The NRA, The Greatest Force For Good In America

By Don McDougall

America Loves the NRA
The NRA, The Greatest Force For Good In America
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( In the morning I read the news in general then allow Bing News to find my specific interests.

Somewhere on that page will always be articles blaming the NRA for something.

The Articles have the same sources, Salon, Media Matters, The LA Times or the Huffington Post.  I read each one, then try to help them by correcting their errors or misconception.  Then I wait for my posts or comments to be erased, banned as “NRA lies” or to be called an ammosexual.  I hope (probably in vain) that e-mails to the Authors’ or having my comments posted get through to some open mind.  I just use fact, and it drives the anti-gun crowd nuts.

These anti-NRA articles will then be re-posted by dozens of other sites in the echo-chamber that has become the mainstream media. The pro-NRA articles?  Well, they are missing from the mainstream media.

Enter AmmoLand News and a other pro gun websites.

We work to share the truth, but it’s not enough.  All too often the voices of facts and truth are drowned out.

The goal of the anti-gun left is not to discuss issue or advance topics.  The sole reason for these anti-freedom articles is to slander and belittle the NRA.  The problem is that it’s working.

Where the mainstream media is the loudest voice, the NRA is hated.  Not just by non-gun owners but by left-wing gun owners as well.  In States like CA, WA, and OR you find gun owners who despise the NRA.  They believe the lies and “false news” pushed by the anti-gun left and the sycophantic biased media.

So what’s the truth?

The 2nd Amendment Foundation and Friends of NRA raise $60+ million for charity annually.  Their youth programs have been helped inspire young Olympians and built a community of young shooters that is our future.  Only the NRA provides the infrastructure to manage all shooting national championships and the supporting clubs and matches that feed them.  The NRA is the ONLY organization that can put the volunteers in the political candidates’ call rooms to help get out the vote.  Almost no one except reader of this column and active NRA members knows how much work NRA volunteers do.  From Eddie Eagle to over 100,000 NRA Instructors.

Freedom's Safest Place

The NRA is one of the greatest forces for good in America defending all civil rights, yet it is slandered and lied about to promote anti-freedom policies long since outgrown in America. The envisioned national version of the Sullivan laws proposed 80 years ago by and for anti-gun democrats just isn’t right for America.

Thanks to the NRA; it’s instructors and volunteers America is one of the safest Countries in the world.  Remove gang and drug related shootings (where they mostly shoot each other.) from the mix and America, the NRA’s America, is one of the safest places in the world, with a murder rate less than that of Iceland.

So join the NRA and GET ACTIVE.  Support “Friends of NRA,” donate time to junior’s programs, help support or host a Women on Target program.   There are 100,000,000 gun owners in the US.  I don’t care if you’re left or right help control the future of gun ownership in America.  No one cares about your rights more than you.  So what are YOU doing to preserve them?

Gun owners should be PROUD to belong to the NRA, not misinformed, not “ashamed“.  Gun owners should recognize and know the good that the NRA does.

We must reject and counter the lies of the anti-gun left.

  1. Attend a Friends of NRA event: Friends of NRA
  2. Support Women on Target: Women on Target
  3. Join the NRA: Join NRA

The anti-gun left that attacks the NRA as a daily ritual don’t know who the NRA is, or what it does or what it and it’s members stand for.

Their goal is political power.  Nothing else.  Just because they lost an election does not mean they’re going away.

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About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

  • 17 thoughts on “The NRA, The Greatest Force For Good In America

    1. Pseudo real American pull your head out and stop spreading the lies of Americas enemies! The obakma administration through the leadership of satan gave the Mexican drug cartels guns through his farts and furious operation some of which ended up in terrorists hands of terrorists in Europe as for the shooters you mention show me the proof And if you envision a third world hellhole here DONT help the new world order satanists destroy free America! Plus stop spreading the unsupported deceptions of the lunatic left .your description f the NRA is not only untrue but shows how little you care for the truth. How does one get that from an organization that actively defends the constitution and fights for freedoms in America against the odds of the mislead and ignorant out there put up the proof or GO away with the lies! Unlike you I am a verified real American through my actions defending the constitution and freedom as well as supporting those who do the same.

    2. I am unable to work after an accident has left me permenantly disabled and consequently my income has become a mere shadow of its former self As an avid hunter ,shooter and gun rights activist prior to that incident I was a NRA member starting on my 17th birthday the yr I got my first gun on my own. I had my father sign for me to be able and purchase a ruger revolver. My state requires that you be 21 or older to by a handgun. Now and since the accident I proudly support the NRA as a life member, even with my extremely limited income . I know many might not agree , I hear them all the time , but the NRA Really does the most good for gun rights preservation as well as other rights the Marxist media would have you believe Americans should relenquish so that the new world order devilcrats and other satanists can destroy us! Sadly America has become overrun by communists,devilcrats, and other enemies of freedom. I stand forever against them keeping my oath. I actively donate time and teach gun safety, ethics and responsibility to young and old who seek the knowledge as well as encourage them to stand proudly as a gun owner and enthusiast. I am a proud lifetime NRA member and gun rights activist! I urge hose gun owners who refuse to join to reconsider as the devilcrats ramp up the lies and deception against freedom in America through the propaganda machine of the Marxist media. Once any single part of the constitution is destroyed by them there’s no end to the terrible havoc they will force on Americans as we would become enslaved to the state! I urge all gun owners to join not only the NRA but other gun rights groups as well there are many to chose from suchh as. SAF, CRKBA, GOA, and JPFO to name a few . I am active with more than one myself. If I can do it on such a tight and limited budget -anyone who cares about freedom and America can and Should!! Ultimately the NRAs goal is to preserve our rights . Admittedly they are not perfect as an organization but who is?!? Yes they still carry the fight for our freedoms against the onslaught of les and deception. If one does not join the NRA over misplaced “goodies”that can only be seen as juvenile.

    3. BS….The NRA is nothing but a fascist terror group.

      They sold guns to drug cartels and foreign terror groups such as the charlie hebdo killers, the Paris attackers, the Sydney Australia cafe attacker, the Canadian Parliament shooter and the belgian attackers.

      The NRA is nothing but a effing terror group that wants to turn america into a 3rd hellhole along with installing herr trump as a dictator.


      1. @RAAPGAA, HHhhaaaaa! Stop, you are making my stomach hurt. The NRA does not even have enough staff to o all of that. The NRA is just an organization that lobbies on one issue… Second Amendment Civil Rights.

      2. @RAAPGAA,
        Your ignorance is showing through. You obviously are not a pro 2nd Amendment type of person. You are a troll. You have trolled the internet looking for pro 2nd Amendment comments you can attempt to slander. Crawl back into your little hole and let true Americans have our conversations in peace.

    4. A review of the March 1968 issue of the American Rifleman demonstrated then of the “support” by the good ole NRA of the coming Gun Confiscation Act of 1968 that added additional UNCONSTITUTIONAL restrictions on our 2nd Amendment civil rights. The passage of Firearms Protection Act of 1986 (oxymoron) with the bastard hughes amendment that did not pass a role call vote but was DELIBERATELY included in the bill that Reagan signed was unopposed by the good ole NRA. The outlawing of any class of guns, especially newly manufactured privately owned machine guns which is the counterpart of any in the gubmit arsenal was and is expressly what the 2nd Amendment was designed with the INTENT TO PROTECT. When I called the national NRA headquarters immediately after that vote to adamantly protest the hughes inclusion I was told that “we are getting more than we are losing so we will repeal the hughes amendment later”. Well, I’m STILL waiting. AND waiting.
      Thank God, I kept part of my inventory when I went out of the machine gun business back then. And the wannabees have no clue why this fobidden fruit is so expensive now that turned them into greedy investor toys. And the good ole NRA sold us ALL out in the spirit of “compromise”. So, I would suggest that the NRA redeem them selves 31 years later and repeal the bastard hughes amendment if the REALLY intend to defend the 2nd Amendment. If they don’t then put out another press release where they “support compromise” again like they publically did in March of 1968. With the oncoming receptive congressional enviroment to reassert the 2nd Amendment without all these incremental infringements through the 20th century, the NRA has a chance to redeem itself that shall not pass this way again. I would suggest repealing, hughes, obliterating the “sporting purposes” import ban of 1989 by daddy bush, and removing can, SBS and SBRs from the NFA registry. Besides, where are the crime statistics….. Duh, there aren’t any…..
      So, until the hughes amendment is ancient history, I’m not inclined to become a good ole NRA member again.

      1. @dj, If you don’t join again, however will you have standing to push the NRA to collect on what the Trump administration and the House and Senate owe to the NRA? Now is our time! We need to double down as the socialist progressive gun grabbers like to call it. And Merry Christmas to you, brother, and all your family.

      2. Agreed. As a life long member, I feel the NRA has become bloated and bureaucratic to the point it doesnt want to fight anymore and prefers to compromise. I dont know what the bigger picture is they are trying to keep. It seems to me they want more money to do what exactly?

        Lets legislate the issues, fight every law in the courts, band together and use our purchasing power to take our business elsewhere if someone says they are anti-2A. We all need to be writing every legislator you can asking for consideration.

        For heavens sake the LGBT community organized well enough to get laws passed in almost every state. I see the firearms ownership numbers in this country (including those in California) and we have to have the numbers to do the same.

        1. @Jim, I don’t know about that brother. The NRA got Trump elected! I’d like to do all those things, but each costs money. The NRA, like everyone else, does not have an unlimited budget.

    5. NRA I paid for a life time membership was suppose to get a leather jacket with my full payment, a label pin, cert. patches, decals. I got knife and a bag had to call 4 times to get my ID card so I could go on a hunting trip as a NRA member. Paid for the trip and had to fight for my ID card so I can go, I didn’t get it until 2 1/2 months later. If I known I would be treated this way I wouldn’t joined. It would have been great if I got the items I was promised in the mail but didn’t. Don’t waste your money in joining.

      1. Your only reason for joining was the free swag? Call them at 877-NRA-2000 and remind them. Sometimes stuff doesn’t get sent out. It’s not a big deal, especially if you’re a life member, I’m sure they won’t have any issue re-sending the free stuff to you.

        1. I wonder if they forgot to cash your check? I would bet a years pay that they cashed your check before the envelope hit the ground and then never followed up on the things that you paid for! and you say; “It;s not a big deal!” Which is BS on your part as a gift contract is still a contract and should be honored with the same fervor as the membership!

      2. @Mad,
        If you joined the NRA for the all the shiny stuff, you joined for the wrong reason. I have been a member for over 35yrs. I am a retired LEO/Firearms Instructor. I received a quite a bit of my training through NRA. I also believe in their Pro Second Amendment and Pro Law Enforcement philosophy. My wife, my children, and my grandchildren, are all life members and we are all proud to show support for the 2A with millions of our fellow NRA members.


      1. Jorge, Haven’t heard from you for a while. Thank you for your Happy Holidays wish. I would like to offer you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from from myself and others here in the U.S.


        Same back atcha’ George.

      3. Felice Navidad (please excuse my Spanish and spelling) May you have a very good New Year. I have seen your posts occasionally and wonder where you live.

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