rifle and walking into the store followed by a woman.

Police said the male then demanded money as the woman stood in the doorway. The cashier at the store opened fire on the male suspect who was pointing the rifle. As the intended victim fired a round, the couple can be seen on the video quickly turning and fleeing on foot.

Fresno police are now trying to identify the suspects. They fled on foot towards the nearby Ashmark Arms Apartment complex following the attempted armed robbery.

Authorities have described the male suspect as approximately 25 years old and with an “assault rifle”(really just an normal AR15).


Another clerk, probably required to be defenseless by company policy, had a firearm anyway. He will likely lose his job over this but he chose (correctly) to keep his life instead!

We have way too many places that are still “self-defense is prohibited” zones. These are safe targets for the thugs. The signs that say “no weapons allowed” to the customers are read as “Rob here without risk” by the criminals.

The left side press will probably report that the robbers military style rifle made him do it! The reality is the more guns possessed by honest citizens, the less violent crime.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

About Bob Irwin

The writer is the owner of The Gun Store in Las Vegas and has a gun talk radio show “Fired Up with Bob Irwin” Firedup is now on KSHP 1400 am radio from 5 to 6 pm on Thursdays and at the same time also on YouTube “Fired Up with Bob Irwin.

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If cops can shoot someone 15x’s or more, then why do I go to jail if I shoot a home invader over 3x’s? Seems there’s cop laws, and taxpayer laws.. should be neither. If someone breaks into a home, he/she deserves every round that they get.

Wild Bill

, The Law of Self Defense is exactly the same for cops and taxpayers, alike. The measuring the facts against the elements of the law are exactly the same for cops and taxpayers, alike. The facts of each individual case are never exactly the same.

Captain Witold Pilecki

Sorry bad guys….I am NOT going to take the time to analyze whether the “weapon” you are pointing at me is real or fake, loaded or unloaded, or what your true intentions may be. I am not a sworn police officer that is going to give you multiple orders and chances to “Drop Your Weapon!” I don’t have to if I think my life is in immediate danger. You are going to be struck center mass as many times as I feel necessary to incapacitate and stop you. YOU WILL MOST LIKELY EXPIRE WHERE YOU LAY.


Sure looks like a TOY gun to me as well. I also believe that Robber got the gun from a Toy Store (Maybe stolen) as if they were that desperate for money, a toy gun was all they could get. As BUD says above every Fri and Sat night the BEER RUNNERS would try to get something for nothing. I also worked in a Circle K and was told by manager to stop beer runs and gas drive offs – yea and no weapons, no cameras, and opening to counter in the back away from door – no way I… Read more »


I stopped a beer run one evening while walking into a convenience store. Just as I opened the door a thug came running towards the open door from the back with an 18 pack. Just as he reached the door with his head down I quickly closed it from the outside dropping him in his tracks. He never knew what hit him! He was just waking up when the cops arrived.




throwedoff, I’m glad that I am not the only one around that has stepped up to stop the criminals from getting away with something. I congratulate you for what you did to help the store with a serious problem that continues to raise the costs for all of us for insurance. That is a great happening and I’m sure the cops just loved it when they got there and arrested the creep. The cops just love these kinds of situations and probably talked about what happened for a long time. My personal thanks to you.


Throwedoff, this reminds me of the time I lived in Costa Rica (1969-74) when I was in the right lane of a two-lane one-way street, with the traffics at a dead stop. I was looking back through my driver’s side mirror when I saw one of the usual Tico pickpockets racing up the street in my direction, looking back at his pursuers. Just before he reached me, I opened the driver’s side door of my Land Rover. The British-made land Rover in those days looked and felt like a tank, and could climb incredible slopes in granny gear. Back to… Read more »


Years ago I worked in a convenience store working a night shift. We were not allowed to keep a firearm. On Friday and Saturday nights we would have what we call “beer runs.” Two guys would come in, go to the coolers, take a couple of 12 packs and the come towards the checkout counter as if to pay. At the last instant they would run for the door and make their get away with the beer. I got so tired of it I took some darts from home and laid them on the cash register. Sure enough the next… Read more »

Wild Bill

, Pain is a wonderful teacher.

BillyBob Texas

Well, I think it’s mighty nice of his wife/girlfriend/concubine/hooker/whore to hold the escape door open for her man……after all, she was probably gonna’ split the $45.00 they were gonna’ get in the robbery……

What a couple of dumbassses. Places like this drop most of their $$$ into safes as soon as they get it. But then again, nobody really expects dimwits to know anything about their targets…….


How sure are they that that’s a real rifle? In the seconds when he transitions it up it doesn’t look like it has a buffer tube or stock which I’ve seen on AR look alike pellet guns…


Darwin says, “Go ahead – take a toy to a gunfight!”


BINGO!!!! In most states, one must reasonably fear death or imminent bodily harm in order to use deadly force. A toy gun that looks real justifies this response. Anyway, it was probably the gun free policy that invited these two in for a withdrawal. Maybe it was the best lesson they could hope for.


I agree with Andrew. It looks like a pellet gun or maybe an airsoft gun with the orange tip removed. It has no buffer tube, so unless this perp got hold of a Sig MCX and removed the stock and installed an A2-looking front sight, it’s not a real gun. Since we don’t know what the store clerk was shooting back with (.22, .32, .380.,), it’s possible that the toy could have ricocheted a slow-moving, light bullet like that. They thought they would just walk in and scare the clerk to death with a toy gun and get free money.… Read more »


Keep in mind that you probably won’t see the stock of a rifle, real or fake, if it’s pointed directly at you. All you will see is the muzzle and the face of someone threatening to shoot you.


I am in total agreement with all that the clerk did the right thing in opening fire. My point is that if the rifle the crook was carrying was a fake then the anti’s can’t say that it’s guns that make bad people do bad things. By the letter of the law, as long as the clerk perceived it to be a real gun the penalty for the robber is the same wether it is or not.


I see: Police describe the perp as “25 years old,’ with no further data. Ahem, are we describing a Scandinavian? Inuit? Brit? Lapplander? Asian?

This is PC to the extreme!


carry by 6 or judge by 12 ?


I believe the bad guy was hit by the round in his left side (our right side looking at him). He drops that side and almost loses the rifle as he spins around. The round went right through him and struck the chips in the rack but did not explode the bags as I would expect it to have done which leads me to believe it hit the bags of chips after passing through him. Watch carefully and you will see the chips move slightly and not from him bumping them. Find that round and you will be able to… Read more »


At the angle of the chips from the thug, it appears the clerk hit the thugs gun with a shot fired and it richochetted, toy guns dont richochette bullets