The Poachers Become the Hunted: “Infrared Radar” To Stop Poaching

Black Rhino
Black Rhino
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USA -( Africa is losing a decades-long ongoing battle to save its precious wildlife, animals like rhinos and elephants are being hunted down, almost to extinction, by highly organized criminal networks.

As reported by the Namibia Economist, during the month of November alone, seven rhino carcasses were found in Etosha National Park, bringing the number of poached rhinos for the entire year up to 47.

Even worse than the rhino death toll, the number of poached elephants for the 2016 year so far is at 67.

Wildlife trafficking has become a million-dollar criminal enterprise and poaching these precious animals causes corruption, threatens peace, and destabilizes economies and the communities that depend on wildlife for tourism and other vital industries.

Electro Optical Industries (EOI) offers a passive thermal imaging camera which can detect and track these poachers.

EOI’s Spynel cameras are unique, 360-degree thermal imaging systems that take wide-area surveillance to the next level, giving an early intrusion alert to an unlimited number of targets, such as: crawling men, small wooden boats, RHIBs, UAVs, stealth aircrafts, etc. at distances of up to 30 km, depending on the threat.

With a stand-alone, persistent surveillance system that’s previously been deployed to protect critical infrastructures all over the world, Spynel will detect the poachers well in advance to allow wildlife conservation officers to take necessary action before the criminals have a chance to inflict harm upon the animals.

EOI and Spynel are dedicated to preserve these precious animals and their legacy for generations to come.


About Electro-Optical Industries:

Electro-Optical Industries is a world leader in electro optics and infrared test equipment, thermographic cameras for process control monitoring and infrared wide area surveillance systems for protection of a variety of applications. Founded in 1964, Electro-Optical Industries has products in over 45 different countries with a customer list of over 1,000, including some of the best-known companies worldwide.

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Jeff D.

Although I love Mick,s idea, I couldn’t be any more excited about Dr. Jim Cary’s awesome comment! I HATE POACHERS!!
Jungle Justice should become law in all continents worldwide with no bullshit from the goody two shoes! There you bunch of fuck-in assholes “(poachers and anybody affiliated with them),”what do you think of that! Same goes for the scum people caught being cruel to animals!!


My son-in-law is assigned to the Namibia anti-poaching detail. He and his team are responsible to prevent poaching in all of the countries national parks there. For now, the poachers run off when the helicopters or vehicles arrive. Lucky for him because his whole detail is unarmed! It is not as bad there as it is in S.A. …yet, but it will probably take some of the Park Rangers being shot at before they will think about arming them. Too bad that they are not proactive and will probably only arm them after an incident. For some of them then… Read more »

Dr. Jim Clary

A friend of ours has a hunting concession in Namibia on the Caprivi Strip. He has rhinos and a lot of other exotic game on the place and has no problem with poachers. His tracker/rangers (all natives) shoot the poachers on sight and let the hyenas take care of the rest. Word got out very fast when a large number of poachers never returned to their “base camps”. He calls it “Jungle Justice”… with no repeat offenders. It works better than the South Africans who simply arrest poachers, fine them and let them go…. only to have them return the… Read more »


Poachers need to be put on a list of “game” that can be hunted any time by people who want to pay a very small fee for a “Poacher Permit”. Proceeds to go to saving wildlife. Hunt them and kill them where found if they are found with any guns, snares or items used to hunt and kill animals for profit.
Actually, let Green Berets and Special Forces troops hunt them for practice.


All caught poachers need to be released naked into the bush with a 2 minute head start, and let the local tribesmen hunt them with the weapon of their choice, I would prefer spears and knives over firearms !!


This is a great step in saving these animals but more needs to be done. We can’t let criminals win this fight.


All caught poachers need to be released naked into the bush with a 2 minute head start, and let the local tribesmen hunt them with the weapon of their choice, I would prefer spears and knives over firearms !!