ISRA Thursday Bulletin Update for December 15, 2016

John Kasich
John Kasich
Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

USA -( The Ohio State Legislature has passed and sent to Governor John Kasich an expanded concealed carry bill that would allow concealed carry on college campuses, as well as a few other places.

The enemies of concealed carry claim the expansion of concealed carry is unnecessary because Police Officer Alan Honijko was near enough to stop the recent terrorist attack on the Ohio State campus.

Of course, if the officer was around the block, the results would have been horrific. What about many of the Ohio college students who have already been murdered by thugs? There wasn’t a policeman there to save them. They never had a chance.

If Kasich signs the bill, the present students will at least have a chance.

President-Elect Donald Trump continues to confound the media and the talking heads with his cabinet picks. His choice for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, present CEO of Exxon Mobil, is being criticized for his friendship with Vladimir Putin, as well as other world leaders. Some Republicans, Democrats and the lame stream media are all jumping up and down and piling on.

The last two Secretaries of State were both political hacks and grifters. Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments for the benefit of the United States are exactly – um, well none.

She did do a great job in shaking down foreign governments for the benefit of the “Clinton Foundation” and personal enrichment. It is hard to overlook the thousands of people slaughtered in the Middle East, the thousands of foreigners crammed down our throats, and the Americans that have been murdered, but she was not a friend of Putin.

Then there is John Kerry. This cat wouldn’t be anywhere if he hadn’t married the widow, the heir to the A. J. Heinz fortune.

Kerry was in Vietnam and received three dubious Purple Hearts (you could go home after three Purple Hearts). He threw his United States Military medals in the Potomac River.

Recently, he received the Legion of Honor from France. I wonder if he will throw that medal in the river. It is a beautiful medal, maybe we should keep the medal and…….. Kerry’s record as Secretary of State equals Hillary’s.

John Kerry in not a friend of Putin’s either. Maybe it is time we try a new tactic, perhaps someone who at least knows Putin. The media portrays Tillerson as a friend of Putin.

I can tell you this: just because you know and deal with someone, does not mean they are your friend. You work together because you have to.

One of the interesting tidbits coming out of the election is the formation of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus. Congressman Thomas Massie (Kentucky) and a group of other conservatives want to propose and support good Second Amendment legislation, as well as aid President-Elect Trump in defending and promoting the rights of law abiding gun owners.

One of the bills they will be looking at is the National Reciprocity Bill for concealed carry. That bill is not quite ready to go yet because it does not have penalties for states who do not comply.

It will be interesting to see how many Illinois Congressmen join the Second Amendment caucus.

In the not so newsy news department, the Brady Campaign admits to partnering with Hollywood in promoting its anti-gun agenda. “Miss Sloan” is the latest unabashed chapter in their deceptive saga.

The opening weekend average for the movie was just $1167, per theater. That ranks as the 79th worst opening since 1982. I’m pretty sure they won’t get any of my money, or yours either.

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The Mechanic

Contact Governor Kasich in Support of Important Self-Defense Legislation!
Click link:

John Hauserman

I think Kerry’s record as Secretary of State is worse than Hillary’s, he signed the UN ATT.

Crotalus Maxximus

Kasich is a snake in the grass out for himself. He will veto the gun bills and allow babies to be murdered, born and unborn. Just to get a few votes from the left.