Homeowner Shoots 2 Intruders, Kills Only 1

Bob Irwin highlights the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. Read them and see what went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from self defense with a gun.

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Homeowner Shoots 2 Intruders, Kills Only 1
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- MLive.com reports in Tawas City, Michigan 11-14-16 just after 8 p.m. troopers from the Michigan State Police West Branch Post responded to a home invasion complaint in the 800 block of Fir Street. They had been dispatched after a 911 call was placed about rifle shots and a man going door-to-door with a gun.

“The initial investigation revealed the subject who was going door to door was seeking help regarding a home invasion and robbery which had just occurred in his residence,” said Special 1st Lt. David Kaiser.

The 66-year-old resident was in his home when two men entered, both wearing masks and brandishing hunting knives. The intruders attempted to rob the resident but he managed to retrieve a rifle that was near a bedroom door. He subsequently shot them both.

One suspect, a 21-year-old Oscoda man, was dead and still wearing his mask when troopers arrived. The second suspect, a 29-year-old man also from Oscoda, received treatment for a gunshot wound on scene and was then flown to a Saginaw hospital. He is expected to survive.

The homeowner was not injured and is cooperating with investigators. He has not been arrested. It is unclear why the suspects targeted the homeowner, as there is no indication they knew each other.

Once the investigation is complete, it will be submitted to the County Prosecutor’s Office for review.


The elderly victim, apparently disoriented, is going door to door with his rifle in hand seeking help after 8 pm in the evening.

Lucky for him some neighbor didn’t shoot him without giving some warning. You never really know for sure who’s a bad guy and who’s a good guy if you were not there from the beginning.

The police are investigating as to why this home was chosen but I’ll take a guess that he was targeted because he was elderly and living alone. No witnesses around!

A good choice by the intended victim to keep a loaded rifle within his reach.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Greg Tag

For everyone – The common law standard requires the use of force be ” reasonable” under the circumstances. In Texas. PC 9.32 ,Defense of Persons, explicitly declares that use of deadly force is “reasonable” to resist the application of deadly force against you or to prevent “imminent commission” of aggravated kidnapping, murder, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated robbery. ( this list is sometimes referred to as the laundry list). It also states that it is reasonable to use deadly force against anyone who unlawfully and with force enters ir attempts to enter, or removes or attempts to… Read more »


NONE OF THE CRIMES LISTED APPLY BUT someone is coming at me trying to strike me with an ax or hammer or baseball bat or golf club, etc. or his fists? I’m 78 years old and CANNOT run away. Can I shoot him? Or am I required to die?


No doubt about it: You are attacked with deadly instruments, and you are a senior citizen. Justifiable use of deadly force. Case closed – but some creature from the Black lagoon will slither out of a law firm, hunt down the next-of-kin of the deceased criminal, and sue you in civil court. Gua-ran-damn-teed!


Me thinks 1811 has a 911 fetish….

Old 1811

I sort of do. Here’s why: When you call, 911, a number of things happen: 1. You are put on record as the victim. No one can say later that you acted illegally, then tried to cover it up. If you stay on the line to 911, the whole incident will be recorded. You’re covered legally. 2. It brings people who generally have more training and experience than you do at handling violent and irrational people. These people also have duties that you don’t (i.e., the duty to pursue and apprehend). Those duties carry with them a wider right to… Read more »

Ron H

“The 66-year-old resident”, “The elderly victim”? Your accompanying photograph says, “You might still have a fire in the furnace, but there is snow on the roof. Be careful what age you refer to as elderly.


Elderly victim ??? 60 is just getting started good with a little bit of experience in the rear view mirror, and often in better shape than some little precious ‘snowflake’ !


We note that the State of TX allows deadly force for protection of property after dark. The value of the property is immaterial – it can be a broken screwdriver or a greasy shop rag. He who steals from you steals the part of your life you spent acquiring/earning it. We lived there for 3 years, and I never saw such a peaceful, welcoming, and cordial place. Of course, I wasn’t breaking into peoples’ home with malicious intent either.


AS I have pointed out a great many times and I will do so again, (SLUGS FOR THUGS, and the game goes no) well this time the gent that got the two thugs did well he could have done better if he had stayed in his home. When thugs come calling the best thing we can do is to give them some hot slugs, either that will slow them down or put them on the ground. Again lets get this right (SLUGS FOR THUGS and the game goes on) where will it go next you just never know…


stay at home not knowing what happened to the two perps, which are stil alove, which are dead, which are working their way round to have another go at the geezer…… no, I’d say the smartest thing was exactly what he did. Ne’s likelky well known on sight and by voice to all his neighbours. Making them aware of what’s up, perhaps enlisting their help/protection….. where I live I’d do the same thing. I do wish the feller had had slightly better aim on the second one. But he’ll face a jury once his holes are healed up., And, being… Read more »


Tionico, it is comforting to expect that the surviving bandit may be charged with murder in the first degree, since, if ANYBODY (victim or accomplice) is killed during the commission of a felony, ALL accomplices are eligible for that charge. One can only hope.

Ron H

I am a retired LEO. My point of view is my pick up truck is worth more to me than the life of the scumbag who tries to steal it.


GOOD FOR HIM… Glad he was not hurt ! One less piece of crap on the streets.


1) What? It wasn’t “butcher knives,” as the LameStream EneMedia always characterize these cutting instruments? Who knew?
2) ONLY one bandit killed? In baseball. the old boy would have a .500 batting average. Not bad!


More like .750, he killed one and wounded the other.


A good bedtime story where the bad guys get it….. the guy who died got what he came for….
good job!

Old 1811

Where are all the keyboard commandos who are always telling how they’d automatically shoot anyone who came onto their property armed? Here’s a guy going on people’s front porches while armed with a rifle. Isn’t that fair game?

Bad Cyborg

Not if he is just knocking on doors or ringing doorbells. It is one thing to knock/ring to ask for help. It is quite another to have masked individuals carrying deadly weapons with a kill radius of over 20 feet break into someone’s home. In the former case there is no justification for use of deadly force. Merely possessing the ability and having an opportunity to do someone harm does not automatically place anyone in Jeopardy. Entering someone’s home with instruments of deadly force, while wearing a mask is a pretty clear indication they are there for some other reason… Read more »


No it is not fair game. If there is a possibility that deadly force is going to be employed, it must be determined very quickly, whether or not deadly force is appropriate. If yur wrong, well you could spend the rest of your life in prison.

Old 1811

I know that, of course, and I’ve said so many times, right here. I was referring to the many people who justify shooting property offenders by saying things like what I quoted above, and regularly call me names (my favorite is “libtard”) for saying exactly what Eaglenester said.
Damn, you people are fun to mess with.


And you are an idiot 1811 !


no, I’d say he’s spot on. I’ve seen people post right on Bob Irwin’s stories that as soon as an unknown person set foot in my yard I’d blast him to Kingdom Come. So, ol’ 1811 is right.


Actually, “libturd” is better.


If deadly force IS required and you are wrong you may not have a “reat of your life”.

Wild Bill

@!8!! , Under your standards, I would have to shoot everyone that came on my property. This is rural Texas. My hay baling crews all have guns. My rural mail handler might have a gun and is smart enough to keep her mouth shut. My ferrier carries a gun. My neighbor who sells Mary Kay door to door to help with the family income carries a gun. And we have no such problems. I see the County Sheriff’s deputy one a year about Thanksgiving or so. The last unruly person shot near here was in Santa Ana’s army. Don’t get… Read more »

Wild Bill

Again to !8!! I almost forgot to wish you and Gil a Merry Christmas.

Old 1811

Those aren’t my standards. If you’ve seen my comments on other articles here regarding shootings, I always point out that 1) it’s illegal to shoot at anyone unless there’s an immediate threat to human life; 2) you should always call 911 and, if possible, leave it to the people who have a duty to pursue and apprehend, and the qualified immunity that goes with that duty; 3) even in Texas, where it may be legal, depending on the circumstances, you should never shoot to protect property, and 4) breaking those rules could have a sad ending, i.e., 6- or 7-figure… Read more »


@Old 1811: “1) it’s illegal to shoot at anyone unless there’s an immediate threat to human life;”
A threat of great bodily harm!!! I would say 2 guys with knives breaking into my home is DEFINITELY A THREAT OF GREAT BODILY HARM!!!

Old 1811

I wasn’t talking about the homeowner who justifiably shot the home invaders. I was talking about the people whose doors the homeowner knocked on IN THE NIGHTTIME, WHILE ARMED. All of those homeowners did the right thing by calling 911 and letting the police handle the situation, but I was referring to the many posters here who love to say they would shoot any armed trespassers (which the home-invasion victim was).
You might want to reread my original post.


Wild Bill, this proves once again that an armed society IS a polite society. Remember the bloodbath that takes place at every NRA annual meeting? Neither do I.


they’ve shifted to the local county gun shows………


1811 this keyboard commados comment makes no sense really, the old guy simply didnt knock on enough doors to find one…. you act as if these people on ammoland where the ones who had this happen to them.and did nothing…. liberal reasoning I guess…..