Five Day Comment Period Opens on Proposed Magazine Regulations

Loaded Clip
Loaded Clip
NRA - Institute for Legislative Action
NRA – Institute for Legislative Action

USA -( Yesterday, the California Department of Justice (DOJ) opened the five day comment period for the “emergency” regulations relating to magazine capacity.

Public comments must be submitted by 5 p.m. on December 28, 2016.

The NRA and CRPA’s team of attorneys have reviewed the proposed regulations and crafted a detailed analysis.

We encourage NRA members, gun owners, and Second Amendment supporters to review the analysis and to participate in the rulemaking process by submitting comments during this 5-day period.

You can take action now by clicking here or on our TAKE ACTION link here.

Continue to check your email and the website for updates.

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Fishing for negative comments and IP addresses. The Kalifornia Kommies have to know where to send their door breaking STORM TROOPERS…


Rock – Send them to Missouri and we will show them what a free people live like!! LOL


when is California gonna realize the gun owners in the state are going to tell the state to screw off!!!!!


They better hurry, they are a dying bread in CA!


Is Cali going to buck up for those with thousands of dollars worth of mags some 40 years old never used. No they want you to give them up for free or sell to another state at a loss.
No right to your property in CA , look at your property tax , sharecropper.


I agree with John. The sooner California leaves the Union the better. Along with New York, Massachusetts and the City of Philadelphia !


Why wait? They made up their minds (or whatever sits in their skull) long before they ever passed the bill!


This was posted on December 26, but comments must be submitted by December 28?


Anyone notice the loaded clip in the picture is actually a magazine? California is going to leave the US. Hope it is soon and good riddance.

Bob D

and “clip” from Ammoland while showing a magazine? Holy Crap! Good eyes, John.

Gene Ralno

I noticed it and said to myself, nobody’s perfect. Besides I know many skilled shooters who use the term “clip” interchangeably with “magazine” because with only one syllable, it’s easier to say. We’re all grown up and know what’s meant and perhaps the dictionary should be changed. Closer to the point, I’d opine that clip size (aka magazine capacity) doesn’t increase the likelihood of injury by firearm any more than a bigger gas tank increases the likelihood of injury by vehicle. Logically, the bigger the clip, the better the self defense. And the bigger the gas tank, the better are… Read more »


If you pay attention to detail it only takes one round. First in the magazine or last. Precision and practice lead to accuracy. My .50 BMG is single shot.


Guy I used to shoot with said there are three thing to good shooting!
Shot placement
Shot placement
Shot placement

Wild Bill

@Maco and Ammoland, that comment brings to mind a really good article solicit from the readers “What is the best shooting advice that you ever got?” the advice could entail anything from shooting accurately to safety to purchase or sale. I will start, even though this article has nothing to do with shooting advice. “Wait on the gun. The gun goes off when the gun wants to go off. Don’t force it, just let it happen.”


It”s a Clipazine! 🙂

James Peterson

Sounds like they are only doing this to fill the squares and do what they want. But you notice when they set the time for comments? Time is during the holidays when people are busy with family, out of town or have other commitments. This is just a way to let the people think they are doing something when its a wasted effort. Cailfornia is a state of double standards, one set of laws for the people and another for the law makers