ATAC Global Range Day at SHOT Show 2017

ATAC Global Range Day at SHOT Show 2017
ATAC Global Range Day at SHOT Show 2017

USA –-( Attracting over 44 million tourists a year, Las Vegas, affectionately known as the entertainment capital of the world is host to some of the nations largest conventions such as the consumer electronics show, global gaming expo and the national finals rodeo to name a few.

One of these events, in a class of its own, while maybe not on the list for number attendees, but certainly topping the list for excitement is the much anticipated annual ATAC Global Range Day, where ARFCOM is a media sponsor.

Going on its eighth year, this exclusive invite only event in support of military, defense contractors and law enforcement internationally in the fight against global terrorism kicks off 16 January 2017 at Nellis Air Force Base. As mentioned by a Fox news article, “A sort of Willie Wonka’s golden ticket in the tactical industry, those lucky enough to receive the highly coveted invites also had a go test-driving the latest advances in guns, ammo and gear,” this event is reserved for the who’s who in the industry.

ATAC Global
ATAC Global

With over 30 weapon manufacturers from A to Z showcasing their newest line of firearms and accessories as well as representatives from over 40 countries, its no secret why this event draws such a unique crowd.

From elite operatives, Medal of Honor recipients, tech entrepreneurs to CEOs and celebrities all in attendance, participants can interact, learn about and test all the newest firearms on the market and enjoy a catered event from the LaRue BBQ Tactical brisket wagon and other vendors.

Because of the type of personnel in attendance the ATAC Range Day does not permit cameras and free flowing media. However, there is a designated space for media to conduct interviews.

ATAC Range Day Registration

You can purchase a ticket, which will allow you access to the gate and the BBQ.

The ATAC Range Day is open only to Military, Law Enforcement and Private Contractors. You can register here.

Happy Holidays from the ATAC Global Staff and the NRA!



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