MYSTERY RANCH Set to Utilize Desolve Camouflage

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Mystery Ranch Desolve Camo
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Bozeman, MT.-( MYSTERY RANCH, an industry-leading backpack company devoted to making mission-specific packs through state-of-the-art load-carrying technologies is proud to announce the company’s newfound relationship with Desolve Camouflage.

At the start of 2017, MYSTERY RANCH will add a new colorway to their Hunting line of packs. This new option is Desolve Camouflage. Desolve was developed in New Zealand in response to the many camo patterns on offer that tended to focus erroneously on concealing the wearer from human vision rather than animal vision.

“We are constantly searching for new materials and technologies to improve our framing systems and packs to improve our customers’ experience in the field, and we are excited to be introducing Desolve’s Bare pattern to deliver well effective hunting products,” states Alex Rich, Product Designer at MYSTERY RANCH.

MYSTERY RANCH products will utilize Desolve’s Bare pattern throughout their entire lineup of hunting packs. Bare creates the invisibility you need in more barren environments be it bush, high country, or the open plains. Desolve concealment camouflage patterns actively deceive prey by leveraging the weaknesses in animal vision. For more information, visit

MYSTERY RANCH hunting packs will continue to sport their solid patterns such as “coyote” and “foliage,” as well as “multicam.” Desolve camo is expected to be a momentous addition to the hunting category.


MYSTERY RANCH is committed to building the finest load-carriage equipment in the world. A product-driven company from the beginning, MYSTERY RANCH designs packs for the job that needs to get done, for the people committed to doing it, with the best materials available and the most durable construction methods that exist. #BuiltForTheMission