Cam Edwards: Obama Pardons More Gun-Toting Criminals

Note: This article was originally posted on NRA Blog:

USA -( For a guy who says his biggest regret is not passing more gun control laws, President Barack Obama sure is pardoning a lot of criminals who’ve violated the gun laws already on the books. As the president took in the sun, sand and amazing golf available to him on his Hawaiian holiday vacation, he also took a moment to pardon or reduce the sentences of more than 200 federal inmates, many of them in federal prison for violating federal weapons laws.

This is nothing new for Obama, of course. Throughout the course of 2016, he has regularly pardoned individuals convicted of both drug and gun crimes. At the same time, Obama has repeatedly said that the biggest regret of his presidency was his failure to pass more federal gun laws. Was he hoping that if Congress passed more gun control laws, he’d be able to pardon even more people who had violated them? Does he really believe that people should go to prison for transferring a firearm without a background check or for possessing an AR-15, but drug traffickers who used a gun in the course of their criminal enterprises should receive a presidential “Get Out Of Jail Free” card?

This is a perfect example of the schizophrenic attitude towards gun laws and law enforcement in the upper echelons of Democratic leadership. They proclaim that sweeping new gun laws are desperately needed at the federal level, while insisting that the criminal justice system is inherently racist and biased against people of color. If you truly believe that injustices are being perpetrated against young black men in courts of law across the country, then why on earth would you want to put more laws on the books that you think are more likely to be used against young black men?

It’s almost like these anti-gun acolytes believe that violence can be stopped simply with the passage of gun control legislation. Enforcement has nothing to do with it, apparently. All that’s needed to “do something” is to just put the law on the books in the first place. Washington state’s “universal” background check law, for example, was supposedly a critical piece of legislation that would save countless Washingtonian lives. In almost two years on the books, the state has used the law to charge one single individual. Just one. Meanwhile, thousands of Washington residents are now breaking the law if they loan a firearm to a friend for deer season, or for plinking or self-defense. To the gun control crowd, this is victory. To the rest of us, this is madness.

While gun control advocates proclaim, “We need more laws!” gun owners are much more likely to say, “Enforce the laws on the books.” What do we mean by that? Well, to start, it means we make prosecuting those violent offenders in society our priority. Don’t continually allow them to plea bargain away their crimes. Don’t allow them to get away with a few months behind bars and time on probation for armed robberies or home invasions. Don’t pardon or commute their sentences while trying to make it harder for people to legally and lawfully possess firearms. Focus on the individuals in society who are actually causing the problems, instead of treating the right to keep and bear arms as a criminal act. Do that, and hopefully 2016’s crime spike will be a one-year blip instead of the start of a new trend.

Cam Edwards is the host of Cam & Co on NRATV. Prior to joining NRA News, Edwards worked in television in Arkansas and was an acclaimed reporter, producer and host at a radio station in Oklahoma. Now into his second decade at Cam & Co, Edwards has cultivated a loyal legion of viewers who enjoy his analysis of firearm issues.

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Gregory Romeu

26 and a wake-up. B*TCH!


I wonder what KINDS of gun laws these pardoned felons broke? I do know that to possess any quantity of marijuna is a federal crime. If caught, and you “happen” to have your otherwise legally concealed handgun on your person, there is a new crime, “armed whilst in possession of pot”, a federal felony. If he’s pardoning THESE types of crimes, he does right. The simple possession of an otherwise lawfully possessed gun when you happen to have a bag of weed in your monkeybox is NOT a crime worthy of incarceration. I happen to know a chap who, at… Read more »

Ron H

Dealing drugs out of his car? Sounds really legit. Too bad they didn’t lock him up. Marijuana may be ok in some states, but it is still a dangerous drug. Only states that are overrun with libturds have allowed medical mj.


Ron you are full of crap as it is well proven the cannabis has many medical uses, you have sucked down the global sinker and are part of the problem, you believe government lies and then spue them out as if fact…. do a little study for that closed error filled mind of yours mr nixon….

Ron H

@TRUTH BE TOLD, I am not interested what some pot head with a degree says. I spent 25 yrs in LE and witnessed first hand in my professional and personal life what addiction does to a person. I lost an older brother who got hooked on MJ during Vietnam era. He died several years back from drug use. I have a brother in law who doesn’t have a job because he is always high from smoking MJ. My mind and eyes are wide open what the use of marijuana does. Time has caught up to my body and I suffer… Read more »

Jeremy Davis

It’s a state matter. The federal government has no Constitutional authority to make any drug illegal. The Constitution is very specific about that. That is why it took an amendment to make alcohol illegal. If you are a police officer, then you should read both, the Constitution and the Federalist Papers (justification and legal arguments supporting the Constitution), since you did swear to support and defend it. And do yourself a favor, and don’t do like so many people do with their bibles, and try to make it say what you want (or thought) it does (did). States do have… Read more »

BillyBob Texas

Were ANY of these White? OBAMA! has shown his own RACIST intentions over and over and over again. What % of these people were Black / White?

And they call us racists…. #$%^&^%$#$%^&


Believe me, you haven’t heard the last of either of them. They will be spewing their anger at white America long after Jan. 20th.The dork has already promised that. He is so stupid that he thinks he is smart.

Jeremy Davis

What they’re saying is Obama finally did something right. The federal government has no Constitutional authority to regulate weapons or drugs. If you want to argue, read the 2nd, 9th, and 10th Amendments. Then look back to how it took a Constitutional Amendment to make alcohol illegal.


Back in the late ’70s, outgoing Tennessee governor Ray Blanton pardoned a LOT of criminals – in fact, he was pardoning SO many bad guys during his last days in office, other officials found that the law allowed them to swear in his successor early – so they did – in order to stop Blanton’s pardoning binge. (See the music video at ) There’s some debate as to whether the pardons were the result of bribes or were just Blanton’s way of giving the finger to Tennessee on his way out . . . I have to wonder if… Read more »

Street Survivor

AIM’s Leonard Pelletier needs to be pardoned.

Ron H

I did not vote for the Obamanation, but he was elected by, I believed, living U.S. citizens. Give him a chance to do the job. He never did do the job as POTUS. He was an international bootlicking ass kisser who sold out our country. My hopes are that Barry and Michael leave the U.S. during Trump’s Inauguration. Instead, they will be staying in D.C. to be a thorn in the side to Trump’s presidency.

Thom Paine

They are no longer “my fellow citizens” in my book .Because it’s high time they realize it too.

Roy D.

The sad thing is he was elected to office twice by your fellow citizens.

The Mechanic

“fellow citizens” or voter fraud?


“Fellow citizens” who are ether Entitlementarians living on the federal dole, or dead voters, or illegal w3tbacks and IslamoTangos hauled into the US under cover of dark by the Marxist Muslim Mullah in OUR White House. No matter how you interpret the votes, these are all fraudulent. THAT is how he was “elected.”

The Mechanic

We can’t get rid of this POtuS soon enough!


Remember that Bamba boy said that no black person will be prosecuted while he is in office, well during Bamba boys time in office the number of thugs getting put behind bars has gone way down while the number of crimes they commit has gone up.


The liberals in general and the likes of Obama and his ilk are very underhanded. If you want a public outcry against guns so you can enact your laws to restrict or eliminate guns, what better way to do that than put hundreds of gun law breakers back on the street. Or, never prosecute them in the first place (enforcement of federal gun laws has been the lowest ever during the 2 terms of Obama). This underhanded tactic puts innocent lives in jeopardy. The American public is less safe by doing this, but it puts the liberal agenda of gun… Read more »


Obama is without a doubt the worst President in History. He is so fearful that his legacy will be ruined. Well Barry it will be. January 20, 2017 you can do no more harm to this great nation. As for Michelle, with no class what so ever, states that living in the white house is like living in a cave. Well a cave is where you both belong….that’s my freedom of speech! Michelle says “it will be nice to open up the paper, look at the front page, and know that you’re not responsible for every headline.” .I guess that… Read more »


Is there ANUTHING that Bathhouse Barry, the IslamoMarxist catamite currently in occupation of our White House, won’t do to destroy America? The Italians took care of Mussolini; the Chileans of Allende; the Romanians of Ceausescu. Maybe Mullah Hussein deserves to be arrested, tried, sentenced and ____________ for his crimes of treason and sedition.

Arizona Don

There is only one reason for this government, or any government for that matter, to wish to legislate guns out of existence, tyranny. Total control over the people. Taking the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens makes laws harder to enforce not easier. It also creates an environment more conducive to allowing crime. The history of the 20th century gives us millions of reasons to not allow government to register or confiscate our guns. Somewhere between 170 million and 250 million reasons. That is the number of innocence citizens murdered by their own government in the bloodiest… Read more »