Grocery Clerk Shoots Machete-Wielding Man

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Grocery Clerk Shoots Machete-Wielding Man
Grocery Clerk Shoots Machete-Wielding Man
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The Herald Democrat reports 11-17-16 in Sherman, Texas local police received a call about a disturbance Wednesday night from a clerk at Whitney’s, a grocery store on Odneal Street. The call came at 9:23 p.m.

According to a statement from the SPD, the store clerk told dispatchers that he had just been attacked in the parking lot by a person known to him. The suspect had chased the victim with a machete.

The clerk said he shot at the suspect. The suspect was last seen running on foot in the alley behind the store. A few minutes later a call was received from a nearby apartment resident requesting an ambulance for a male who had been shot.

The suspect did have a gunshot wound to his upper torso. He was transported by air ambulance to Presbyterian Hospital in Plano where he remains in the Intensive Care Unit in stable condition.

According to the clerk, the attack stems from an incident earlier in the evening. The suspect came into the store and refused to leave. The clerk physically removed the suspect from the store. The suspect threatened to return.

The clerk told police that he later went out to his car preparing to close the store and same person walked up yelling. The clerk told police he saw the suspect pulling something from his waist band. Fearing the suspect had a gun, the clerk ran toward the alley behind the store.

The suspect chased the victim with a machete. As the clerk was running away, he was able to pull his gun and shoot at the suspect. The clerk then returned to the store and called police.

The police report said evidence from the scene was collected that supports clerk’s explanation of what happened. Charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon will be filed on the suspect. No arrest was made due to the medical condition of the suspect. The investigation is still ongoing.


Being armed saves the clerk’s life! One of the common dangers in business is a disgruntled customer or armed robber waiting for you outside. It is always wise to be armed and ready just in case. Get whatever government “permission slip” is required and carry your firearm.

If you expect trouble from an “I’ll be back” comment try to have police around at closing. If that’s not an option, have employees exit as a group. More witnesses = less danger.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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I live in IDAHO, a town Marsing had a store robbery two years ago..THE store employ was shot and the thief ,murders
have never been caught. More late open stores should train employs gun use two many people die working this way.
There is a very large reward for info on this crime and who did this!!!

Jim Macklin

The gun was decisive but a good tactical flashlight would be great to have. A 300-600 lumen steady or strobe to identify the perps weapon and blind him can be a lifesaver. Might even make the shooting unnecessary or more accurate.

The Maglight MAG-TAC isn’t too expensive and works great/

Nomen Ignotus

Reminds me of Indiana Jones and a mohammedan with a scimitar 🙂



Former L.E.O.

Let’s break this down, the bad guy didn’t bring in the machete to slice meat for a sandwich, nor did he call 911 and tell them of his intentions, and the clerk has no idea this day was going to turn out like this. So let’s look at the options: (1.) the Cops are NOT on their way, (2.) Bad guy probably ate before he came to the store. (3.) The clerk had the common sense to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. (4.) Not one anti-gun liberal gave a damn if the clerk was going… Read more »


Never take a knife to a gunfight….


No matter how big the knife!

Whiskey For My Men Beer For My Horses

Damn shame he wasn’t killed. A ride to the morgue is a hell of a lot cheaper than a helicopter ride to the hospital. I do get a kick out of reading about machete/knife wielding bad guys getting shot by a gun.

Now I will see how long it takes for my comment to be posted.


I have said this untold numbers of times but here I go again, (SLUGS FOR THUGS,and the game goes on). The guy with the machete was a thug so he got what he needed, a hot slug, maybe next time he will think about things first. the thugs get what they usually need not what they want. So for now (SLUGS FOR THUGS, and this is a game that will go on)…..