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(Video) Trick Shots: Promatic Trap Edition | the Gould Brothers
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Gould Brothers
Gould Brothers

USA –-( It started out as a simple thought about the good ole days in which exhibition shooters such as Annie Oakley, the Toepperwein’s and Herb Parsons would shoot objects off people’s heads, out of their mouths, or off their chest.

Then the thought quickly turned into, “What if I used a Promatic Trap machine to snipe a clan off Aaron’s head?” That would be awesome!

I was so excited about my idea and I had to tell Aaron. For some odd reason, he was less than excited about the idea. Go figure.?.? I don’t remember exactly what he said but it was something about a clay flying 50 mph busting up his face. He said he would hold a can in his hand and I could try to snipe it off his hand. I said that just wouldn’t do, it had to be a head shot.

I knew that if I pulled out a Promatic Trap Machine and showed him how accurate I could be he would let me do it, so that’s exactly what I did.

And I was right! After some practice shots and fine tuning the setup, Aaron agreed to do the shot…with a helmet on. Needless to say, I was stoked!

While we were at it, we decided to make our next trick shooting video the Promatic Trap Edition. Once we have a new video idea we come up with a series of shot ideas and there was no shortage of ideas for this one. However, ideas on paper are one thing, pulling them off is another.

When the we got on site to film the winds were gusting 25-30 mph, not the best conditions to attempt to pull of precision shots with trap machines. A smart person would have turned around and waited for a calmer day, but not us. We were too excited to put a hold on the shoot.

We opened the day with the basketball hoop shot and after a few tries we were really starting to second guess our decision to shoot the video with the windy conditions. One shot would hit the backboard and the next would be off by more than fifteen feet. How could we ever get dialed in with such consistency? But, a few shots later sticking with it paid off when the clay swished through the net. Yes!!!!

Now on to the next shot, shooting another clay out of the air with a clay from a Promatic Trap.

I don’t know how hard that sounds to you, but I guarantee it is harder than you think. When I told our camera guy about the shot he laughed at me. I love when that happens, it just motivates me to prove him wrong. However, this shot was proving to be way more challenging than I anticipated. We never like to give up on a shot but we only had one day to get this video shot and we couldn’t spend half the day on this shot. I told the guys, as soon as this machine was empty, I would give it up and we could move on. As the clays dwindled I began to lose hope. Every try I was getting closer and closer, but the carrousel of clays was quickly running out. Then smack! I couldn’t believe it, I had all but given up! I didn’t even know what to do I was so excited that I threw my hat in the air and jokingly said, “and on the first shot”.

So how many attempts did it really take? More than the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, I can tell you that much.

Most of the other shots went smooth. Aaron smoked the clay at 100 yards on the first shot and he escaped the Promatic Trust shot without any bodily damage. Not sure why he was so worried in the first place. It may have been a bit breezy that day, but with perseverance and a long day of filming, we got it done!

A special thanks to Promatic for helping us pull this video off. We had such a blast using the Promatic Traps to shoot this video and we hope you enjoyed watching. If you are interested in the gear we used in this video check out the info below.

About the Gould Brothers

We’re just two brothers that have taken our passion for trick shooting, dreamed big and pulled the trigger to turn our passion into a career. We specialize in performing one of a kind live exhibition shows across the country and producing crazy trick shooting videos. Visit for more fun.

Gould Brothers Trick Shots: Promatic Trap Edition
Gould Brothers Trick Shots: Promatic Trap Edition