Dana Loesch Responds To Anti-Gun Levi’s With #DontDie4Denim


USA – -(Ammoland.com)-Dana Loesch urges Second Amendment supporters-#DontDieForDenim! “I don’t want to die over a pair of jeans,” she says on the “total pansies” at Levi’s asking people to not carry guns in their stores, while not providing armed security for protection. Levi Strauss & Co. CEO Chip Bergh made the request in an open letter to customers on LinkedIn on Wednesday saying, “So, while we understand the heartfelt and strongly-held opinions on both sides of the gun debate, it is with the safety and security of our employees and customers in mind that we respectfully ask people not to bring firearms into our stores, offices or facilities, even in states where it’s permitted by law.”

Dana also urges advocates to use Yelp to demand businesses allow Americans their right to exercise Second Amendment freedoms to protect and defend themselves, and make them think twice about taking on Second Amendment practitioners again! Watch Dana on “NRATV Live” with Grant Stinchfield weekdays at 11 CT/12 ET on NRATV.com.

Watch a clip of the interview above and let @Levi’s know why you #DontDie4Denim.

Dana Loesch appears on “NRATV Live” with Host Grant Stinchfield weekdays at 11 CT/12 ET. NRATV is a revolutionary network, broadcast in streaming HD 24 hours a day, featuring live news updates and interviews at the top of each hour, as well as 23 original series with episodes you can watch on demand 24/7. NRATV offers the most comprehensive video coverage of news, lifestyle shows, historic speeches, commentary and live broadcasts on the issues of freedom that matter most and is available on Apple TV, Roku, Google Chrome Cast, Amazon Fire TV and at NRATV.com.

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WRANGLERS. I will wear my Wrangler jeans while driving my Jeep Wrangler with Goodyear Wrangler tires, but my gun will be Smith and Wesson.


I like Levis and used to buy them. Not any more. I’ll be buying my denim jacket (concealed carry, of course) from the NRA store. I think they allow guns there.


I too switched from Levi’s to another brand yrs ago when they moved production out of the U.S. Closing a plant in my home town. I’ve not purchased a Levi product since and with this news I know I’ve made the right decision!mif they wish to earn my business they must become an American company again with American values ,not these ill thought out anti Gunrights idiocys. I wear only wranglers FYI.any old Levi’s laying around were sold off to the Japanese buyers.


I have also gone to Wranglers. I gave up Levis when they stopped manufacture in the US. I don’t know why the suits feel they should spout their political views when they would be better off keeping their mouths shut.

Don Lawlis

Any business can say anything they wish. If they attempt to subvert a God-Given right as listed in the bill of rights it is a violation of the constitution which I will ABSOLUTELY IGNORE. They can go pound sand. It would be the same for them to say you must check your freedom of speech or belief in God at the door. They can’t do that. I will continue to carry anywhere the second amendment tells me I can, which is everywhere. I don’t need their permission…


I’ll never buy Levis again. I’ll go with Wrangler instead.


Linda Tipton

Love you Dana! You are awesome!


hope they move all operations to chicago,than they wont have to worry about getting shot


I used to buy the Levi 501 button down jeans till they made them so thin that they no longer withstood the rigors of working outdoors. I have not bought Levis brand in years and now with the Anti-Gun stupidity of the CEO being exposed I will not be buying Levis in the future

Stephen C. Gregory

I give up. My thumbs don’t work…

Stephen C. Gregory

I apologize for the misspellings in my preious e-mail. Shpould have edited before posting: I wear Wranglers, so I have nothing to contribute except to make this alternative protest suggestion: Instead of just destroying/burning/throwing away your Levi items, make a real statement and tie up their headquarter’s resources. Cut one leg off of pants, one sleeve off of shirts, then package them neatly and mail them to their headquarters office addressed to the president and CEO. Include a tersely worded, but not profane, letter expressing your distaste with their lack of concern for your ability to provide for your own… Read more »

Stephen C. Gregory

I wear Wranglers, so I have nothing to contribute except to make this alternative protest suggestion: Instead of just destroying/burning/throwing away your Levi items, make a real statement and tie up their headquarters resources. Cut one leg off of pants, one sleever off of shirts, then package them neatly and mail the to their headquarters office addressed to the president and CEO. Include a tersely worded, but not profane, letter expressing your distaste with their lack of concern for your ability to provide for your own safety, and for their arrempt to turn their stores into gun-free targets of opportunity… Read more »


Wranglers, is all I wear. Much better cut for mature men. Levi’s are only hurting themselves seeing where they came from in the beginning.
Sad when a company like this wants to play politics instead of the business they are in. Bye Levi’s Bye.!

Gene Ralno

I wore Levis from the time my mother dressed me back in the ’40s until the new boy took over and transformed the company into a political voice. I remember when they were first Sanforized and I endured a pair two sizes too big. I even put up with them when they enlarged the butt for the younger, fatter customer. But no more. As I recall, the first political statement was in support of gun control. I never wore Levis again. Levi Strauss has moved on to the more noble notion of globalization, seeming to have forgotten it was America’s… Read more »


Levi Strauss showed up in California to make a killing supplying tents for the Gold Rush crazies. Business was poor, and, as I understand it, he began making tough work britches with leftovers and scraps from his tents no one was buying. The denim work clothes withstood the rigours of the mining fields and he eventually realised THAT is where he needed to focus. Wise man, he. Todays company forget their origins, and their real market. I’ve not bought them since they sent to $40 the pair, particularly as the material used for the front pockets was too flimsy and… Read more »


Wranglers for me from now on, Levi can KMA.


CCW means just that. A gun free zone is not gun free for me, I carry anyway I refuse to be a target of opportunity for a Islamic radical, a mugger, or some lunatic .. If I know that the management is anti gun I don’t shop there anyway.

Pistol Pete

Does Levi not know that gun free zones are an open invitation for a shooter or terrorist. In the last 30 years all but one of the mass shootings have been in gun free zones. What an idiot!
Levis and there store no more.


Levi Strauss & Co, have been anti-gun with their $$ for years. That coupled with the end of domestic production was that last time I patronized the company.

Ross Campbell

I love the way anybody can change the constitution. Don’t forget to read the label. MADE WERE.? My answer,a deplorablessing finger to you, levied corp.

Larry Brickey

They’re overpriced anyway. Wranglers, Dickies, etc. just as good.


I have not purchased Levi’s since an American made pair became extinct. That said, I will carry anywhere it is legal to do so. Period.


If you wish to take this argument one step further, take a look at the below website where Levi lists their factories. 8 pages of listings around the world, and only 10 factories in the USA, mostly along the border. Here is the link: http://www.levistrauss.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Levi-Strauss-Co-Factory-List-September-2016.pdf Their mission statement also speaks volumes about globalization: “We want our products to be part of a sustainable global movement. That’s why the factories that make our clothes must adhere to our Terms of Engagement. These Terms define labor, health, safety and environmental guidelines to help ensure the safety of apparel workers and communities in… Read more »


http://friendorfoe.us is a site where they have a nationwide database on businesses that allow/don’t allow carry. Use it, please. The more who do the more accurate it will be.

Wild Bill

@Shae, Thank you. On my way.


Any time you find a business that welcomes, or forbids it’s customers from their rights, please post it on the friend or foe website. It tracks businesses that allow/don’t allow gun carry. It is all over the nation.


simple answer…..

Request DENIED.


i find it interesting how law abiding citizens never commit crimes, it seems its always the violent people that break laws, does anyone want to prove me wrong?


I require my pistol with me when buying pants, as I carry IWB.
Also, I require my pistol with me. Period.

Edward Allen

I would love to have the NRA or NGOA start posting a list of anti gun business. That way, we would be able to be smart about where we shop.

I don’t buy at StarBucks or buy Levi’s.

How many other business don’t want my money?

Wild Bill

Edward A. That is a great idea. I just heard in conversation that Costco’s management is actively anti-Second Amendment Civil Rights, but I don’t know if it is true. A verified list of anti-Second Amendments Civil Rights would be most helpful. I suppose they do not ALLOW us our First Amendment Civil Rights or our Sixth Amendment Civil Rights on their property, either!


Try the fiend or foe website. Google it. It’s a nationwide database of businesses and government agencies and how they feel about your rights, good or bad.


Costco have a clearly expressed policy against carry on their properties, but in my state, and my neighbouring states, in order for their “wishes” to have an force at all, they MUST post specific standardised signs within a specified distance of ALL entrances…. I’ve never seen one of these at any Costco. Even if they DID finally figure out they are not complaint with state law, I’ll continue to be armed when I go there. Worst case scenario, if I’m ever “made” they can only demand that I remove the firearm from their premises. I am free to return without… Read more »


I have always carried in Costco. No signs prohibiting the same. Some business have found a third alternative putting “no gun” signs “unless you have a permit.” So I am ok there too. I think that’s a way they they can pander to the left without restricting our 2A rights.

Ralph Fecteau

Shaw’s is another place not to do business with they do not allow there employees to carry

Bob Lombard

Shaws is the only supermarket in town. The employees can yell if they need me.


Do a web search for “anti gun business list”.
Do use Duck Duck Go or Startpage.com, they do not track your searches.

Sam Samules

Facebook has a site that shows what business’s have the signs


I stopped buying Levi’s years ago when they moved their production down to Mexico.


I’m sorry, but a “NO WEAPONS” sign is not much protection, in fact it is a invite for someone to do harm. I do have 2-3 pairs of levi’s and a couple of shirts. I also have an outside burn pit!!!


I cancelled my membership to Planet Fitness because they do not allow firearms on their property. I really don’t give a crap if I ever own another pair of Levi’s it if I do, I will have my gun on me when I walk in their store.


I wrote Levi of my discontent. They conveniently made their “contact us” out of order so I had to use the “chat” function to voice my disapproval. Of course the liberal dance and what would you need of a weapon in our stores argument I too believe “Carhart” to be a much better product usually at a cheaper price.


So, following Levi’s example, one bad zipper or seam means we don’t buy their product ever again? That’s just plain stupid…and the other jeans companies are GLAD to have the business that Levi’s has insulted.

robert wilson

A business that doesn’t allow CCW in their business, I believe, take on the responsibility for protection of their employees and shoppers in their store. This means if I get shot by say a robber or former employee the store–company is responsible and liable for not protecting me. The store denied me the means to protect myself so they must do that. I do not purchase at a business that does not allow CCW in their business.


Haven’t bought their over priced product in years. But I would encourage anyone that doesn’t agree with Levi’s to vote with their wallets and go elsewhere. Stick to jeans and keep the hell out of politics.

Dr. Strangelove

I’d boycott Levi, but I’ve been wearing Carhartt for many years now. It’s a much better product and so far I haven’t heard any negative political speech from them.

Jon Webber

Me too! The pockets fall out of Levy’s jeans! Love Carhartt! Love 2nd Amendment Right s! Thank you George W!

Rich Harvey

The only issue I’m aware of with Carhartt is they’ve moved production to Mexico from job sites in the continental United States… another job loss to outside our borders.

Jim Peoble

I am responding with the fact that I will never buy Levi products again, much less going into one on their stores. I only hope that enough people will do the same and let Levi know that their policy is not sufficient.
Jim Peoble

Rick Scheiba

I haven’t bought “Levi’s” in years also. and didn’t know there was Levi Store. So my boycott won’t do much good, but I can, and will ,pass the word


It’s not a boycott if you never bought Levi products anyway.