“Negro pity party is getting old” says Colion Noir to Renee Graham, Boston Globe


USA – -(Ammoland.com)-The Boston Globe’s Renee Graham is a liar. This week, NRATV’s Colion Noir delivered her an overdose of truth.

After The Boston Globe published Graham’s race-baiting, anti-gun article, “More guns, more risk for people of color,” Noir used his show, CN Live, to tell the elitist agitator “This negro pity party is getting old.” And the leading millennial voice for gun rights was just getting warmed up: “If you really want to help black gun owners, how about you start changing the narrative and glorify the countless positive images of black gun owners and the non-black gun owners who embrace them.”

While spot on, Noir’s request for truth and civility will likely be ignored by Graham, a “journalist” who uses her platform to divide along the lines of race and gender—a sore loser liberal who publicly referred to the more than 60 million Americans who voted for President-elect Trump as “the deplorables.” But Graham’s tactics of division do not work on the law-abiding firearms community. “Stop force-feeding us inferiority. I’m not a stray dog, I don’t need you to save me so you can put a collar around my neck and then say you own me,” Noir said. “Either empower my self-sufficiency or leave me be, because I will not let you continue to make a victim out of me.”

Show your support for Colion Noir by Retweeting the below and tell Graham (@reneeygraham) to stop fanning the flames of racism and division for her own benefit—be sure to include #CNLive when you do.

Colion Noir is  the host of CN Live, a live talk show featuring today’s top industry newsmakers. CN Live airs Monday through Thursday from 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. EST on NRATV. Past episodes and clips are also available on the CN Live series page and viewers can get involved in the show using #CNLive.


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Well said. Short concise and lucid.


Well said and I’m proud of you for being a man of integrity, honesty and clear vision. Keep burning down the “house of delusion” the Left has built for itself.

Gene Ralno

Spot on. But much damage has been done. Conservatives always have been deeply concerned about the slow progress in race relations. But today, some just cross the street again, leaving any recovery and improvement to their children. They’re still concerned but see little opportunity with the leftist movement known as BLM standing between peaceable, lawful citizens on both sides.


I agree with you 101%. Black people need to lift themselves up by their own bootstraps. Nobody else is going to do it.

Doug Yanak

It doesn’t matter what the color of skin. What matters is not in your heart either. It comes from the head. Way to go CN.


Here’s a blast from the past that you may enjoy:
“There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
― Booker T. Washington

david Solo

Left, right or center, the African American community needs to get out and vote.


Graham is an excellent example of fake news


Great perspective, well stated. Thank you Colin. Unfortunately, it is out of the radar of most of those who really need to hear this message, and a good number of those that do just won’t get it… at least in terms of practical application. Keep up the good works.


If the black community thought like Colion and the white community thought like the whites which are a part of the NRA community, racism, crime, racial bias, and liberal idiots would be a thing of the past. Colion you do justice to yourself and once again, “you hit it out of the park, a real home run.”
Obama and his ilk have done their best to increase racial tensions in America; but thanks to people like Colion they have been and will continue to be a failure.
Thanks for being who you are.




Mr Noir,

I’d say you are a credit to your race but that might inadvertently appear racist so let me say that I enjoy listening to you and find your arguments well thought out and persuasive.

If you ever make it to Nashville I’d enjoy listening to you in person.



When the people of United States of America stop looking and thinking your race, we will be a better country. I’m black, but first I am a American! I served 13 years US Army, I am also a Vietnam veteran disabled.


Well said, and than you for your service.


Colion is 100% correct. Great person, speaks the TRUTH, not what he is told or baited to say.

William E Ganz

Colion knocks another one out the park.


Jacob M. Opperman

Good For You Mr. Noir I am glad to hear some one of Color be positive about guns and ownership.

Pistol Pete

The socialist democrats for far to long have been trying to divide the races because a house divided can not stand. Divide they can control us, if black and white stand together the socialist lose that control.
We need to stand together and make America great for all of us!


the “divide and conquor” meme is straight out of Marx and Alinsky… and this dumb dame is feeding right into it.. OR she is delibverately promoting this division, one or the other. SHe should go and lear about Emily Miller, a certified “white girl” a reporter/journalist in DC who decided to find out just how hard it was to get her Mother May I Card.. And she wrote about it. She became quite the Gun Lady through it all, seriously promotes the arming of America’s women. She shouild also get to know the likes of William Norman Grigg, Thomas Sowell,… Read more »


Pistol Pete, you do realize that the Demoncraps haven’t been this angry since Abe Lincoln took away their slaves, eh?


Ha ha ha …. Someone knows their history.