Armed Sunoco Employee Saves Coworker Then Forced to Quit His Job

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Armed Sunoco Employee Saves Coworker Then Forced to Quit His Job
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The Dayton Daily News reports 11-21-2016 in Dayton, Ohio, an attempted armed robbery was reported around 11:15 p.m. Sunday night at a Sunoco convenience store at 1502 Wayne Avenue in Dayton.

Police 911 records indicate a masked man entered the store, displayed a gun, and attempted to rob the clerk.

The suspect fired one or two rounds. A second clerk fired several shots back at the suspect and the suspect fled out the door toward Wyoming Street.

Dayton police report the targeted clerk suffered a gunshot wound to the upper right thigh. The second clerk who returned fire was not hit but caused the robber to flee the store on foot.

The clerk who was shot has been treated and released from the hospital. It was unknown if the robber was hit. The suspect has been described as wearing a black hoodie, dark-colored jeans, white gloves and possibly a surgical mask.


Short and sweet. Having a firearm saves lives, again! A perfect defense of others shooting. One clerk is shot at and a second clerk fires back, defending his co-worker.

It is unknown if the would-be robber / murderer was aware a second employee was present. When they come in shooting, turning your back to run is likely to get you killed. Any non-lethal defenses and warnings are worthless. It’s defend yourself or die!

The report says the clerk who shot back at the suspect had a valid CCW permit. It’s nice that he did but unnecessary in this case. First, the “Government permission slip” to carry was probably not needed to carry in his place of business.

Second, if he was carrying illegally, is he supposed to let his co-worker die? Of course not! This is a good shoot, period! The permit does indicate some training in firearms and use of force. That training is strongly recommended for any firearm owner.


The Clerk who saved his coworkers life was told by his employer that he can no longer come to work with his weapon.  The clerk then quit his job rather than be disarmed and risk his life.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Robert Thomas

It’s called concealed carry for a reason. Don’t bring your gun to work, wink wink nudge nudge, if you do that again I’ll have to reprimand you…. Conceal firearm, go to work.

Jacob M. Opperman

Go figger one employee save the life of a fellow employee and he gets told he can not bring his weapon to help protect him self and fellow employees. It is just to bad that the boss instead of praising him for his defence of his business and the people in it tell how he can not do right. I to would have quit and if I was a employee of this business and the boss told me a friend could not protect me or I could not protect my self I would quit to. It is these kinds of… Read more »


It’s cheaper to let an employee get killed than pay the higher insurance premiums.

Webfoot Logger

Oh, it’s worse than that . . . look up Dead Peasant Insurance.

Basically, the company makes money when employees die.


that ill change as the underwriters learn that allowing empolyees to use their Mother May I Cards and carry DOES indeed reduce risk by deterring robbers and other filth.


Of course, there was no mention of the race of the robber. Can we guess? You betcha!

chicken little

I bet I can guess your race and IQ.

Roy Payne

If I lived where there are Sunoco stations, I would never go in one again AND I’d write them to tell them why. Too many people say they’ll boycott some business, but they don’t tell them why. We need to make our voices known!!

Bill N.

Target the owner, not the product he sells.

Bill N.

All these comments are good, but Sun Oil Co. has no say how this store in Ohio is run. It is privately owned and sells Sun products so the thing to do is boycott that store and any others hat that particular “businessman” (or woman) owns. Simple but effective way of getting the message to that business owner who forced the termination of the gun owner. Just remember use a little common sense before writing these types of comments to a company that has nothing to do with the way the business owner conducts his privately owned business.

Douglas Ervin

Bill, had no idea they are independently owned. Being on the LEFT COAST, I am not familiar with Sunoco. Many stations out here are controlled more or less by the Oil Company they represent.


Sonoco could still have as a deal-breaker term of their lease/franchise.branding that the operators of stores allow their staff to use their right to self-defense IF they so desire….. and can NOT post the premises as “no guns allowed”.

Douglas Ervin

If you are a NASCAR fan-send this to NASCAR !

Jim S

A valid concealed carry permit should be exactly that since we are forced to ask permission to carry which has always been a right. Write Sunoco and tell them you will not buy their products until this policy is changed. Use our combined purchasing power to show we are a significant part of the population. Be professional at all times, no rants. Then the citizens of Ohio should begin writing their legislators the law should allow a duly licensed CC permit is valid everywhere. Dont let this go. Even if you do not support concealed carry, stand together and support… Read more »


Ohio just got a bunch of great new gun laws passed and made law…. one thing that was attempted was to hold owners of private property responsible when they post a No Guns policy and deny folk our right to protect ourselves, and someone comes in unauthorised and harms someone. That one did not make it out of committee. Some plan to attempt it next year. Fact is, if a property owner denies ME my right to self-defence, and I am hurt, they ought to be legally responsible, as I’ve been denied my right to see to my own security.… Read more »


Sunoco! Wonder what nationality owns the business? Couldn’t be someone from overseas. The ones our government puts ahead of its own tax paying people. Who come here gets businesses for practically nothing,fire the employees who have been working there for years and replace them with their own people

Larry Brickey


Gene Hill

Sunoco station in Cartersville ,GA had its 2nd robbery attempt by three hoods. Mgr killed one of them. The other two ran.
It is my understanding an employee was pistol whipped during first robbery. Be armed, be safer
Mableton GA Monday. Two thugs went into pawn shop Guns blazing. Mgr shot one between eyes with his 45 at 30 ft.
Other one ran.


Other one was smarter than the first……


If I owned a business in Dayton, I would find that fellow and offer him a job.


Damn right.


Owner of that crappy rip-off, gas station is a complete idiot! He probably likes and supports Crooked Hillary and company!

Vincent Amann

My Mom was murdered in a Sunoco gas station robbery several years ago. They sold the property to another business but never made any safety changes to nearby stations. All they are concerned about are profits. Also notice how they never mention the race of the perpetrators.

Wayne Clark

Sorry you lost your mom, a tragic thing, no doubt. However, the race of this or these perpetrators have nothing to do with anything. A crook & murderer are just that & justice knows no race.
All businesses, especially convenient stores, should adopt an armed & trained employee policy…or have 24 hour security (not rent a cops).
Again, sorry about your mother.

David C. Telliho

I work for a store like that. Any customer can carry a weapon in. But we as employees, cannot carry. Many of my co-workers have ccw`s,including me. But, we are not allowed to carry. We all agree, if one of us is killed or injured because of this stupid policy. we will sue the socks off the owner’s. They will leave the court room barefoot and shirtless.

chicken little

What does race of the perps have to do with it?


Proving the point that the leftist media NEVER report the race when it’s a black man!

chicken little

I don’t think they report race when it is a “white man” either.

Jamie. M

then way when it’s a white cop it’s in the front page or TV screen

chicken little

To James M. – Not sure what you are asking.


not always, but when the victim is black and the perp white, or the criminal black and the victim white and the black victim is show, you bet they do. Janes’ question and comment are valid. And in this part of Ohio, I’d say its way above even that the robber is “of colour”…… and the armed clerk was white.


Boycott Sunoco for failing to allow his right to carry and self defense.