Benchmaster Introduces Ground Hunting & Shooting Chair

Benchmaster Ground Hunting & Shooting Chair
Benchmaster Ground Hunting & Shooting Chair
Altus Brands
Altus Brands

USA -( Benchmaster, an industry leader in shooting tables, rests and other shooting accessories, introduces the new Ground Hunting & Shooting Chair.

This chair can be used in a ground blind, or for target practice and scouting, or outside for shooting predators or prairie dogs.

But with features such as three (3) multi-position legs that level the seat on uneven terrain and full 360-degree rotation capability, this seat can be used in the field for extreme target shooting and hunting.

The Ground Hunting & Shooting Chair has a durable foam padded back and seat for extra comfort. It has three (3) multi-position legs, with large, solid foot plates, that can be adjusted separately for sitting on unlevel ground, or adjusted for a junior shooter.

The seat rotates a full 360 degrees, quietly, for full range of shooting. So wherever the location you plan on shooting, the Ground Hunting & Shooting Chair will ensure comfort and stability, and a full 360-degree shooting range.

When shooting from a seated position, a gun rest is a must. The Ground Hunting & Shooting Chair offers an arm extension for a gun rest. Whether you’re target shooting, scouting or hunting, this seat will accommodate all your needs.

With such a versatile seat, you need to be able to take it anywhere, and you can, easily. The Ground Hunting & Shooting Chair has a shoulder strap that makes for easy transport to the field, and it weighs less than 14 pounds. The seating is made of high-quality cordura webbing for all-weather use, and the powder-coated steel frame prevents rust.

So even in harsh weather conditions, the Ground Hunting & Shooting Chair will stand up to the toughest conditions.

Experience the ultimate shooting solution, and use a Ground Hunting & Shooting Chair on your next outdoor shooting adventure.


Key Features:

  • Durable foam back & seat for extreme comfort
  • Full 360 degree rotation: both with and without the legs attached
  • Power-coated, lightweight steel that avoids rust
  • Shoulder strap for easy transport
  • Three (3) Multi-position legs to level the chair on uneven terrain, or adjust to shorter shooters
  • High-quality, cordura webbing for all weather use
  • Arm extension for gun rest and optional camera mount
  • Super quiet rotation
  • Large, solid foot plates for stability
  • Three (3) Year Warranty



  • Weight: 13.5 lbs
  • Part Number: BMGBHSC
  • UPC code: 751710506220
  • Package Dimensions: 15.8” H x 7.1” L x 7.1” W


About Altus Brands, LLC:

Since 2008, Altus Brands, LLC has acquired and developed small to mid-sized companies in the hunting, and shooting space to unlock their potential for growth. The company has acquired or developed over eleven brands including Cass Creek Outdoors, Pro Ears Hearing Protection and Amplification, Benchmaster Shooting Products, Extreme Dimension, Kwikee Kwiver, Woodland Whisper, Harmon Scents, Rifleman, iHunt and others. Altus Brands, LLC is located at 683 Sullivan Road, Grawn, Michigan 49637.

For more information visit or call 800-891-3660

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Jim in Conroe

Maybe the next thing will be a remote control gun connected to the internet so you can hunt from your Lazy-Boy during commercial breaks while you watch football in your man cave.

Doesn’t anyone but me think that getting out and stalking game is part of the hunting experience?

godfrey daniel

Not all hunting and/or shooting is about stalking. Get off your high horse.