BLM Gets Locals More Involved in Public Land Management

Hunt hard and shoot straight.
Hunt hard and shoot straight.
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

WASHINGTON, D.C. -( The Bureau of Land Management, which is responsible for overseeing 245 million acres of the nation’s public lands, has issued its final ‘Planning 2.0’ rule that will update how the agency plans for land management in the West.

The most significant change is the establishment of three additional public input periods early in the planning process to increase transparency and allow for more robust public involvement.

Sportsmen and women are hopeful that these changes will increase public satisfaction in the land-use planning process and eventual management of public lands.

“Public lands are an asset to every American, and even though land-use planning has always been a public process, Planning 2.0 will allow people to weigh in early and often about the land-management decisions that impact the places they hunt and fish,” says Whit Fosburgh, president and CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. “It doesn’t matter if you live in central Montana or southern New Mexico, you will now benefit from having a better seat at the table when the BLM is considering how to manage your public lands, and that means more opportunities to sustain quality hunting and fishing.”

Because of this, support for Planning 2.0 has come from sportsmen, but also from community leaders in Colorado, Montana, and California counties where Planning 2.0 principles were road-tested.

“As an elected official representing a rural Western county, I believe the BLM’s revised planning efforts are helping us get ahead of the game, by increasing opportunities for public input and allowing all parties to roll up their sleeves and get involved before land management decisions are set in stone,” says Mike Brazell, a county commissioner in Park County, Colo. “This thorough pre-planning will help to better manage landscapes for all the ways they are used—whether it be for hunting, fishing, trailrunning, timber production, or energy development—and support our community’s ability to maintain a high quality of life and healthy local economy.”

Migratory wildlife will also benefit from better management and conservation in the new planning rule. Where there once was no specific mention of wildlife migration corridors in BLM planning documentation, now field offices must consider identifying and locating migration corridors early in the process of planning for land use.

That’s good news for big game animals and hunters.

“Migration corridors are a vital habitat component for big game like mule deer, elk, and pronghorn antelope in the West,” says Miles Moretti, president and CEO of the Mule Deer Foundation. “We’ve long seen the need for more formal recognition of these areas, where animals move, feed, and rest between seasonal ranges, and we’re confident that identifying these corridors early in the planning process will reduce conflicts, while yielding better experiences afield for sportsmen and women.”

More than 8,400 hunters and anglers have signed a petition and sent letters of support for better BLM land-management tools that prioritize public access, conserve and enhance habitat, and balance development with the needs of fish and wildlife.

More than 500 hunting and fishing businesses, sportsmen’s groups, and wildlife professionals have also backed the idea that BLM lands are “Sportsmen’s Country” and should be managed in ways that support sportsmen’s values, including habitat conservation and access.

Learn more about Planning 2.0 and the benefits to hunting, fishing, and wildlife.

Read the final rule in its entirety here.


About Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership:

Inspired by the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, the TRCP is a coalition of organizations and grassroots partners working together to preserve the traditions of hunting and fishing. Ensuring sportsmen’s access to quality fish and wildlife habitat safeguards the $646-billion contribution that sportsmen make to the American economy.

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The BLM is a CRIMINAL CORPORATION whose sole intent is to steal public and private lands from their rightful owners and hand it over to criminal politicians. Get the federal government OUT of state’s business!!!


The fact of the matter is that the Bureau of Land Management does not exist Constitutionally. There is no authority in the Constitution for FedGov to “manage land” let alone own land. Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution tells us what the FedGov may own. Nowhere is anything about “public lands.” The 10th Amendment tells us that if the States did not delegate something to the FedGov (which they created) then that something belongs to the States or to the people. BLM should be abolished. It does not matter if Congress created it, as they had no… Read more »


Don’t ‘google’ any organization that uses the letters BLM as an abbreviation for their name. If you’re researching ‘Big Lurch’ just use his name?

Elaine Cummings

The day that any of us “believe” that the BLM listens to citizens is the day that I will again offer, for sale, a gorgeous bridge in the borough of Brooklyn, NY. — “Trust and verify” would be more like it! However, I personally assure you that we cannot TRUST the BLM on many, if any, levels. Just take the Act of 1971 and BLM’s legal assignment, so many years ago, with regard to the ‘federally protected’ wild horses and burros of this nation. Today, BLM continues to be in dereliction of duty by virtue of that law. Yet, the… Read more »