Concealed Carry Holder Kills Robber After Being Pistol Whipped

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Concealed Carry Holder Kills Robber After Being Pistol Whipped
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( A Follow Up story: in Doylestown, Pennsylvania reported by Bucks Local According to the District Attorney, back on 11-15 2016, at about 9:50 p.m. two men entered the pizzeria brandishing what appeared to be handguns, wearing dark clothing, surgical gloves and bandannas over their faces.

They pointed their weapons at the faces of the store owner and the customer who had arrived a few minutes earlier, and ordered them to “give us all your s**t.”

One of the suspects had ordered the customer down to the floor and then pistol-whipped him in the temple. The customer dropped down to one knee. When the armed suspect looked away for a moment, the customer pulled out a 45 caliber handgun and shot the man who had pistol-whipped him, killing him.

He then fired two shots at the second robber striking him in the throat, causing him to fall in the doorway. The customer then trained his weapon on the robbers until police arrived.

Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub announced that his office would not be pressing charges against the 35-year-old man who he described as a life-long law-abiding citizen and a business owner who carried a concealed gun solely for his own protection.

“He was the victim of a heinous crime, more than just merely a robbery with a handgun pointed in his face,” said Weintraub. “He was pistol-whipped. And he used his gun only to the extent that he needed to in order to save his own life and that of the intended victim, the pizza shop owner.”

The robbers were identified as Bucks County locals. The deceased one was 24 and the wounded guy was his 22 year old brother. Security video inside the pizzeria caught the attempted robbery, the pistol-whipping and the subsequent shooting.

The D.A. added “There will be no charges for the shooter today, but we could have charged him with a gun violation.” (The man’s permit to carry a concealed handgun had expired).


This was another case wherein the robber’s guns turned out to be airsoft fakes. Of course it’s still a good self-defense and defense of other shooting. If the opponent indicates he has a weapon, you are allowed to believe him.

How nice of the D.A. to choose not to prosecute the shooter for the expired carry permit while saving his own life!

That being said, until Constitutional Carry is the law everywhere, keep your government permission slip current when using your Second Amendment rights.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Here’s an interesting development published by Fox 29 about these guy’s mother and a girlfriend:
Police allege that Soto, 52, of Levittown, and Ramos, 25, of Bristol, entered the pizzeria minutes before the robbery to determine how many workers and customers were inside. Soto asked Porfirio’s co-owner what time the business would close, and the women then stepped outside, according to police.
I guess a family that robs together stays together, eh?


Bullsh*t story nice try he reacted that well under pressure he an ex Delta guy?