Classic 1911s Compete on Shooting USA

Classic 1911s compete at the USPSA Single Stack Nationals in Illinois.
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

USA – ( – It’s classic pistol competition as Colonel Jeff Cooper first created the combat sport. More than 400 USPSA members compete in Barry, Illinois with single-stack 1911’s, in the biggest championship competition of the year, the Single Stack Nationals. We break down the action as the top men and women compete for the National Championship Titles.

Plus, the history behind the John Browning 1911 Government Model. The famous sidearm with a treasured past is clearly one of History’s Guns.

And the little known museum in Alabama with nearly 8,000 weapons collected by an American spy in World War Two. We go inside the Berman Museum and inside the vault in Anniston. Tune in Wednesdays to Outdoor Channel!

Tune in Wednesday to Outdoor Channel!


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We go inside the little-known Berman Museum in Alabama with 8,000 weapons collected by an American spy.


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4 years ago

I love my SIG 1911 period, but I remember my drill instructor in boot camp saying; If it comes down to u haveing just that .45 & a gook. Throw it at him and hope u hit him & RUN !!! Those 1911’s were SOOOOO woren out they sounded like loose change!!! They pretty much had to change and went where the price was right!!! End of story

Lloyd Dumas
Lloyd Dumas
4 years ago

If I had to pick just one semi-auto pistol for all my needs it would be the 1911 hands down. Never knew why the military replaced it with the 9mms after such successful and dependability the 1911 had served them. I am sure no one care to argue the excellent achievements of it’s designer the great John Moses Browning. We still enjoy many guns from his artful creations and many are still serving us well. Just my opinion but the 1911 is the best of best of the beast. I advise all that enjoy shooting and want a reliable simple… Read more »

Fernando hernandez
Fernando hernandez
4 years ago
Reply to  Lloyd Dumas

I loved them too, if they were not military issue; but in 1968 the 1911s being issued were so worn that the barrels jiggled around, I thought mine was an original WWI weapon and no new guns were forthcoming. Many of my Marine Buddies requiring sidearms for their MOS bought their own guns to take into Vietnam.