Muggers with Fake Gun Get Shot by Real Gun

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Muggers with Fake Gun Get Shot by Real Gun
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( NJ.Com reports 11-11-2016 in Newark, New Jersey a 43-year-old woman, whose name was not disclosed, was getting into her car at Commerce Street and McCarter Highway around 9:30 p.m.

Thursday night, when she was approached by the two men. The pair demanded her money at gunpoint.

The woman, who retired from the New York Police Department nine months earlier shot the two men according to Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose. The woman, drew and fired her gun at the two men, who fled from the scene. Apparently both were hit.

Police on Friday identified the accused robbers as locals from Newark, aged 22 and 27. Both were treated for non-life-threatening injuries and face charges, including robbery and weapons offenses.

Police also recovered a replica gun that was believed to have been used in the robbery attempt. The investigation into the incident was continuing.


The robbers were playing the odds of course. In New Jersey, where few civilians have carry permits [read none], they managed to pick out an ex-cop for an intended victim!

Sooner or later New Jersey will get smarten up [or be forced to with National Reciprocity] and allow honest citizens to carry concealed firearms. How in the world could New Jersey lawmakers [all Democrats] believe that honest, trained and background checked citizens are a threat to anyone but criminals?

When they finally “allow” ordinary honest citizens are to carry concealed firearms, the New Jersey crime rate will quickly plummet!

While we are reviewing this incident, a note for robbers. Never bring a fake gun to a real gunfight! The good guys presume that the threat is real and their firearms are real too! Try to think this through.

These two morons are likely to eliminate themselves from the gene pool if they continue to choose armed robbery as a career.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Jacob M. Opperman

The only way these idiots in New Jersey are going to change is if and only if the idiots who run New Jersey lose there bodyguards that can carry gun legally and have to fend for them selves. Or until the people in New Jersey findly get there shit together and vote the idiots out and put some people in who will get rid of all of the stupid gun laws the idiots have put into law. I hope the people of New Jersey wake up and see the light and smell the roses.


I like to say “What’s dumber than bringing a knife to a gun fight? ANS: Bringing a (gun-free zone) sign to a gunfight.” I guess bringing a fake gun falls into that category as well. If they don’t die from an intended victim being armed with the real thing, they should die from embarrassment. You might say they brought both, they had a fake gun in a “gun-free” zone, i.e.: New Jersey.

Roy D.

The odds are their IQs weren’t over 85.




When a felon places an intended victim “in fear for life and limb,” even if the deployed weapon is fake, a jury (except in the People’s Republic of Noo Joisey) will never convict the intended victim for defending him/herself with deadly force.