LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise – The Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Hunter

LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise
LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise
Locked On 360
LockedOn 360

USA -(Ammoland.com)- If you are trying to think of a gift for a hunter in your life this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with a LockedOn 360.

LockedOn 360 has a special running where you can save up to $59.00 off the retail price through the end of December.

The LockedOn 360 is a gun rest/vise that easily attaches to almost any tree stand or permanent blind.

The LockedOn 360 gives hunters the most secure shooting position available under real-world hunting conditions; providing hunters with a safe, steady rest that can rotate smoothly up, down or sideways to provide a shot at any angle.

It’s a great piece of gear that can improve success in the field and will last for years.

The LockedOn 360 has several unique characteristics that make it the best hunting gun vise on the market.

First, because it tightens securely on the forearm of the rifle, the LockedOn 360 holds the rifle by itself – the rifle points down range safely, leaving hunters hands-free until it’s time to make the shot. This not only improves safety, but on cold mornings makes for a more comfortable hunt.

Second, unlike most gun rests, the LockedOn 360 is compact, lightweight and extremely mobile. The vise portion detaches from the base, meaning that hunters with multiple stands can install bases in those stands, but only need one upper unit.

The vise is so compact and lightweight that moving it from one stand to the other is no more trouble than carrying binoculars from one stand to the next.

The bases can be attached to a wide variety of stand rails, from wood framed railings on box stands to metal shooting rails, or metal railings on ladder and tripod style stands.

Third, because the LockedOn 360 holds the rifle in place, felt recoil is dramatically reduced. This most dramatically aids new or young hunters along with persons with any physical disabilities or limitations.

A LockedOn 360 dramatically increases the chances a hunter will make a good, ethical shot in the field. Beginning hunters have more fun and are less likely to develop poor shooting habits if they use a LockedOn 360.

And, because recoil is reduced, the LockedOn 360 is a great platform to use for target practice. Young or even experienced hunters can practice longer without being worn out by recoil. Many people use them to sight in deer and turkey shotguns so they swap smiles vs. bruises and get a better pattern.

In addition to making target practice more fun, the LockedOn 360 makes a great platform for anyone who is sighting in a rifle. The same steady rest that allows for better shots in the field also makes sighting in fast and error-free.

These advantages come in a compact, sturdy package that will last for years. If you know someone who loves hunting, they’ll definitely love LockedOn 360.


LockedOn 360 Features:

  • Precision-machined for strength and durability
  • Smooth, quiet, multi-directional rotation
  • Vise holds firearm securely at all times
  • Locking knobs hold gun in place when not in use
  • Reduces recoil
  • Boosts accuracy
  • Use one Mobile Gun Vise with any number of bases
  • Bracket to put your GoPro or Garmin to self-film
  • Optional universal bar-bracket mount for and tree stands with a railing


To learn more, please visit their website.

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James Eget

This will help me to be able to hunt deer again. I had a stroke and left me with only my right arm that functions. Again to hunt what a blessing to go hunt wih my grandson. Here can I get one. Thanks agin