Stinchfield, Loesch Tell Police Chief Flynn to Defend Concealed Carry Lies on NRATV


USA – -( NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield and Dana Loesch are challenging Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn to come on the network and answer for his baseless claim that “concealed-carry permit holders—many of whom have extensive criminal records,” are responsible for the city’s increased crime rate. “Put up or shut up. Show me the evidence,” Loesch said Thursday.

“He needs to answer publically for the damage he creates by claiming—with no proof mind you—that concealed carry holders are responsible for an increase in crime in Milwaukee. He attacks all freedom loving Americans,” Stinchfield said.

On Friday, Loesch noted she had invited Flynn on her radio show, but that “coward chicken-crap chief” didn’t want to do it. “Guess what Dana? We invited him here three times and about 15 minutes ago we got an email from him saying he doesn’t want to come on,” Stinchfield said. “Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn is running from NRATV.”

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Here is what I received from the Milwaukee Police Department: From: Harpole, James Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2016 3:52 AM To: [email protected] Cc: Hendricks, Heidi; Gallagher, Jeffrey Subject: Re: Message to Mayor Tom Barrett Mr. —–: Your email inquiry was forwarded by Mayor Barrett’s Office to my attention. I am an Assistant Chief with the Milwaukee Police Department. The Chief’s comments relative to permit holders references the fact that in the State of Wisconsin being arrested for misdemeanors, including gun crimes, no matter how many times, does not disqualify a person from obtaining a concealed carry permit. In other words,… Read more »

Jim Macklin

I posted the PD rely on because it is important that everybody knows that the Chief of Police isn’t able to identify and arrest all those career criminals who carefully avoid felonies. “The chief is not opposed to the 2nd amendment right to bear arms, he simply wants to keep guns out of the hands of the criminal population that will use them in the commission of crime. He does not propose laws to restrict gun ownership from law abiding citizens. Nor does he believe every arrest in a person’s life should dismiss them from qualifying for a concealed… Read more »


The one word that explains everything…. ONE SIMPLE WORD !
The police chief was “APPOINTED”.
Track that appointment back to city council members that picked/voted for Flynn, then, flush those council members and their mouthpiece in the next election. Earlier if possible.


To all of those persons out there who think that is only liberals who lie, or distort the truth, or falsify facts: let me just bluntly say you are f*****g delusional. Conservatives lie just as often as liberals, it’s a fact of life get over yourselves already. In fact if you look at our president elect, a Republican the highest official of the GOP, supposedly the leader of the conservative movement, is probably the biggest pathological, serial liar on record. Don’t get me wrong I think both parties are just full of shit up to their fucking ears but at… Read more »


The Liberals cannot support their cause without lying. It is that simple, so they lie and assume no one will pay attention or question them. This holds in relation to gun freedom and along the entire political line. The Chief knows that he cannot support what he said with evidence, so now he will just hide. One other thought though, he may have been ordered to tell the lies by the Mayor and the City Council. I don’t know, but maybe!


I just sent this e-mail off to the Mayor of Milwaukee: Dear Mayor Barrett, I recently became aware that Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has been quoted saying “concealed-carry permit holders—many of whom have extensive criminal records,” are responsible for the city’s increased crime rate. How can permit holders have extensive criminal records? Isn’t an essential part of the concealed carry permit process a background check? Convicted felons are prohibited from owning or carrying firearms. If Milwaukee continues to issue concealed carry permits to those with criminal records, I am sure the crime rate will continue to increase. However, I… Read more »

Jim Macklin

The police chief really should arrest all those career criminals that might apply for a CCW rather than just painting CCW licensees as dangerous criminals. Maybe the police chief should make sure all the officers in his department have never been arrested for unpaid parking tickets or ocer-due library books. Seems he is all in favor of the Second Amendment as long as he can ignore the Legislature writing a “shall issue” law. Maybe the chief can report on just how many career criminals do have a CCW but I doubt he can do more than just say that there… Read more »


Wonder if he knows Bloomberg?

Jerry Wills

It’s safer for these toady LE people to go after legal CCW owners than illegal gun carriers. The illegal ones will probably fight back at the time of apprehension. Our federal gov’t needs to reclassify illegal/criminal gun carriers as terrorists, that way they get sent immediately to Gitmo. NO lawyer, NO plea bargaining, NO visitations from their cohorts in crime and NO release. KEEP GITMO OPEN TRUMP!!!

HMLA-167 Warrior

Uh, no. What a horrible idea. Due process for citizens – full stop.

Jerry Wills

Those people killed by illegal gun carriers in places like Chicago didn’t get “Due Process”, so why should the terrorist/criminal.


so you want to identify a class of people as depriving others of their rights under the COnstituion, and then deny them some of THEIR rights? Nope. No way Hose A. NO ONE should be denied their right to equal protection under the laws, nor of their right to due process and a fair trial. ON that basis, failure to fulfil a solemn oath of office is a form of perjury, and could rise to the level of a felony in come cases. SO.. go ahead, draw up the charges, arrest him, and prosecute. Let’s see if a jury from… Read more »


…What kind of idiot supports the 2nd Amendment but not the 5th Amendment?

You’re every bit as bad as,the liberal morons that claim to support the 1st Amendment but then trample on the 2nd.


May be Sheriff Clarke should arrest him

Robert Stephen Campbell

I would like to hear what Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County has to say on the subject! After all, they should both be privy to the same information.

Crotalus Maxximus

Flynn was a major backer of Romney’s AR ban in MA. He is also technically a Felon. A few years ago he was busted for having an affair with a famous Milwaukee reporter. Wisconsin Statutes still classify sex with someone NOT your spouse as a FELONY. He’s just another liberal Toady.

Dan Holdren

How about a class action lawsuit, us against him. .Would that work? I read not to long ago that the most law abiding group of citizens in the US, even over police were CCW holders.


Flynn is not only lying, he is grossly failing to fulfill his oath of office and, more importantly, he is placing lives at risk. He needs to be dismissed without severance.

Wayne Clark

He needs to be shipped to Commiefornia where his expertise in fabrication of truth, would be highly praised & greatly appreciated.
We’ll never change the thought process of these liberal idiots & tossing them in jail, would only cost the taxpayers. Give them the aforementioned territory to abode in, wall it up & wait for the fault line to put them where they need to be…away from us & out to sea.

Gregory Huhn

Legally armed criminals ! How can that be ? I guess that would include a few Law Enforcement Officers.& Chiefs.
If you got nothing to hide, you got nothing to fear. Need Facts not Fiction.

Jim Macklin

Maybe the Police Chief should speak to the Sheriff about who is committing the crimes in Milwaukee?

The Sheriff is elected, the Police Chief is appointed by the mayor/city council. While the Police Chief has a right to speak and lie, maybe he should blame himself for tyhe crime rate in the city he is responsible to enforce the laws?


BINGO!!!!! Exactly why Sheriff Clarke has read and understands our Constitution. The Police Chief is merely one more bureaucratic cog in the effed up machinery. “We the People” need to hold Chief Ignorant’s boss to account and get rid of them both. Liberals are losing office all across this great country and, hopefully, will continue to do so. It is the only way that Americans will take back their freedom.

Charles Malinowski

Public officials who provably tell lies or disseminate this information about about lawful gun owners lawfully exercising their second amendment rights need to be arrested and they need to be tried for knowingly disseminating in accurate this information to the public for the purpose of infringing on and abridging Second Amendment rights. Public officials have absolutely no business lying to further their political ideology. Police officers especially high-ranking police officer suggest captains or commissioners to tell blatant provable lies regarding alleged second amendment criminal activity must fully accountable for their actions and stripped of their police credentials. They must be… Read more »

Charles Malinowski

Had a little typo using voice to text feature. This is how the first line should actually read:
Public officials who provably tell lies or disseminate disinformation…….
Apologies for not doing a better job of proofreading before submitting my comments.

John Hauserman

The Police Chief Flynn needs to Defend Concealed Carry Lies or be sued.