Case Twin Finn Leather Hunter Knife Review – A Knife for a Lifetime ~ VIDEO

By Mike Fernald

Turkey Hill Outdoors
Turkey Hill Outdoors

New York – -(  W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company is an American manufacturer of premium, hand-crafted knives based in Bradford Pennsylvania.

They’ve been around since 1889, and continue to be a household name in great quality products which have been, and continue to be passed down for generations. Case is the home of the largest know knife collecting association in the world, with 19,000 active members. As hunters, our knives are often a direct reflection of our passion and commitment to the game we pursue.

Case Twin Finn Leather Hunter Knife

Case Twin Finn Leather Hunter Knife Review
Case Twin Finn Leather Hunter Knife Review :

Through this past fall, I’ve been carrying and using both The Case Twin Finn Leather Hunter set of knives, as well as the Lightweight Orange Hunter with their swept skinner blade. The Twin Finn set are the knives I’ve had on my hip, in my pack, and in my blind bag all fall. And so far everything is holding up extremely well, and I have in no means been “careful” with my treatment of them. This set includes both the larger and smaller knives, which is for great all around versatility, especially for the hunter who may be in different situations chasing different types of game throughout the year.

The blades are made from Case’s Tru-Sharp surgical steel, which is polished and sharpened to perfection right from the factory.
The sense of quality from just having the knives in hand is a reassurance of the eminence and craftsmanship built into their products. There is no flimsiness whatsoever in the blades, and the leather handles are each assembled and finished completely by hand. Which is a touch of true craftsmanship that you just don’t see as often anymore. I’ve been very pleased with the leather sheath that holds both knives, and have had no issue with retention or securability.

Case Cutlery Lightweight Orange Skinner Hunting Knife

Case Cutlery Lightweight Orange Skinner Hunting Knife
Case Cutlery Lightweight Orange Skinner Hunting Knife :

The Lightweight Orange Hunter with the swept skinner blade is also a great choice for any hunting application. The main difference being the handle material. This textured rubbery synthetic grip is a must have in any sort of situation where your hands could be wet or dirty and a sure grip is most important. These knives are tough to the core, and can handle just about anything you throw at them. Depending on your preference in materials, this could be a great addition to your pack for a survival or back-up knife.

These knives have completely processed two deer, dozens of ducks and geese, and even filleted a steelhead in a pinch when we were up north fly fishing on the Salmon River this year. I have yet to touch any of them to a stone, and the blades still look and feel brand new. Case is a name associated with quality, and I can’t begin to tell you how much recognition they got when someone noticed them on my hip.

There was a common theme that developed where any situation that arose where a knife was needed, was quickly turned into “hey Mike, let me use your Case… I need a real knife.” To me that says it all.

So, if I were going to recommend just a great all around hunting knife. These would be it. They’re made in America, they’re made by hand, and they’re made to last. You can’t ask for much more than that.

About Mike Fernald & Turkey Hill Outdoors:

Turkey Hill Outdoors, LLC is an organization devoted to sharing our experiences and love for the outdoors and conservation, through video production and photography. We are devoted to telling the stories and sharing the experiences that make the great outdoors truly so great.

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Janet Harper

I’m a Life Member of Case Collector’s Club. I have a nice Collection of Case Knives so far. I don’t have the twin Blade Knife set, but I have always wanted one.


I use case for just about everything when camping.
Great knives.

Dennis K Paul

I am alive member of case colleticors club they make strong and beautiful Knife in Pennsylvania you will not be disappointed I have over 60 of them they also make a Ruger Knife that is had to find .


I bought a Case hunting knife similar to the one in the first pic and I still have it and still as sharp as a razor.