Missouri Peeper Shot in the Nuts by Armed Husband

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Police Lights and Crime Tape
Missouri Peeper Shot in the Nuts by Armed Husband
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- KMIZ TV 17 ABC in Columbia, Missouri, reports 11-13-16 the Maries County Sheriff’s Department said a man is in serious, but stable, condition after he was shot Saturday night. The incident took place just after 6 p.m. at a home south of Vienna in the 12000 block of Highway 63.

Sheriff Chris Heitman stated the individual had shown up at the home off Highway 63 where a woman resides who has a restraining order against him. Deputies said the woman’s husband saw an individual peeking through the window of the home.

When the husband confronted him, the peeper allegedly made a threatening move toward the husband interpreted as reaching for a weapon. That caused the resident husband to fire his gun.

The peeper was shot in the groin area. The Maries County Sheriff’s Department said emergency responders arrived quickly and possibly saved his life.

The prowler is likely facing charges of a protective order violation, trespassing and 3rd degree assault. The Sherriff said the homeowner will likely not face charges. A police report will be sent to the prosecuting attorney’s office for review.


There is no comment in the report that the suspect here actually had a weapon. However it was a reasonable assumption from the suspect’s motion that he was reaching for a weapon. So this is a valid shooting!

Pretending you have a gun allows the victims treat you as if you do have a gun, period.

Given that this jerk was peeping into the home, was the groin shot purposely fired or just random luck, fitting the crime? We will probably never know.

Paper protective orders often work but sometimes prove worthless. As a back-up, have some lead available just in case!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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HAHA gave him a Lawinski and blew them off good for that a$$_ole


He could get a replacement set from Bruce Jenner, he’s not currently using his balls.


i wish somebody would do that to rapists..you have been found guilty!..BAM


Heard of comments on self-defense for home intruders – shoot em in the face or shoot em in the groin – instant stopping of threat, use #8 or #71/2 maybe even #6 or #4 in Shotgun or whatever you have at hand. Works good.


Was the husband a good shot or a horrible shot …… “We will probably never know.”

BillyBob Texas

Well….DAMN the bad luck…….


Bet he could buy another set from Bruce!


Or Mooooochelle Ovomit!


All good comments. There are sometimes when JUSTICE is lacking, but in this case JUSTICE was served correctly and to the right person.

Jim Macklin

To be serious, a furtive movement can certainly justify a shot to stop. Jerking the trigger can pull the shot low. But it also can raise a jurors concern that it was an intentional shot for a sexual punishment which is not justifiable. Good luck means that the sheriff has common sense and the DA will follow the sheriff’s lead. Good sense says if there is a peeper/prowler, dial 911 before going out to catch the prowler. Be sure to tell 911 that you’re going out, that you will be armed and have a cellphone, flashlight and are dressed [describe… Read more »


That’s not the bang he was going for

Ron Straight





Pretend you have a weapon, then later, you can pretend not to be shot.


that tactic worked real well for this clown. Guess his genes have been removed from the pool.


Good shot!! Takes one more bit of worthless trash out of the gene pool. Never thought of castration via firing squad.

Ron H

The “low shot” can be attributed to a neophyte shooter’s desire for instant gratification. It is caused by the shooter’s focus coming off of the sight picture, lowering the firearm instead of following through, causing the shot to go low. That is what my story would be and I would be sticking to it.


If you can have an “intentional accident” or do something “accidentally on-purpose”? This MIGHT be it 🙂


Terrible way to get lead into your “pencil”….haha




Another good one!


You win, best comment all week!


I’ll bet he doesn’t have the balls to try that again….


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It took the doctors hours to suture his “bag” up, after they heard how it happened!


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Just think, he won’t have to worry about them getting caught when jumping over fences to peep!