Attempts to Scuttle Trump Foreign Policy from within the RNC

By Pat Buchanan

John Mccain and Lindsey Graham
RNC Neocons – John Mccain and Lindsey Graham
Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

USA –  -( The never-Trumpers are never going to surrender the myth that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the hacking of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee to defeat Clinton and elect Donald Trump.

Their investment in the myth is just too “huge”.

For Clinton and her campaign, it is the only way to explain how they booted away a presidential election even Trump thought he had lost in November. To the mainstream media, this is the smoking gun in their Acela Corridor conspiracy to delegitimize Trump's presidency.

Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer sees Russian hacking as a way to put a cloud over the administration before it begins. But it is the uber-hawks hereabouts who are after the really big game.

They seek to demonize Putin as the saboteur of democracy — someone who corrupted an American presidential election to bring about victory for a “useful idiot” whom Clinton called Putin's “puppet.”

If the War Party can convert this “fake story” into the real story of 2016, then they can scuttle any Trump effort to attain the rapprochement with Russia that Trump promised to try to achieve.

If they can stigmatize Trump as “Putin's president” and Putin as America's implacable enemy, then the Russophobes are back in business.

Nor is the War Party disguising its goal.

Over the weekend, Sen. John McCain called for a congressional select committee to investigate Russian hacking into the Clinton campaign. The purpose of the investigations, said Sen. Lindsey Graham, “is to put on President Trump's desk crippling sanctions against Russia.”

“They need to pay a price,” Graham chortled on Twitter.

“Crippling sanctions” would abort any modus vivendi, any deal with Russia, before Trump could negotiate one. Trump would have to refuse to impose them — and face the firestorm to follow. The War Party is out to dynamite any detente with Russia before it begins.

Among the reasons Trump won is that he promised to end U.S. involvement in the costly, bloody and interminable wars in the Middle East the Bushites and President Barack Obama brought us — and the neocons relish — and to reach a new understanding with Russia and Putin.

But to some in Washington, beating up on Russia is a conditioned reflex dating to the Cold War. For others in the media and the front groups called think tanks, Russophobia is in their DNA.

Though Julian Assange says WikiLeaks did not get the emails from Russia, this has to be investigated. Did Russia hack the DNC's email system and John Podesta's email account? Did Putin direct that the emails be provided to WikiLeaks to disrupt democracy or defeat Clinton?

Clinton says Putin has had it in for her because he believes she was behind the anti-Putin demonstrations in Moscow in 2011.

But if there is to be an investigation of clandestine interference in the politics and elections of foreign nations, let's get it all out onto the table.

Let's Blame The Russians
Let's Blame The Russians

The CIA director and his deputies should be made to testify under oath, not only as to what they know about Russia's role in the WikiLeaks email dumps but also about who inside the agency is behind the leaks to The Washington Post designed to put a cloud over the Trump presidency before it begins.

Agents and operatives of the CIA should be subjected to lie detector tests to learn who is leaking to the anti-Trump press.

Before any congressional investigation, President-elect Trump should call in his new director of the CIA, Rep. Mike Pompeo, and tell him to run down and remove, for criminal misconduct, any CIA agents or operatives leaking secrets to discredit his election.

Putin, after all, is not an American. The CIA saboteurs of the Trump presidency are. Will the media investigate the leakers? Not likely, for they are the beneficiaries of the leaks and co-conspirators of the leakers.

The top officials of the CIA and Carl Gershman, president of the National Endowment for Democracy, should be called to testify under oath. Were they behind anti-Putin demonstrations during the Russian elections of 2011?

Did the CIA or NED have a role in the “color-coded” revolutions to dump over pro-Russian governments in Moscow's “near abroad”?

If Russia did intrude in our election, was it payback for our intrusions to bring about regime change in its neighborhood?

What role did the CIA, the NED and John McCain play in the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014? McCain was seen cheering on the crowds in Independence Square in Kiev.

Trump has promised a more hopeful foreign policy than that of the Republicans he denounced and is succeeding. No more wars where vital interests are not imperiled. No more U.S. troops arriving as first responders for freeloading allies.

The real saboteurs of his new foreign policy may not be inside the Ring Road in Moscow; rather, they may be inside the Beltway around D.C.

The real danger may be that a new Trump foreign policy could be hijacked or scuttled by anti-Trump Republicans, not only on Capitol Hill but inside the executive branch itself.


Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 20 thoughts on “Attempts to Scuttle Trump Foreign Policy from within the RNC

    1. Who hacked what is irrelevant. If there had been no crimes to expose, then there could have been no impact on the election. The Clintons, Podesta, Obama, Pelosi, McCain, Graham, most of the leadership of both parties, are liars, criminals, and traitors, differing only be degree. Every time you meet one of those “the Russians did it!” CNN zombies, pound on them with this simple fact until they either go away or the little light bulb finally goes on in that dim space between their ears.

      1. @JD, All true, and now is the time to push for political reform: term limits short enough so that Congress persons and Senators can not qualify for a federal pension; the peoples’ right to recall Congress persons and Senators (so that they don’t get that “I don’t need them until the next election and I’ll fool them then” attitude; and make Congress persons and Senators subject to their own laws. Repeal the NFA and the GCA because we are not peasants.

        1. Speaking of term limits, Obama was lamenting their existence recently. Obama said if wasn’t for that he could have won a 3rd term running against Donald Trump. Obama’s a legend in his own mind. Makes you wonder if Obama wants to be just like Jacob Zuma?

          1. The U.S. abstained from the U.N. vote on the Israeli settlements. If Israel goes to war, oops, The Obamanation says we have to support our Allies and go to war with them. He stops Trump from taking his job, and we are in a bigger mess than before.
            I do get some scary thoughts occasionally.

    2. Old vet being different from old vet. I have wondered for a long time why mccain keeps getting reelected. He must be pulling the wool over people’s eyes. Feel like he and kerry belong in the same sinking fast boat.

      1. I have lived in AZ for over 50 years and, like you, I’ve voted for McCain each time he ran UNTIL this time. I didn’t vote for him nor for his opponent. I didn’t feel either one of them was worth my time to vote for them. As someone said recently, the only time McCain shows up in AZ is to cut a ribbon or for a fundraiser. He needs to get out of the political arena once and for all.

    3. The Dems got slapped down but you had little or nothing to do with the triumph except to contribute to the peoples’ discontent.
      The historical backlash we have witnessed applies equally to elite RNC old guard who didn’t even support the American people and attempted to undermine their will. Your backroom strategies are no longer welcome. As with the Dems, this would probably be a god time for you to sit down, shut up, and observe while reflecting on who it is you actually serve.
      There are too many who no longer believe that you know best and do not support your “tactics”.

    4. Maybe someone could help me understand why the uproar, that if Russia did indeed hack/steal info from any democrat, all they did was then help get the truth about these socialist/communist people out before the voters. The MSM has for years done a wonderful job of neglecting the truth about democrats and the obama trash administration. Wait! Maybe that’s the sin – telling the truth about democrats. Nobody seems to have claimed the Wikileaks e-mail was false or flawed – just plain old fashioned truth. And that revealed truth sent clinton scurrying from the light of day. If these whiners were really concerned, they would be trying to figure out how access was gained and what could be done to prevent it in the future. Oh, wait – am I expecting too much from losers Graham and McCain? Think back to the “powerful” messages from candidates Graham and McCain. Can you think of a single powerful message from either besides “elect me?” The Main Stream Media, a.k.a., the democrat BS machine, did not seem to worry about the constant lies from the clintons like they are about the truth being exposed. The BS machine did not worry about the compromise of National Security by the clintons nor did they even question why the lying female dog was allowed to keep the server until she decided she didn’t need it anymore. So time to get over the election and get on with draining the swamp while making the country greater, again.

    5. Surprise, surprise, Little John “pot head” McCain and his lush friend are going to undermine Trump. Bob “it’s my turn” Dole did the same thing to Reagan. These two A**holes need to be removed from office. Of coarse this isn’t the first time “pot head” has turned on his fellow country men or country, and Graham, like Carter, is just stupid.

    6. Graham is just another lawyer, but for a while he wore a uniform.

      McCain plays his “pow” status like it’s a well tuned violin. Excuse me for being rough on the guy but those pilots stayed on station till fuel ran out, then were gone! Us “dumb Grunts” stayed under all circumstances, alive or dead, until extracted!

      Having gotten himself knocked down is what made McCain famous. Though there are other stories of him that have gone around. He should have done a whole lot more for veterans in all the time he’s been playing politics!

      1. Yeah he wore a uniform….he is or was a one star in the Army Reserve if that’s considered being “in uniform”.
        Both are some kind of idiots. Let the dogeater do and get anything he wanted, but can’t stand to see a man that has the support of the people of Amerika do what he said he would do. I think both have a long and hard haul to do anything. The Amerikan people know these two and should run them out of politics.

    7. The only place to hear or see the names McCain and Graham should be the supermarket. McCain on packages of chicken in the poultry department and that ‘Cracker’ Graham on a box of ‘Graham’ crackers!

      1. Damn… I like that ! They are pair of backstabbing Rinos, will be nothing but trouble for the next 4 years guaranteed. The “swamp draining” needs to be done with both parties and the somewhere in betweeners like these two.
        “I” had enough common sense and love of this country to do it on my own, based on what “I” heard from him and what his policies would be.

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